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英语写作 胡朝慧制作 PowerPoint Presentation
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英语写作 胡朝慧制作

英语写作 胡朝慧制作

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英语写作 胡朝慧制作

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  1. 英语写作胡朝慧制作 高职高专商务英语系列教材

  2. 1 13 15 14 12 11 10 9 5 2 3 7 6 8 4 索引 English Writing 英语写作

  3. Teaching Aims Chapter 1 高职高专商务英语系列教材 *Skill-training Objectives. The students are expected to get to familiar with the Basic English Writing Skills. *Knowledge objectives The Basic skills of English Writing . * Important & Difficult Points 1. words and phrases. 2. sentence structures. 3. paragraphs writing. 4. know figures of speech. *Approach Interactive teaching, discussion, questions and answers. 英语写作

  4. Chapter 1 Step 3 Introduction Step 1 Step 2 Presentation Discussion Step 4 Exercises

  5. Chapter 1 Step 1 Introduction Basic English Writing Skills In English writing, It is one of the basic skills of mastering the idiom usage of words and phrases. No matter in written or oral English, words and phrases are the general elements in expression. Meanwhile, well-written sentences can make your writing more clear and attractive . A good sentence to be equal to construct a good paragraph . A good paragraph needs a good sentence. Therefore ,it is advisable to use appropriate sentence structures to express your ideas more briefly and efficiently. To be a good writer, it is necessary to grasp the basic skills of writing. 英语写作

  6. Chapter 1 高职高专商务英语系列教材 英语写作 Step 2 Presentation How to use Synonyms 1. To use synonyms to add flavor to your writing. Your writing will be boring if you use the same word over and over. 2. Exchange the common nouns for a synonyms if you want to be more specific. 3. Check the meaning of the synonyms you use in a dictionary so you don’t use the wrong word by accident. 4. Use a thesaurus to pick synonyms to enhance your writing.

  7. Chapter 1 高职高专商务英语系列教材 英语写作 Make Good Sentences 1. Try to make short sentences. 2. Correct in sentence structure. 3. Correct in grammar. 4. Use the active voice rather than passive voice.

  8. Chapter 1 高职高专商务英语系列教材 英语写作 Make Good Paragraphs 1. Unity: state the main ideaof the paragraphin clearly constructed topic sentence.Make sure each sentenceis related to the central thought . 2. Coherence: Arrange ideas in a clear, logical order. Provide appropriate transitions to the subsequent paragraph. 3. Adequate development :develop your paragraph with specific details and examples.

  9. Chapter 1 高职高专商务英语系列教材 Figures of speech 英语写作 Definition Figures of speech are special terms in language. They add color and interest to our speech and writing. Common figures of speech include the following: Metaphor; Metonymy ; Personification; Paradox ; Simile; Hyperbole ; Parallelism . This shows the same statement, without and then with figures of speech: plain language He ran quickly down the street. with a simile He ran like a hare down the street. with a metaphor He hared down the street.

  10. Chapter 1 高职高专商务英语系列教材 Step 3 Discussion Topics • How are the paragraphs developed in various ways? • What is the difference between simile and metaphor? • How to expand a sentence? 英语写作

  11. Step 4 Exercise I. Choose suitable words given to complete the following sentences. 1. free, freely, freedom a. He wants to live a life __from troubles. b. They fought for national ____ . c. You can speak _____ in front of me. 2. science , scientist , scientific a. Most of the Nobel Prize winners are _____. b. His name is known to many in the ______ circles. c. We are living in a world of modern _______. 3. relate, relative, relation a. My uncle is one of my nearest_____. b. there is no ____ between those two events. c. Does what you say _____ to what you have done? Chapter 1 英语写作

  12. 4. assure, ensure, insure. a. We tried to ____ the nervous old lady that flying was safe. b .Insurance companies will_____ ships and their cargoes against loss at sea. c. I cannot ____ his being there in time. 5. accept, acceptable, acceptance a. Is this program _____ to you ? b. The _____ of the proposal is under discussion. c. He asked her to marry him and she ______ him. . Keys: 1. a .freely b . freedom c. freely 2. a. scientists. b. scientific c. science 3. a .relative b. relation c. relate 4. a. assure b. insure c. ensure 5. a. acceptable, b. acceptance, c. accepted Chapter 1 高职高专商务英语系列教材 英语写作

