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CLEARVIEW VILLAGE CIVIC ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTER . WINTER 2006. P.O. Box 253 Hicksville, New York 11802-0253 clearviewvillage.org. SAVE THE DATE

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  1. CLEARVIEW VILLAGE CIVIC ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTER WINTER 2006 • P.O. Box 253 • Hicksville, New York 11802-0253 • clearviewvillage.org SAVE THE DATE Hold open April 26 for the annual meeting of the Civic Association. Important business will include election of Board members for the current season, and a chance to discuss ideas for future projects. Nominations should be submitted prior to the meeting. MINE THE WEBPAGE The Clearview Village webpage, clearviewvillage.org, is a gold mine of information, with links to the community, local government agencies, elected federal (even the President), state, county and town officials, fast access to the police and fire departments, LIRR timetables, LIPA and Keyspan, plus information about who to call for street light and street repairs. And, free of charge, a place for your classified ads. Need a baby sitter, need some repairs, have something to sell? Put it on our webpage. LIBRARY UPDATE The library construction project is on schedule, according to Director Judith Lockman, and completion is scheduled for mid-October. If you have wondered why the inside of the building has been off limits to the public, the reason has been the need to strengthen the column foundations for the columns that will support the new upper floor. Steel should be in by the middle of February, if the mild winter weather holds up. For monthly updates and access to the library, visit the web site at www.nassaulibrary.org/syosset. You can also ask Judy for a personally conducted hard-hat tour of the building. NEW LANDSCAPER The Civic Association has a new landscaper, Tranquil Settings. The owner, Mark Pikounis, a Clearview resident, and his partner Dina Karatas, have contracted to maintain the island plantings on a weekly basis. In addition to trimming, mowing and landscape design, they have added an important new service, frequent watering, from a water truck. Finally, Mark has generously donated $400 in seasonal plantings for the islands. PICNIC ANYONE? There’s no better time to think of a springtime picnic than the middle of winter (If you can call this a winter). The picnic need not be a fancy affair, just a chance to get together with neighbors, with everyone bringing their own food. How would it work? Step 1: Find out how many would be interested. Step 2: If people are interested, get some volunteers to arrange the affair. Step 3: Pick a date, most likely late May or early June, and select a place, most conveniently the Community Park behind Market Drive. Step 4. Arrange for some entertainment, games, etc. If you think this would be a good idea, and if you would be willing to volunteer, let us know by voting on the Village web page or by mail. BOARD OPENINGS One of the best ways to make waves on dry land is to become a member of the Civic Association Board. There are currently five active members on the Board, with room for three or four more, including incumbents. Why not volunteer and help us better our community.

  2. ADVERTISING • Your association for the first time has decided to accept advertising for insertion in the newsletter. As a Clearview homeowner and an Association member, your ad will receive preference. You can, of course, advertise free of charge on the Association web pae. Remember, though, that this is only seen by those members who surf the web and look at our web site, a small minority judging by the number of hits the site registers. A newsletter in a mailbox tends to be read: your ad will likely be read by nearly all of the 500 households in Clearview Village. • ADVERTISING CONTRACT • The Clearview Village Civic Association Newsletter will be distributed within Clearview Village three time annually. Rates for a single insertion into the Newsletter are as follows: • Eighth Page $25 • Quarter Page $40 • Half Page $75 • Full Page $90 • Sign up for two insertions and get a third one free! WE BABYSIT YOU ENJOY YOURSELF ALL THIS ONLY FOR A SONG WHY WASH YOUR CAR JUST LEAVE IT OUT IN THE RAIN NO CHARGE FOR WINDOWS YOUR BUSINESS IS OUR BUSINESS YOUR COPY HERE

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