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Tennis - 10 Top Benefits Of Playing Tennis For Health PowerPoint Presentation
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Tennis - 10 Top Benefits Of Playing Tennis For Health

Tennis - 10 Top Benefits Of Playing Tennis For Health

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Tennis - 10 Top Benefits Of Playing Tennis For Health

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  1. Benefits Of Playing Tennis For Health 10 Top

  2. Benefits Of Playing Tennis Low Body Fat and Lipid Profile. Agility, Flexibility and Improved Balance. Better Immune System. Better and Healthy Personality. Improved Body Co-ordination. Improved Discipline and Social Skills. Better and Strategic Mind. Proper Dietary Habits. Improved Aerobic and Anaerobic Health. Having Fun.

  3. 1 Low Body Fat and Lipid Profile Those who play tennis regularly tend to lose excessive amount of body fat making them lean, strong and fit.

  4. 2 Agility, Flexibility and Improved Balance Increased stretching of the body and frequent change of direction with respect to the direction of the ball; tennis improves your balance and co-ordination.

  5. 3 Better Immune System Tennis improves the health of the entire body, giving you a better and more powerful immune system. It also increases the body musculature etc.

  6. Better and Healthy Personality 4 Tennis helps make new connections in brain, thereby improving your intellect and decision making power. It also promotes healthy growth of the mind and provides you with a better control on your emotions, making your anger levels go down.

  7. 5 Improved Body Co-ordination Tennis helps improve the entire body co-ordination due to its fast paced, back and forth action. It helps develop a better hand-eye co ordination level.

  8. Improved Discipline and Social Skills 6 Tennis makes you more disciplined as you have to learn to practice every day at the right time for the right amount of hours and reach the venue of the game at precisely the scheduled time.

  9. Better and Strategic Mind 7 Tennis provides you with an opportunity to learn how to make strategies and implement them without hesitation as you constantly have to do so in the game.

  10. 8 Proper Dietary Habits Tennis makes you develop a proper dietary plan and abide by it under all circumstances. It makes you plan your every meal and how often you should consume meals and the time interval between them.

  11. Improved Aerobic and Anaerobic Health 9 Tennis helps you in having better aerobic health as it increases you oxygen in take while playing, making your heart race and better pumping of the blood in all the muscles.

  12. 10 Having Fun Tennis is entertaining both for the players and the viewers.