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Formative Assessment Made Easy PowerPoint Presentation
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Formative Assessment Made Easy

Formative Assessment Made Easy

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Formative Assessment Made Easy

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  1. Formative Assessment Made Easy Victoria Brushway & Katrina Hampton 7th Grade Math Teachers at Boyle County Middle School

  2. Opening Activity: 5-10 minutes • Form groups of 4 people • Select a Spokesperson (For example, the person who has been in education the longest). • Discuss and list on post-it notes some challenges of using formative assessment in your classroom. • When your group is finished, have your spokesperson bring your post-it notes up and put on the chart paper.

  3. What is Gradecam? • GradeCam is an online assessment tool used to grade and analyze various assessments used in the classroom. • The website is • GradeCam…. • grades multiple choice assignments with any web or document camera • transfers scores into any electronic grade-book • shares assessments with other educators • gives students immediate feedback • creates and prints answer forms on regular paper • links questions to state standards and generates standards-based reports

  4. Where Do We Get It? • GradeCam can be purchased, you can do a free 60 day trial, or it is always free for the basic plan. • Details about plans is found here at • For an individual teacher the plan is $15 per month. • For a school/district subscription the plan is $2.50 per student per year.

  5. When Do We Use It? • GradeCam can be used to grade various types of assessments including exit slips, flashbacks, unit test, post-tests, and extended responses.

  6. How To Get Started? • Create classes by hand or if you have a school/district subscription, GradeCam will automatically load your classes. • • Create forms (bubble sheets personalized for your particular assessment up to 100 questions). •

  7. How To Get Started? (Continued) • Create an assignment and enter the answer key. • • Students complete the assignment and bring their form to be scanned and graded. • GradeCam will enter scores into an electronic grade-book.

  8. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? • GradeCam allows teachers to analyze data by student, class, group, grade, school, or standard. • • This data allows teachers to analyze their assessment and to see what areas need to be retaught or what questions need to be rewritten.

  9. CONNECTIONS TO PGES • GradeCam provides detailed analysis that teachers can use to track growth. • Reports can be used in data conferences, parent/teacher conferences, and ARC’s to provide feedback and data-driven results.

  10. CONNECTIONS TO PGES (Continued) • Reports can be used to guide future teaching and assessments.

  11. Exit Slip Question 1 GradeCamis an online assessment tool used to grade and analyze various assessments used in the classroom. Which assessment can be used with GradeCam? • Exit slips • Flashbacks • Unit tests • Extended responses • All of the above

  12. Exit Slip Question 2 GradeCam data analysis can be used for which of the following purposes? • Track student growth • Provide data for PGES • Guide re-teaching • Data conferences with parents and/or ARC • All of the above

  13. Exit Slip Question 3 GradeCamis an online assessment tool used to grade and analyze various assessments used in the classroom. T or F

  14. Exit Slip Question 4 GradeCam has a free 60-day trial and then is $15 per student if purchased. T or F

  15. Exit Slip Question 5 On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “never” and 5 being “always”, how likely are you to use GradeCam in your classroom for assessments?

  16. And finally… Scan your response sheet for immediate feedback.