  13. Chapter 1 II. Correct the following sentences by replace the jargon expressions with your own words and phrases. 1 .Tom did not have enough expertise to fill the new position of management. 2 .I need his financial input before I can guesstimate our expenditures next fall. 3. If you don’t breath, then you ’ll die. 4. The students’ conscious kept him cheating in the exam. 5. She lead the campers on an over- night hike. keys: 1.skills,, 3.breathe, 4.conscience, 5.led III.Replace the underlined general words and phrases with specific ones. 1. My father can repair almost anything. 2. In the supermarket , a lot of things are sold. 3. We live in a nice village 4. His relatives gave him some gifts. 5. The girl is crying Keys:( 1) bicycles, radios, TV sets (2) Various fruits ,food and clothes, (3 ) in a small, beautiful village, (4) His uncle gave him a watch on his birthday. (5) The girl is crying for failure of the game VI. (Omitted) 英语写作

  14. Chapter 1 V. Write SV, SLVC, SVO, SVIODO, SVOC after each of the following sentences. 1.She has been looking for her lost book 2.We smelled the material burning. 3.You must get everything ready before seven. 4.He bought his son an expensive car. 5.A bird in hand is worth two in bush Keys:1. S-V-O 2. SLVC 3 .SVOC 4. SVIODO 5. SV VI. Decide whether each of the following sentences is a simple, compound or complex sentence. 1.She was aged six when she first went to school. 2.Where there is life there is hope. 3.You weren’t at the meeting yesterday to hear what other people thought about this problem. 4.You can either write to me or call me in my office 5.We must hurry, or we ’ll be late for school. Keys:1. complex ,2 .simple, 3.complex, 4.compound , 5.compound 英语写作

  15. Chapter 1 VII. Choose the best one to complete the sentence. 1.Go to see the doctor , _____your cold may get worse. A. but B. while C. either D. or 2. The girl ____ serves in the hotel is the owner’s daughter. A. which B. who C. what D. how 3.I clean the room _______ you were getting the dinner. A. because B. if C. while D. and 4. He tried hard, _______ he was unsuccessful. A. therefore B. but C. or D. unless 5. We won’t change our minds __ happens. A. which B. it C. however D. whatever. 6. John seized Daniel by both his hand ___ he appeared in the street. A. as long as B. each time C. the moment D. not until 7. Most plants need air ____ they need water. A .just as B. as long as C. as though D. even if 8. It was necessary to extend the factory building _____ the company was doing more and more business. A until B. lest C. although D. as 9. _____ we have no money, we can’t buy a freezer. A until B. lest C. although D. as 10. ____difficult it may be, we can finish it in time. A. Whatever B. No matter who C. No matter how D. No matter what keys:1. D 2. B. 3. C 4. B 5. D 6. C 7. A 8.D 9.B 10.C 英语写作

  16. Chapter 1 VIII. Choose the correct verbs to complete the sentences. 1 . Either of those movies (is, are ) worth seeing 2 . None of the students ( was, were ) could answer the question 3 . Visiting an airport to watching incoming planes (is, are ) a pleasure to many people. 4. The boxes of cake ( was , were) given to Patricia on her birthday. 5. One of the restaurant guests ( needs , need ) a telephone directory and a cup of coffee. 6.Five gallons of gasoline (is,are ) all I can afford. 7. A pen and a ball-pen ( is ,are ) lying on the desk. 8. The music ( was, were ) everything I had expected. 9. The bike with yellow fenders and two new tires (is , are ) mine. 10. The number of automobile accidents (has, have ) increasing quickly in the past ten years. 11.The horse as well as its rider (is , are ) hungry and thirsty. 12. Physics ( is ,are ) an interesting subject. Keys: (1 ) is (2 ) was (3 ) is ( 4) were (5) needs (6) is (7) is (8) was (9) is (10) has (11) is (12) is IX. Choose the correct pronoun to rewrite the following sentences. 1.If a person wants to go to college, ( he, they ) should concentrate on getting a high scholastic average. 2. All the students mailed ( his , their ) letters home. 3. If anyone calls me, tell ( him, them ) to wait until I return from meeting. 4. My brother, along with ( his, their ) roommate is going to the movies. 5. Ruth and Mary decide to share ( her,their ) apple. Keys: (1) he (2.) their (3) him (4)his (5)their 英语写作

