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Solution for FMCG Industry

Solution for FMCG Industry. Agenda. About Dataman Objective Why Microsoft ERP Solution Overview of FMCG & Distribution Business Demo of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 Scope & Scale of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft Advantage Dataman advantage. The Company. Founded in 1990 in India

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Solution for FMCG Industry

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  1. Solution for FMCG Industry

  2. Agenda • About Dataman • Objective • Why Microsoft ERP Solution • Overview of FMCG & Distribution Business • Demo of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 • Scope & Scale of Microsoft Dynamics NAV • Microsoft Advantage • Dataman advantage

  3. The Company Founded in 1990 in India • 4 distributed development centers • Presence in USA, Europe and India • Focus on organic growth Offerings • Top-notch services • Leading edge products Financially Rock-solid • Over 55% Growth in 2006 • Significant cash reserves & zero debt • Strong focus on fundamentals Delivery Capability • Onsite-offshore model • Multiple delivery channels • Focus on quality processes • High level of technical skills & Domain competency People • Skilled and Dedicated Work Force • Strong Leadership Clients • Over 5000 • Spread in 120 Cities • Covering 4 Countries Infrastructure • State-of-the-art • & fail safe • Disaster recovery & Business continuity

  4. Building Superior Values Center of Excellence • Core Competency - Product Domain Knowledge • Co-developing requirements / Road Map of Product features • Cost of ownership • Customer Partnership Offshore Development Center • Advanced Competencies • Managed Services - Dev/ Maintenance/ Support • On time Deliveries & Quality of Deliveries • Development/Maintenance Costs • Increased Customer Orientation Re sourcing Center • Basic Competencies • Meeting Re sourcing requirements • Quality of resources • Cost of resources • Customer Communication

  5. Why Microsoft ERP Solution? Powerful analytics tools help give you targeted insight into your business Efficiently exchange information and transactions across companies Take the pain out of routine accounting processes Empower employees with a solution they’ll want to use Sharpen your competitive edge with Business Notifications Make Decision Support part of your everyday business operations Produce key reports easily and efficiently Manage manufacturing processes to keep pace in a competitive marketplace Work seamlessly with Microsoft applications and technologies

  6. Functions of FMCG

  7. Challenges of FMCG • Getting the control over entire Supply chain • Improving the efficiency of production • Optimizing the material & other resource planning • Analyzing the data as per your requirement • Building an IT landscape capable of handling future expansion plans

  8. Objective • To Analyze, Plan and control Marketing activities. • To Analyze, Plan and control of Purchase Activities. • To Analyze and Track the Raw Material Inventory Blockage & wastage. • To Track the distributor performance. • To Reduce the order processing time. • To Assist Marketing/Sales Staff in carrying out day to Day activities. • To Analyze, Plan and Control Cost of sales • Select a Foundation system which will carry you in future a standard and R&D driven solution.

  9. The Solution • Track and trace with flexible processes and fast access to accurate data • Respond quickly with precise information • Increase the accuracy of inventory data • Transform compliance data into valuable business insight and lower your costs • Easy and efficient real-time access to inventory, customer order status, sales, purchasing, and financial information across multiple locations • Tighten delivery times and schedules by integrating specific requests into your business • Real-time reports and alerts to management and customers

  10. Integrated functions of FMCG Forecast Marketing Finance Manufacturing Capabilities Distribution Capabilities Demand Execution Plan Manufacturing & Sourcing Logistics Supply Capabilities

  11. Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Integrate Business Operations Manage Supply Chain more effectively Improve Customer Relations Microsoft Dynamics NAV Reduce risk with better access to accurate & up-to-date information Empower employees to increase productivity and share best practices Boost efficiency and lower costs by streamlining processes Streamline Internal Communication Improve productivity and cost control to enhance success in your business operation

