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Natural latex mattress - Shinysleep

Buy Natural Latex Mattress Online : 100% Organic Natural Latex Mattress from Shinysleep to extend your healthy sleep. u271310 Years Warranty u2713 Free Shipping.<br>

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Natural latex mattress - Shinysleep

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  1.      AT 50% + RS. 2000 OFF TILL 24TH AUG. a a 0 Items Home / Mattress / Natural Latex Mattress Chat Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  2. Natural Latex Mattress Quality never runs out of style so do our latex mattress does. A Luxury Shinysleep Latex Mattress, for The People who worth it. An Ultimate Choice!!! MRP: ₹82,000 ₹41,000 Latex Size 72x60x6 in | 182.9x152.4x15.24 cm 72x60x8 in | 182.9x152.4x20.32 cm 72x72x6 in | 182.9x182.9x15.24 cm 72x72x8 in | 182.9x182.9x20.32 cm 75x60x6 in | 190.5x152.4x15.24 cm 75x60x8 in | 190.5x152.4x20.32 cm Chat 75x72x6 in | 190.5x182.9x15.24 cm 75x72x8 in | 190.5x182.9x20.32 cm Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  3. 78x60x6 in | 198.1x152.4x15.24 cm 78x72x6 in | 198.1x182.9x15.24 cm 78x60x8 in | 198.1x152.4x20.32 cm 78x72x8 in | 198.1x182.9x20.32 cm Natural Latex Mattress quantity 1 Add to cart SCROLL Chat Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  4. Why to select Latex Mattress What is Latex? The type of mattress that you might’ve heard is Eco-friendly and anti-microbial is constructed up of an element which is derived from trees – Latex. It is the magic ?uid used up in the mattresses which provides you the comfort of your life. It is a natural sap derived from the rubber tree which is then turned from foam to liquid. Chat Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  5. But, the mattress we use is in solid form so is there a twist? No, it’s not! the liquid is poured into the molds and is baked under a certain temperature. Chat Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  6. The Result? An elegant, comfortable and of course nature-friendly mattress which will turn your sleepless nights into ones with a mystical and snuggly sleep. Chat Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  7. But wait! Is every mattress that is provided in the market Natural? Well, it depends upon what you settle for. Latex mattresses are available in two types Pure Latex Mattress It is a green alternative, which incorporates natural latex being devoid of any chemical substances. Synthetic Latex mattress It contains the same molecular compound as natural latex but the only difference is that it is constructed up of man-made ingredients. basically, it is a look-alike of natural latex! Chat   Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  8. So if it’s the same then why choose natural over synthetic? 100 per cent natural Latex mattress is proven to be extremely durable and will last longer than any other type of mattress component. Natural latex foam will possess a much milder and less abrasive odour which makes a lot more preferable over the synthetic mattress. So, now what should you prefer? Something completely natural or pretense! The choice is yours! Chat Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  9. What makes shiny sleep’s natural latex mattress different that the others CERTIFIED LATEX FROM BELGIUM Made with the ?nest quality latex imported from Belgium, 100% organic cotton (goodbye nasty chemicals), perfect for those with asthma or allergies. Certi?ed by Oeko Tex 100, Euro Latex. Chat 111 NIGHTS-FREE TRIAL Book an Appointment +91 9990079597 With the purchase of a shinysleep natural latex mattress you get 111 Nights Risk-

  10. With the purchase of a shinysleep natural latex mattress you get 111 Nights Risk free Trial. 11 YEARS GENUINE WARRANTY It comes with 11 years of hassle-free warranty. However, the life of natural latex varies from 20 to 40 years. So, it’s more of an investment DURABLE As we incorporate 100 percent natural latex without any blend, the outcome is always more durable than any other in comparison The materials of superlative quality such as the 550 GSM Knitted breathable fabric are used to provide maximal comfort. Chat Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  11. PARAMOUNT QUALITY Our 100 per cent pure & natural latex foam is constructed in such a way that it conforms with several aesthetic quality standards. Latest our mattress has been authenticated by the like of OEKO-TEX certi?cation. FREE DOOR STEP DELIVERY JUST click the PURCHASE BUTTON and we promise you that you don’t even have to leave your doorstep Chat 0% EMI Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  12. 0% EMI Option available on all Master/Visa Credit cards Shinysleep Natural Latex FAQs Is Latex Mattress Hard or soft?   Is Latex mattress is costly?   What is the Age of natural Latex Mattress and Hybrid Mattress?   Is it worth to spend on Latex Mattress?   Related Products   Chat Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  13. Mattress Protector Chat Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  14. Latex Pillow Chat Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  15. Memory Foam Pillow – Slim We deliver on comfort and service According to our customers, we stick to our promises. - Gourav Chitkara Red Bull Cricketer - Sandeep Singh IT Professional For a sportsman, sleep plays an important role to perform effectively. I am getting quality sleep on a +91 9990079597 Excellent support and cooperation provided by Shiny Sleep team. Their customer care support explains all Book an Appointment Chat

  16. Shinysleep Orthopedic Memory foam Mattress bene?ts of mattress. My friend recommends this mattress to me. Thanks a lot for giving me such an amazing service @ cost effective Price D E READ ALL REVIEWS Buy Best Mattress Online from Shinysleep Mattress Welcome to the world of Shinysleep. We have diverse range of products that help you get a perfect good night’s sleep, whenever you like. We offer you Best Orthopedicmattress online and we Chat understand that every individual is having different need of mattress and pillow based on their comfort level. If you will sleep well then you will do well. Our Ortho Plus Memory Foam Mattress will  give +91 9990079597 Book an Appointment perfect sleep, every night and it comes with the good support layer. Our Pocket Spring Mattress and

  17. Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress gives you hotel like comfort and provides mellow sleep. Dual Comfort Mattress is best ?t for the people looking for hard and a soft mattress and it comes with the very low price and gives you pleasure of two mattresses. Natural Latex Mattress and Hybrid Latex Mattress  is perfect ?t if you are looking for natural product and it comes with the pores, which circulate air and keep your body cool in all weather condition. We offer sleeping Pillows based on your sleep position,  we have Memory Foam pillow Slim and Regular it take share as per your neck and it feels like a fresh cream. Our Fiber Pillow support you head just right. Latex pillow circulates air and give good support to the neck and it is mostly used by side sleepers. Our Mattress Protectors is like a shield to your Mattress ands keeps you Mattress safe from water.  You can buy all our products Online and you can buy a mattress at lower price. Select your best mattress based on your requirement for king size mattress or queen size mattress and please ensure you select the correct size mattress for perfect ?t on bed. Our customer feedback says that Shinysleep is one of the best mattress brand in India So no need to waiting any more! Select you Shinysleep mattress based on your need and it comes with more than 100 nights risk free trial. Happy sleeping!        99900-79597 info@shinysleep.com Chat Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  18. Manufactured and packed by: A2127 Ground Floor, Green?elds Colony, Faridabad, Haryana - 121010 Subscribe to Our Newsletter Your Email Id SUBSCRIBE * I agree to theTerms and Conditions Home Blog FAQS Contact us Privacy Terms & Conditions Warranty 111 Nights Risk Free Trial 0% EMI Payment Returns Refund My Account Track Your Shipment Mattress in Bangalore Mattress in Ahmedabad Mattress in Gurgaon Mattress in Pune Mattress in Mumbai Mattress in Hyderabad Mattress in Chennai Mattress in Kolkata Chat Copyright © 2020 shinysleep.com - All Rights Reserved Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

  19. Chat Book an Appointment +91 9990079597

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