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High Frequency Welding Pipe line - DTB PowerPoint Presentation
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High Frequency Welding Pipe line - DTB

High Frequency Welding Pipe line - DTB

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High Frequency Welding Pipe line - DTB

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  1. High Frequency Welding Pipe line - DTB General description of High Frequency Welding Pipe line - DTB​ High frequency welded pipe mill is the special equipment producing welded steel pipe and profile pipe for industries such as metallurgy,construction,transportation,machinery,vehicles and so on.Take cold or hot rolled steel as raw materials,through cold formed and high frequency welding method to produce the round pipe,square pipe and rectangle pipe. This kind of machine taking the steel strip with certain width as raw material, to produce steel pipes according to requested size by cold roller forming and Ar-arc welding method. The stainless steel welded pipe mill production line is mainly used in production of stainless steel pipes. Firstly, it slist stainless steel plates, and then it unfolds and flats them. Then stainless steel plates will be sent into forming machine and then they will be made into round shpes. Next, stainless steel plates will be welded by plasma welding machine and argon arc welding machine. Main Technical Parameter of High Frequency Welding Pipe line - DTB​ DTB series high-precision stainless steel tube mill line Description DTB20 DTB40 DTB60 Diameter of welded tubes: Φ8-25.4mm Φ25.4-50.8mm Φ38.1-76.2mm Wall thickness of welded tubes: 0.5-1.0mm 0.8-2.0 1.0-3.0 Speed of tube welding: 0.5-8M/min 0.5-6M/min 0.5-4M/min Ar-arc welder 400A 600A 600A Basic componets: Uncoiler→Shearing and butt-welder→Forming unit→Welding unit→Polishing unit→Rough sizing unit→annealing(Prepared by customer)→Traction precision sizing unit→Fixed length rotary-cutting saw→Run-out table Hangzhou Dee Technology Co.,Ltd.

  2. Hangzhou Dee Technology Co.,Ltd. Hangzhou Dee Technology Co.,Ltd. is founded in 2007, which is a professional manufacturer and design of cold roll forming machine and Welded Pipe/Tube Mill line. Our company is specialized in producing like roof and wall panel forming machine, corrugated roof forming machine, colored tile forming machine, ridge cap forming machine, double layer forming machine, floor deck forming machine,C/Z Purlin forming machine, guard rail forming machine, down spout forming machine and High Frequency Welding Pipe line etc. Based on decades of experience, Dee is good at analyzing customers' needs and advising reasonable solutions. Our company is also capable of optimizing distribution of resources in links of designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing. Through strict quality control in those links, Dee supplies reliable and durable machines to our customers. Dee has become a professional manufacturer of steel processing equipment in China. Our equipment has been exported to Russian, Peru, India, South Africa, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, etc. Address:Shanhe village,Wenyan Town,Xiaoshan,Hangzhou City,Zhejiang,China. Mobile:+86 13588436451 Tel:+86 571 87028876 Fax:+86 571 87028876 Hangzhou Dee Technology Co.,Ltd.