  12. Supply Chain Management • Create opportunities to share data across supply chain members • Provide real-time information, which can be great help in supply chain decisions • Allows you to improve communications with your downstream customers, while simultaneously forming tighter relationships with your upstream vendors • Allows companies to quickly assess the impact on their actions on the entire supply chain, including customer demand. FMCG Enterprise Distributor Retailer Logistics Supplier

  13. Manufacturing Management Offers solution that enables management to compete in today's aggressive business environment, in following way, • To know when an operation will be completed based on user defined efficiencies, shifts, etc • To create tentative Production for annual and monthly basis. Production planning to increase organization efficiency and reduce costs • To create day-to-day production and comparative analysis with monthly estimate and year to date estimates or planning

  14. Inventory Management • It helps to easily Identify and track Inventory to reduce Costs. It stores the detailed information against asset & inventory items • Generate reports on item pricing, stock status, backorder information, recommended reorder points, valuation, turnover, sales analysis and much more • Manage product characteristic and specification information • Lot number, expiration date and serial number tracking on all transactions

  15. Financial Management Record and store financial records in a central general ledger that includes charts of accounts, balances and more. • Manage bank accounts and cash • Create accounting periods based on your fiscal and business cycle • VAT enabled • Automate routines such as check-writing, bank statement reconciliation

  16. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 – An Overview

  17. Item Card Item Card is used to enter basic information about an item in your inventory, such as item number, description, unit of measure, as well as invoicing, ordering and reporting information. There is one card for each item. Each card contains several tabs with different types of information about the item.

  18. Customer Card Customer Card used to set up information for Parties. We must set up a card for each Party, on which we have to enter basic information such as name, address and the kinds of discounts, payment Terms, that we are providing. Also we can see customers performance in the same screen.

  19. Customer Sales History Customer sales history shows performance of the party up to date. Here you can view parties orders, invoices, return orders, balances etc. This screen also gives customers shipments & credit memos.

  20. Sales Order Sales History Available Credit Item Availability Possible Subsititutions Sales order window is used to enter all the relevant information to create a sales order. At the time of sales order, previous sales history, available credit of the party, Item availability, & if shortage of item, what are the possible substitute items.

  21. Customer Item Sales This is very useful report to get analysis of Customer wise, Item wise Sales with predefined profitability in value & in percentage.

  22. Customer Ledger Customer Ledger allows you to get details of customers payments & receipts with opening & closing balance.

  23. Sales Person Wise Sales Analysis This is Sales person wise sales Analysis. You can define SSM, ZM, ASM etc. as per your business needs. For example, you can select a SSM & this report will show all the sales done by his Team.

  24. Sales Analysis (Daily/weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly) This is Sales Analysis by dimensions. This gives you a comparison report of sales at branches in terms of value & quantity. You can select a branch or all to have this report. This report can be viewed day wise, week wise, month wise,& year wise.

  25. Sales Register (Detailed) This report contains sales of items to selected parties with all the necessary details e.g. quantity, rate, amount, excise, tax etc.

  26. Item Sales Analysis (Quantity Wise) This is analytical report to compare sales performance of each items based on various criteria e.g. branch wise, sales person wise, area wise & this report also can be viewed day, week, month, quarter & year wise. This report is based on Quantity. Solution also have provision to provide Value wise/Branch wise/Area wise Sales Analysis Report.

  27. Monthly Sales Growth This reports shown growth chart of your sales to various parties on monthly basis. This report helps you to forecast of sales on the basis of previous sale of particular party. Also you can get this report either by sales representative wise or by party wise.

  28. Dispatch Detail ( Branch Wise ) In case of multiple branch system, this report is very useful to know the dispatched quantity of finished item to Branch office against their orders inclusive of samples.

  29. Production Order

  30. Month Wise Customer Sales This is very important report to know performance of a selected party. In this report you can get Item wise sale to a selected party in terms of quantity.

  31. Vendor Card Solution use the Vendor Card window to set up information on all your vendors. We must set up a card for each vendor, on which we have to enter basic information such as name, address and the kinds of discounts that are available. Also we can have vendors statistics here e.g. his payments in previous year, this year with current balance & total purchases done by him.

