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California Fire Service PowerPoint Presentation
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California Fire Service

California Fire Service

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California Fire Service

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  1. California Fire Service Tyler L. Williams Comm 165 12/12/05

  2. Ways To Learn About Service • Website: • Contact us by phone (559) 277-FIRE • Mail us at our Fresno Headquarters • Grab a brochure at your local library • Look in the Phone book for your local number

  3. What is the California Fire Service? • The California Fire Service is made up of over 45,000 individuals. This includes firefighters that are paid, volunteer, or a combination of both. • The objective of the Fire Service is to serve and protect property and life from hazards.

  4. General Qualifications • U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien • High School Graduate • Healthy and in good physical condition • In good moral standing • 18 Years Old

  5. Structure of The Service • Because California is so large, it is important all Fire Departments communicate effectively and constantly with each other so the common goal of great public service and protection can be obtained.

  6. Information Guide to the California Fire Service • The California Fire Service is made of committed Firefighters serving together to protect California’s life and property. • The Caliornia Fire Service is the cornerstone to keeping this lovely state safe from all disasters.

  7. Getting Paid • Every Fire Service Employee earns money and benefits for their service. Whether you're a full timer or Volunteer- you are paid for your work. • Meals and Housing paid for full time employees.

  8. Paying For Your Education • One of the most important benefits you can have as a firefigher is receiving money to further your education or pay off an existing student loan. While skills training in the Fire Service is always a priority, so is encouraging you to attend college or take continuing education.

  9. Education Bonus • Qualified applicants who enlist for two or more years in any active Full Time Firefigher Program may receive one of the following Bonuses: Bachelor's degree - $8,000 • Associate or two-year degree - $7,000

  10. Firefighter Life • To be a California Firefighter is to be a part of the world's best fighting force. • Spend your days with people you consider family • Train and work as a team everyday.

  11. Career In The Service • If you’re interested in making a career of the Service, there are plenty of training and learning opportunities to help you rise in rank. • You will always be challenged with new obstacles and tasks.

  12. Variety Of Jobs • Some of the areas of expertise in the Fire Service include: Firefighter Paramedics, Wild land firefighting, Hazardous Materials, Confined Space Resuce, The list goes on....