designing the mattress with india s no 1 ortho mattress pillows selling company n.
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Designing the Mattress With Wakefit- India’s No.-1 Ortho Mattress PowerPoint Presentation
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Designing the Mattress With Wakefit- India’s No.-1 Ortho Mattress

Designing the Mattress With Wakefit- India’s No.-1 Ortho Mattress

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Designing the Mattress With Wakefit- India’s No.-1 Ortho Mattress

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  1. Designing the MattressWithIndia’s no.-1 Ortho mattress & pillows selling company Also available in Ebay, Flipkart, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Shopclues

  2. Our founderhas grown up in a family where foam testing and formulations were discussed over breakfast table and his passion for the subject drove him to become a chemical engineer from IIT. The missing pieces of the puzzle were the customer concerns and problems with existing mattresses in the market. We solved that by setting up a core team whose focus was to talk to hundreds of customers and understand their feedback on numerous parameters.

  3. Our extensive research identified four major factors which play a major role in mattress designing. We conducted tens of experiments in our lab and tried out hundreds of permutations and combinations with the chemicals, dimensions, foam type and other factors to achieve the best results:

  4. Durability Density plays a major role in deciding the durability of mattress. Higher foam density implies a longer lifetime Support Firmer the base foam, better is the support provided to the spine

  5. Temperature Bigger the cell size of the foam, more is the breathability (better air-flow) inside the mattress and thus creating stable temperature throughout the night. Comfort The least the mattress pushes the body upwards (Newton's third law) while lying on it, more is going to be the comfort while sleeping on it. Our self designed memory foam takes care of it perfectly. NASA, the world’s foremost Space agency, innovated on the memory foam for this specific use case. Another good example is a nice hospital bed. Patients can sleep over it for weeks and the body remains in great shape.

  6. A few more experiments rounded out the other sensitive parts of mattress designing:

  7. Less VOCs Using water based adhesives instead of organic solvents eliminates bad odor from mattresses

  8. Hygiene Inner cover absorbs sweat and prevents it from reaching the foam surface. This helps in maintaining hygiene for a long time

  9. Cleanliness Outer cover is made using Viscrose (cotton, natural yarn) and has a zipper on it. You can remove the cover from the mattress and wash it to retain a fresh appearance

  10. Foam formulations We made a couple of foam formulations to experiment with the cell size, density, hardness (firmness), compression set, etc. This helped us in getting to know what works best for our customers!

  11. So are you satified with the manufacturing prcesof how we made your mattress so that you can sleep comfprttable and wakeup energitcally. As William Blake said “Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.” So just sleep and work on your dreams and rest leave to us.

  12. Company Details Wakefitkart is a mattress manufacturing company. We started our operations in 2007 from a small scale laboratory in Delhi with a vision to manufacture the best quality mattresses at affordable prices, for a healthy sleep of each and every individual. Standing by our company’s motto “Fit is Fabulous”, we believe a healthy sleep leads to a healthy lifestyle. We are listed on all the major e-commerce websites in India.