  32. Purchase Order Solution use the Purchase Order window to enter all the relevant information when we create purchase orders. From here we can directly post Receipt & Invoice the Purchase Order. Moreover we can get last 3 purchases of the product which is being ordered.

  33. Material Receipt After raising a Purchase order, Material receipt can be done by this screen. You have to pick PO no. which comes automatically.

  34. Purchase Invoice Purchase Invoice can be posted after receiving of material by this screen.

  35. Purchase Analysis (Branch Wise / Quantity Wise) This Report is helpful to know about details of purchases from HO which is being done by branches. This report is based on Quantity & Value.

  36. Inventory Aging Analysis This report is very important to reduce inventory blockage. You can date wise, month wise inventory aging analysis of those items which are not being used from a specified period.

  37. Inventory Availability This is a crucial report which gives you analysis of a particular item e.g. current stock of an item, gross requirement, schedule receipt, planned order receipt & projected available balance with reorder level.

  38. Inventory Valuation Inventory Valuation report based on given method e.g. FIFO, LIFO, weighted average, & standard.

  39. Chart of Account ( Branch Wise ) The General Ledger is at the center of the company's finances - it gives you an overview of the financial situation. It also provides information about expenses and revenues to compare with budgets and with figures from previous years.

  40. Warehouse Management An informative report can be viewed for getting the information of Warehouses. This report can be seen day wise, week wise, month wise, quarter wise, & year wise.

  41. Budget Management We can allocate budget for different departments or branches or head wise & this budget can be allocated by month wise, quarter wise, year wise etc.

  42. Receivables / Payables Day/week/Month/Quarter/Year This screen shows customers & vendors amount dues and receivable & payable amounts. This report can be viewed month wise, day wise, week wise, quarter wise,& year wise.

  43. Microsoft NAV : Business Intelligence Business analytics is a management tool for decision making, here you can create your analysis window & apply the different formula as per need, you can analyze it on various graphs

  44. Microsoft NAV : Integration with other Systems Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to work smoothly with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Server and Microsoft Windows 98, XP or Vista.

  45. More than 3,00,000 Users More than 2,700 certified partners More than 40 localized versionsof the product Sold in more than 130 countries 80% of revenue generated in EMEA More than 1000 add-on solutions Scope And Scale Of Microsoft NAV Denmark Egypt Eire Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Finland France Gambia Ghana Germany Greece Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Israel Serbia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Tanzania Thailand Tunisia Turkey Uganda United Arab Emirates United Kingdom U.S.A. Zambia Zimbabwe Italy Jordan Kenya Kuwait Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Lithuania Macedonia Madagascar Mali Malta Malaysia Mauritius Mexico Middle East Morocco Mozambique Namibia Netherlands New Caledonia New Zealand Nigeria Norway Oman Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Reunion Romania Russia Rwanda Sao Tome and Principe Saudi Arabia Senegal Afghanistan Algeria Angola Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Burkina Faso Canada China Croatia Cyprus Czech Cyprus Microsoft Dynamics NAV product availability

  46. Unique Architecture Integrated Development Environment Database GUI (Windows) Employees CommercePortal Customers& BusinessPartners ApplicationServer Commerce Gateway (B2B) Worldwide Generic Objects Country-specific Objects ExternalApplications Customer-specific Objects Vertical Solutions Objects Microsoft Navision Database Server Microsoft SQLServer 2000

  47. Technology Framework Efficiency Employee ApplicationServer Commerce Portal Collaboration Commerce Gateway Openness Commerce Server Microsoft Navision DatabaseServer / SQL Server Reliability BizTalk Server Adaptability Client BusinessLogic Database Report Form Code Unit Dataport Table XMLport

  48. Unique & Customized Implementation Access to source code Tools and support to build a successful business Customer need Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partner Customizationtools Customized solution

  49. Seeking for Win-Win Relation……

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