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November 2013 Talent Show Review PowerPoint Presentation
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November 2013 Talent Show Review

November 2013 Talent Show Review

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November 2013 Talent Show Review

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  1. November 2013 Talent Show Review

  2. Wednesday Rehearsal On the Wednesday before the talent show we had a complete run through of the talent show to see all the acts and to test and learn how to use equipment. This allowed us to talk to the acts and see what they wanted for their performance. The rehearsal lasted all day and let me test the lighting system and get to know how to control it. Many things involving the sound team went wrong, luckily, everything was sorted by Friday afternoon.

  3. Friday- The talent show Before the talent show I ran through the whole lighting system and talked to the man who set it all up. He talked to me about what was possible with the lighting system I was using, and gave me some tips on lights, as he has lots of experience.

  4. Act 1 - Cheerleaders This act contained many dancers. The lighting pattern required for this was very loud and fast paced. I used lots of red lights and I also used the laser machine to add patterns to the backdrop. I changed the levels of the lights a lot, but kept red as the main colour.

  5. Act 2 – Katie Dennis Katie’s act was quite and very atmospheric, so I kept blue as the main colour throughout the act; I then increased the brightness of the green during the chorus, with a slow fade out at the end.

  6. Act 3 - Confusion This act involved fast paced dancing and loud music. This meant that I used the laser machine and used the red lights as the main colour and flashed the blue and green lights from left to right across the stage. Towards the end of the act the tone changed, so I changed to using blue as the prominent colour.

  7. Act 4 – Neon Rhythmix This act was quite atmospheric, but not as much as act 2. Because of this I used a mix of all the lights, changing the brightness according to the volume of act.

  8. Act 5 - Lyrical This act was very relaxed and quite, which I used blue and green lighting for. I focused the green and blue lights on the two singers, and used mainly red lights on the dancer. The fact that the dancer was moving around a lot, meaning I could not keep her in the light. I will suggest a solution for this problem later.

  9. Act 6 - Choir This act started off quietly, but built up quite a lot then dropped back down at the end. I started with blue and green lights, as there were only a few people singing. When the whole choir started singing I turned the red lights on to full and put the main lasers on.

  10. Act 7 – Bollywood Dancers I used lots of red lights in this act, as the music was fast paced and quite loud as well. At one point the music went quiet, so I switched the main colour to blue. I used the main lasers for the majority of the act, yet turned them off when I switched the main colour to blue.

  11. Act 8 - Skyscraper This act involved one singer in the centre of the stage, who was singing a slow and quite song. This meant I used green as the main colour, but turned up the red lights a little bit during the chorus. I did not use the lasers in this act.

  12. Act 9 to 12 - Chicago During these acts, I had to get ready to do my act, so Holly took over while I was away.

  13. Act 12 – GSCE Dance This act started off very quietly with different things happening all over the stage. This meant I had to light up different places at different times. The intensity of this act built up over time, and I used the main lasers when the act got loud and fast.

  14. Act 13 – Chasing Cars This act involved a singer, and guitarist who were in the centre of the stage. The song was quiet and atmospheric, so I used green as the main colour and turned up the red lights during the chorus’ of the song.

  15. Act 14 – The Pointe of Harmony This act involved two singers at one end of the stage, one dancer in the centre of the stage and dancer at the other end of the stage. Only the centre dancer was dancing at the start, so I focused the lights on her. When the other dancer started, I turned all the lights up, keeping blue as the main colour.

  16. Act 15 – Tabla Drumming This act stayed at the same volume throughout (quite loud) and the performers stayed in the same place. I used green as the main colour but turned the red up slightly around the edges of the stage.

  17. Act 16 – Cheeky Jelly Tots In this act there were six singers that were lined up across the stage. This meant that I had to use all of the lights as that was the only way that I could light up the whole stage and make the singers visible. I used the lasers during the chorus as it was an up-beat song.

  18. Act 17: Fifth Symphony This act started off towards the back of the stage and the song began quietly. At that point I used the green and the blue lights. As the song progressed t became more lively so I turned both of the lasers.

  19. Act 18: Monster This act started off as it continued. The song was loud at the start and got a bit louder as the act progressed. The act began with a singer at the left of the stage. I used the left blue and green lights at the beginning and as the rest of the band began to play I put the other green and blue lights on with the red lights on very low just to light up the centre of the stage.

  20. Act 20: Fusion This act was only about a minute long and began at a high volume and stayed at that volume all the way through. The dancers all started in the middle of the stage and split off towards the edges of the stage towards the end of the act. At the start of the act I had the red lights on max and the central lasers on. When the dancers split off I lowered the level of the red lights and boosted the blue and green lights all the way up.

  21. Act 21: Dani Whelan This act was very quiet and calm, with one singer in the middle of the stage. Because of this I lit up the edges of the stage slightly with the blue and green lights, while making the audience focus on the singer with the red lights on about 80%.

  22. Act 22: Staff Dance This was another short act that was very loud and up beat. I had the lasers on when the song kicked in, and was panning the blue and green lights from left to right on the stage whilst keeping the red lights on full to keep a constant light on the dancers.

  23. Act 23: Whole Cast This act began with four quiet singers at the front centre of the stage. For this I used mainly the blue lights but also had the red lights turned on a very small amount. As the rest of the cast came on to the stage I turned the green lights on and boosted the levels of the blue and red lights. At the end of the act I had turned the lasers on and had lowered the levels of the blue lights but boosted those of the green.