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How to use norton toolbar

mentioned article give a brief view about benefits and uses of norton toolbar, ways of downloading and installing and its capabilities to fight with viruses.<br>

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How to use norton toolbar

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  1. How to use Norton toolbar First of all, you need to understand what toolbars are exactly. Toolbars, also known as ribbon are onscreen buttons, icons, menus or other inputs can be placed. In other language you can also say that they are pallets by their integration into the edges of the screen or larger videos. You can see toolbars with software’s office suit, web browsers. Norton software also have their toolbars which helps the software to perform better with computers. Here you will find information about Norton security toolbar, Norton toolbar with chrome, identity safe toolbar, toolbar with firefox, and toolbar download. Norton for chrome Antivirus, a type of malware is known is very dangerous for computers. It may hack your system, slow down the performance or can damage your computers. Many companies launch different type of antivirus. Norton also provides it and it very popular now a day with people. It got great and known as very powerful antiviruses to fight with viruses. Norton antivirus has become a necessity now for people and this software also needs toolbars by which it can perform better. Now we should understand about the steps to install Norton toolbars. Following are the step by which you can install Norton toolbars 1.Double click your Norton product. 2.Now go to main window and then click to Security, and after that click Live Update. If you have processed to download Norton Identity Safe from the website, click the Settings icon at the bottom of the main window. In the Settings window, on the tab, the click to Check for new updates. 3.When Norton Live Update comes finished, then click OK. 4.You should Run Live Update until you see the message, "Your Norton product has the latest protection updates." 5.Now Exit all the programs, and restart the computer.

  2. Now let us understand the steps of download Norton toolbars like Firefox: 1.Double click to your Norton product. You can see a pop-up about the toolbar extension appears now follow the instructions on the pop-up. In the case you do not see the pop-up, continue with these instructions. 2.Now Click the Settings. 3.You can see an identity protection button Under Detailed Settings, click it. 4.Click Configure to identity safe. 5.Click Settings icon Next to Norton Identity Safe window, on the bottom of the window. 6.On the General tab, now at Google Chrome, click Install extension. 7.You should follow the on-screen instructions to install the extensions. If you want full web protection and password management, we recommend you should add all the extensions. Norton Identity provides password management which Safe extension cannot function if the Norton Security Toolbar extension is disabled or not working. Norton toolbars protect computer from junk files and it maintains the performance speed of computers. If you download the extension safety, then you protect your computer from hacking. The installation steps are as follows: 1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser. 2. If you see top-right corner, click the more button, and select Extensions. 3. see Extensions window, click Get extensions from the store 4. Check Store window, type Norton in the Search box. 5. In the results, click Norton Identity Safe 6. Click Install 7. After the extension is installed, click Launch 8. In the You have a new extension pop-up window, click Turn it on For Norton toolbar support you can call us toll free 1-866-300-4877 video link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39S7XsWvl8w Website : http://www.nortonsupportphonenumber.com/

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