overpopulation n.
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  2. World Population Clock(Shows how quickly the world population is increasing)

  3. Although people no longer talk about a catastrophic “population bomb,” world population continues to grow. Unfortunately, the most affected countries are also the ones least able to support more people.

  4. Nearly three-fifths of the 4.8 billionpeople in developing countries lack basic sanitation, almost a third have no access to clean water, a quarter lack adequate housing, and a fifth lack access to modern health services

  5. Drastic overpopulation causes economic problems and creates slums

  6. The world's population is expected to reach 8 billion by the year 2020. • Already, more than half the world's population-- over 2.7 billion people--live within 60 miles (100 km) of a coastline

  7. Rapid urbanization, especially in developing countries, will lead to more coastal megacities--cities with 10 million or more people§. • As coastal zones become more densely populated, coastal water quality will suffer, wildlife will be displaced, and shorelines will erode§.

  8. Overpopulation causes environmental problems like garbage. Or a source of food for the poor.

  9. With only 4.6 percent of world population, Americans use about one-third of the world's processed mineral resources, and about one-fourth of the world's non-renewable energy sources, like oil and coal§.

  10. More People = More Energy = MORE POLUTION

  11. Lets have a Debate • Statement of the Problem: Should governments limit the number of children a woman can have in her lifetime in order to solve the problem of overpopulation?

  12. Student Arguments For Govt. Restrictions • Overpopulation needs to be dealt with • Proven successful • Limits population • Helps less developed countries become self-efficient • Improves standards of life for citizens by forcibly moving them along in the demographic transition

  13. Student Arguments Against Govt. Restrictions • Human Rights issues are infringed upon • Gender imbalance occurs • Raises the number of abandoned and orphaned children. • Un-safe measures begin to take place (abortions, unsafe contraceptives, etc...) • Makes more thorough ways like contraceptive education less available

  14. Transportation Systems suffer from overpopulation

  15. 50 million women missing from India's population -- due to rampant feticide, infanticide and dowry murders.

  16. Human Impact on Overpopulation

  17. Competition / Survival of the Fittest • 3. Living space and food are limited, only the strong will survive to reproduce.

  18. Global Warming

  19. Famine

  20. Deforestation

  21. Pollution

  22. Effects of Urbanization

  23. The Spread of Disease

  24. Destruction of Habitats

  25. Project Ideas Poster • Make a Poster that can be hung up in the classroom that will represent at least 4 different environmental topics related to Overpopulation

  26. Write a Letter to your Congressman • In your letter to your congressman you should address you concerns of overpopulation. Be very specific. Give your Congressman recommendations on how to combat this world changing phenomenon.

  27. Create your own website or POWERPOINT • Be as creative as possible and discuss at least four aspects that relate to overpopulation.