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Unit 04. Subject-verb agreement PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 04. Subject-verb agreement

Unit 04. Subject-verb agreement

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Unit 04. Subject-verb agreement

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  1. Unit 04. Subject-verb agreement

  2. Exercise (1,2) (1) (A) They are building a house. (B) He is working on a computer. (C) He is designing a building. (D) She is wrapping a gift. (2) (A) He is delivering some flowers. (B) She is typing. (C) She is serving drinks. (D) He is measuring the table.

  3. V Part 1 1. (A) The boy is looking at the girl. (B) They are looking at the book. (C) The book is on the chair. (D) The girl is looking at the teacher. 2. (A) The birds are on the boat. (B) The birds are flying. (C) The birds are in the water. (D) The birds are in a tree.

  4. V Part 1 3. (A) The men are skiing. (B) The men are skating. (C) The men are swimming. (D) The men are jogging. 4. (A) The man is holding a book. (B) The man is sitting on the sofa. (C) The man is reading a newspaper. (D) The man is at the bus stop.

  5. V Part 1 5. (A) The people are standing. (B) The people are walking. (C) The people are running. (D) The people are jumping.

  6. Part 2 V 1. What time does the movie start? (A) At three thirty. (B) It’s a good movie. (C) It’s three o’clock.

  7. Part 2 V 2. How old are you? (A) I’m fine, thank you. (B) I’m fifteen. (C) I feel sick.

  8. Part 2 V 3. Do you like chocolate ice cream? (A) No, I can’t. (B) Yes, I do. (C) Yes, I can.

  9. Part 2 V 4. Where did she go? (A) Yes, she did. (B) To the supermarket. (C) She’s going now.

  10. Part 2 V 5. Why did you close the window? (A) The window is closed. (B) It’s a window. (C) Because it’s cold.

  11. Part 3 (Q1-3) M: Can I use your computer? W: No, It’s broken. M: What’s wrong with it? W: I can’t save documents, and I have an important presentation tomorrow! 1. What does the man want to do? 2. What can’t the woman do? 3. What does the woman have tomorrow?

  12. Part 3 (Q4-6) M : One ticket from New York to Los Angeles, Please W: With Express Air, that is two hundred and fifty dollars. M : That’s too expensive. Do you have anything cheaper? W: The other airlines are asking the same price. 4. Where are the man and woman? 5. What does the man want? 6. What us the problem?

  13. Part 4 **Questions1-3** W : Attention all passengers on flight KL162 from Spain to Ireland. This flight has been delayed due to bad weather . The flight will now be leaving at 7:15 p.m. form gate 22A. We apologize for any inconvenience. 1. What time will the flight now be leaving at? 2. At what gate do the passengers now have to leave from? 3. Where is the flight traveling?

  14. Part 4 **Questions4-6** M : If you look to your right, you can see the biggest black bear we have here at Funland. His name is King. He weights over 500 pounds. He is one of the ten bears we have at Funland. He has been a Funland for over fifteeen years. 4. Where is the bear? 5. Which is closest to King’s age? 6. How many bears do they have at Funland?