miami dade fire rescue wellness fitness initiative n.
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Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Wellness Fitness Initiative PowerPoint Presentation
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Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Wellness Fitness Initiative

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Wellness Fitness Initiative

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Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Wellness Fitness Initiative

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  1. Miami-Dade Fire RescueWellness Fitness Initiative

  2. Objectives • Develop a culture where firefighter wellness and physical fitness is embraced at all levels of the organization. • Promote firefighter health and wellness through physical conditioning, nutrition, annual medical examinations and fitness evaluations. • Create a constructive, supportive, non-punitive environment where firefighters can reach and maintain their wellness-fitness goals throughout their careers.

  3. The Wellness Fitness Initiative is non-punitive & will not become an instrument of discipline.

  4. Our Least Maintained Tool…You Performance is dependent on physical ability. Good equipment and training are important, but they do not replace the need to stay in shape.

  5. Our Least Maintained Tool…You After the completion of recruit training, physical fitness goals and conditioning are no longer emphasized. Not surprisingly, the average MDFR probationary firefighter gains 28 lbs within the first year after leaving the academy. (2006)

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  7. Major Causes of Firefighter Line of Duty Death 1994 - 2004

  8. Firefighters have the nation’s highest occupational fatality rates due to coronary artery disease • Firefighters 44% • Police 22% • EMS 11%

  9. “Firefighters enter the workforce particularly healthy, but they do not necessarily maintain thatattribute over time. “There is ample evidence thatfirefighters arenot immuneto the hazards ofovereating and inadequate regular exercise” The New England Journal of Medicine March 22nd 2007

  10. An Inconvenient Truth Nearly half of all firefighter line of duty deaths and many premature retirements are the result of poor health.

  11. “Firefighters who are medically or physically unfit should be considered as placing themselves in danger as well as compromising the mission of the organization and the safety of other firefighters” National Fallen Firefighters Foundation February 20th 2006

  12. To avoid becoming a casualty of the fire service, your commitment to wellness & fitness must be lifelong.

  13. Good Nutrition and Proper Exercise Help Protect You

  14. Metro-Dade Fire Fighters Wellness Center • Nutrition Services Now Available • Lily Suazo RD, LD/N, Dietician • 305-499-8900

  15. Facilitating Fitness • Our department’s present state of fitness has the ability to improve as the younger guys coming on make it a priority. That means YOU!!! • Firefighters must become stakeholders and take responsibility for actions which have contributed to their de-conditioning. • Wellness fitness goals will not be achieved with only nine on-duty workouts a month, but you can increase your cardiac capacity!!!

  16. Do It For Your Family