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Best Residential Interior Designers in Pune PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Residential Interior Designers in Pune

Best Residential Interior Designers in Pune

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Best Residential Interior Designers in Pune

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  1. Residential Interior Designers Design and Renovate Home

  2. Outline  Introduction  Process  Advantages  Who employ interior designer  How to find interior designer  services  Some design

  3. Introduction Residential Interior design is the process of enhancing the interior of a home to achieve a practical and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. Interior designers are the people who plan, research, coordinate, and manage these projects. 

  4. The Residential Interior Design Process  Research and planning Your interior designer or interior design company will talk to local authorities, landlords and other interested parties, as well as you the client, to discover the breadth (and limitations) of your project.  Site survey Your interior designer will measure the rooms, assess their layout and make a note of features and services such as fireplaces, utilities and electrical points.

  5.  Space planning Your interior designer will assess and often change the layout of a space according to the needs and lifestyle of the people who will be living there.  Concept design Your interior designer will come up with the proposed look and feel of the room, from color palettes and textures to furniture, fittings and accessories. These ideas are often expressed as mood boards, 3D drawings and plans and layouts.  Project management Your interior designer will produce schedules and contractors’ briefs, liaise with contractors, order the furniture and fittings and see the whole interior design project right through to completion.

  6. Advantage of using an Interior Designer  It is often the case that people know their home could be improved but they find it hard to know where to start, or to visualize what the result would be. An interior designer has the experience to identify the problems and opportunities in a home and come up with practical solutions. They will have the ability to harmonies color and source items, some of which are not available to the public. Time is a factor as well. The planning of a refurbishment is time consuming, as is the sourcing of contractors and furniture and fixtures. An interior designer can undertake all this, providing schedules and adhering to the agreed budget.

  7. Who employs an Interior Designer?  Some people simply do not have the time to undertake a refurbishment of their homes.  Interior designers are often consulted when people are at a life-changing stage of their lives. This might be the purchase of a new home, a growing family requiring more space or children getting older, which can change the way a house is used.  Whatever the circumstances, an interior designer can help to change your living environment for the better.

  8. TO FIND THE PERFECT INTERIOR DESIGNER  Look out the designer’s portfolio  Read their reviews  Arrange a face-to-face meeting  Can they work to your budget and timeline?  Trust your instinct

  9. OUR SERVICES we are highly experienced in managing the construction stages of property refurbishment and transformation projects. These specialist skills combined with our team of trusted.  bespoke interior design consultation, working with you, your architects, your existing home or just your dreams  property refurbishments, redesigning, remodeling, rethinking and revisualizing your home  turnkey interior design. As your turnkey interior design company we can transform a new or newly purchased living space, managing the entire project in your absence  space planning and storage solutions, working with your ideas, your practical requirements and even your favourite things.  project management. We can plot, budget, schedule and oversee from initial consultation to completion … including managing all trades and contractors working on the site  interior sourcing, hunting down anything from sofas to saucepans, art to vintage items or antiques (both passions of ours, incidentally), craftsmen to candles

  10. Some designs are


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