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  1. NATIONAL AGRABILITY PROJECT NATIONAL AGRABILITY PROJECT (NAP) AgrAbility History, NAP, Project Objectives NAP Team Members, Partnerships Ronald T. Schuler New Staff Orientation National AgrAbility Workshop November 8, 2005

  2. A Brief History of AgrAbility • Arose from a grass roots effort championed by Easter Seals • Easter Seals shopped the concept to several federal departments before selecting USDA • Modeled after pioneering efforts in Iowa (Easter Seals) and Vermont (University) • Grown from 8 awards in 1991 to 25 awards totaling about $4.4 M in 2005

  3. National AgrAbility Project A Partnership Between Easter Seals and University of Wisconsin-Extension

  4. National Project Objectives Education-to build capacity by providing education to health, farm and government service providers on accommodating disabilities and preventing secondary injuries in person with disabilities engaged in production agriculture. 2. Networking-to expand capacity through the development of networking activities that encourages the sharing of information and resources among and the securing of the services and/or funds from individuals or organizations not employed by AgrAbility 3. Assistance-to provide farmers with disabilities in AgrAbility and non-AgrAbility states consultative services and technical assistance to increase the liklihood that they and their farm operation experience success. 4. Operations and Management-to increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of state and national project efforts through project management systems.

  5. National AgrAbility Organizational Chart * CSREES-Cooperative States Research, Education and Extension Service

  6. National AgrAbility Organizational Chart USDA-CSREES Responsibilities: Administer the Program Specific responsibilities Direct the request for proposals Oversee review process Insure funded projects follow rules * CSREES-Cooperative States Research, Education and Extension Service

  7. National AgrAbility Organizational Chart Project Leader Responsibilities: Provides overall management and reporting activities of the project

  8. National AgrAbility Organizational Chart Project Manager Responsibilities: Coordinates National Training Workshop, area training and new staff orientation Supervises technical assistance and information dissemination Directs the preparation of the annual and final reports

  9. National AgrAbility Organizational Chart Assistive Tech. Specialist Responsibilities: Provide technical support on assistive technology with a special focus on secondary injuries

  10. National AgrAbility Organizational Chart ES Project Director Responsibilities: Provide leadership for ES partner Coordinate education for frontline rehabilitation and healthcare professionals and networking for volunteer program

  11. National AgrAbility Organizational Chart Agr. Technologist Responsibilities: Provide training and technical assistance on agricultural machinery, equipment, and buildings with assistive technology Manage web site

  12. National AgrAbility Organizational Chart Rehabilitation Spec. Responsibilities: Provides training and technical assistance with respect to: assistive technology government programs other rehabilitation issues cultural diversity

  13. National AgrAbility Organizational Chart Evaluation Specialist Responsibility: Directs the evaluation activities of the program-demographics, impact study etc.

  14. National AgrAbility Organizational Chart Program Assistant Responsibilities: Provide clerical support, word processing. Answer toll free phone-serve as receptionist Complete data entry and desktop publishing Manage mailings Maintain Cooperative Extension files

  15. National AgrAbility Organizational Chart Marketing and Communication Specialist Responsibilities: Responds to information requests Disseminates project-related info. to staff Coordinates the marketing plan Produces Monthly Newsletter & Quarterly

  16. Principles of Partnership Help state project staff excel Provide high quality, outcome oriented training, tech. assist. and information dissemination Leverage opportunities and promote innovation Lead and promote AgrAbility goals Provide full access to all information and resources Build capacity of state project staff

  17. Final Point-Partner Treat your partner the way you would like them to treat you

  18. THE END