when you first get in n.
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When you first get in… PowerPoint Presentation
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When you first get in…

When you first get in…

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When you first get in…

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  1. When you first get in… • Add LO and DQ to pg. 55 LO • Locate the facts and identify the significance of the 1st Battle of Bull Run DQ • What was the significance of the 1st Battle of Bull Run? • Why did “Stonewall” Jackson earn his nickname? Table of Contents Pg. 54 Commemorative Marker 10/11/13 Pg. 55 Battle of Bull Run 10/11/13

  2. What is Significance? My sister used went out to eat with friends and hung her purse from the back of the chair. While she was eating, someone came by and stole her purse. **What do you think she learned? • Think about an event that has happened in your life that you learned something from? **Share your story, and THE LESSON YOU LEARNED FROM IT

  3. What is Significance? • Synonyms:

  4. What would you do? • There is a battle taking place down the street, what would you most likely do? • Call 911 • Go with your family and bring picnic baskets to watch it • Stay in your house for safety

  5. “Just the Facts” Pg. 55- Skip about 2 lines in between each one Event: First Battle of Bull Run Who: What: When: Where: Why: Outcome: Significance:

  6. “Just the Facts” Pg. 55 Event: First Battle of Bull Run Who: (who are the generals were involved?) What: (what is the main action taking place ?) When: (when did it happen?) Where: (where did it happen?) Why: (why is the main action taking place/what causes it to happen?) Outcome: (which side won?) Significance: (what was learned?)

  7. “Just the Facts” Pg. 73 Who:Union General: McDowell Confederate General: Beauregard, Jackson, Johnston What: Union soldiers attack northern Virginia to open a path to Richmond When: July 21, 1861 Where: Northern Virginia OR Manassas OR Bull Run Creek Why: Lincoln was feeling pressure from northern newspapers and the public; Open a path to Richmond Outcome: Union soldiers had to retreat back to Washington; Confederates win battle Significance: Americans learned the war would be bloody; the war would not be over soon; Southerners were prepared to fight fiercely

  8. “Stonewall” Jackson **Take your own Cornell Notes** • First Bullet Point: Who is he a general for? • Second Bullet Point: Which battle makes him famous? • Third Bullet Point: Why did he earn his nickname?

  9. “Stonewall” Jackson • Confederate General • Made famous for First Battle of Bull Run • He was stubborn and held his ground against Union troops; men saw him similar to a stone wall

  10. Commemorative Marker • Commemorative Markers are used to summarize significant places and events so there is always a memory

  11. Reflection Activity-Commemorative Marker • Use your notes to design and create a commemorative marker to summarize the First Battle of Bull Run that people can visit to remember the battle site. • You select the information you think is important to include on the marker, along with the significance of the battle