  17. Chapter 1 高职高专商务英语系列教材 X. Rewrite the following sentences by emphasizing the underlined words or phrases. • 1. John saw your brother in the playground • 2. I did not go home until six yesterday. • 3. The trees in the campus were best of all. • 4. The taxi-driver caught the thief last night. • His father could hardly read and write. • Keys: • 1. It was John that who saw your brother in the playground • 2. Best of all were the trees in the campus • 3. Not until six did I go home yesterday • 4. It was the thief whom that the driver caught last night. • 5. Hardly could his father read and write 英语写作

  18. Chapter 1 高职高专商务英语系列教材 XI. Fill in the blanks with proper words to emphasize the sentences. 1. Lei Fong is ___model of Chinese youth. 2. Who---can stay in the dark cave for 24 hours alone? 3. She ____ is to blame for the absent of concert . 4. This essay is _____ more difficult than that one 5. I ______said so. Keys: (1) himself (2) himself (3) herself (4) itself (5) do 英语写作

  19. Chapter 1 高职高专商务英语系列教材 XII. Add subordinate clauses or phrases to expand these main clause ,add the kinds of clauses or phrases named in parentheses. 1. None of us know the news ( Appositive clause ) 2. The TV is the latest model ( Attributive clause ) 3. The man is tall (Attributive clause) 4. He was reading a novel ( Adverbial clause) 5. The girl is laughing ( Participial phrase ) Keys: 1. None of us know the news that he will be the president of the company next month 2. The TV is the latest model which it sold well in Europe 3. The man who is sitting near the window is tall 4. 4) He was reading a novel when his wife came from work. 5. laughing happily , the girl came into the room with her little dog 英语写作

  20. Chapter 1 XIII. Combine each of the following pair’s sentences into complex sentences 1. Nuclear plants are clean and economical way of producing vast amounts of much –need energy. Local residents are willing to set up with them (if) 2.The audience were protesting The concert was canceled. ( because) 3. He came across the street met with his old friend (when) 4.She is going to spend her summer holidays in London She has some relatives ( where ) 5. He is the man You’ve been looking for.( whom ) Keys: 1. Nuclear plants are clean and economical way of producing vast amounts of much –need energyif local residents are willing to set up with them 2. The concert was canceled because the audience were protesting 3. When he came across the street he met with his old friend John 4. She is going to spend her summer holidays in London where she has some relatives live in 5. He is the man whom you’ve been looking for. 英语写作

  21. Chapter 1 XVI. Expand the following sentences ( Omitted ) xv. Choose topic sentences for the following sentences: 1..Some of the students like to study alone, but others enjoy studying in groups. Which do you prefer? a. There are several advantages and disadvantages of studying alone. b There are two major ways to study. c. Studying with others is a good idea for three reasons 2.I think Internet is very helpful to everyone. a. Some people don’t like watching games on Internet b. We can search information by various ways c. He likes go shopping on Internet. 3. The increasing number of cars is a serious problem. a. The number of accidents last year increased 15 percent over the year before. b One cause is the great increase in the number of cars on the road. c. There would be fewer accidents if drivers were more careful. d. Ownership of a car involves a lot of expense. 英语写作

  22. Chapter 1 4.I enjoy traveling abroad a. There are so many traffic jams on my way home b. Foods are delicious in that hotel c. I can see many beautiful scenery spots during my trip d. Services are slow in that shop. 5. He likes reading a. He always search for information on advertisements b. His favorite book is “ My grandfather’s gift ”. c. He wrote many articles for the college magazine d. He seldom reads stories on line Keys: (1).a (2.) c (3) a (4) c (5) b XVI. Write the topic sentence of each the paragraph and try to write the conclusion paragraph of the passage. But what does a successful language learner do? Language learner research shows that successful language learners are similar in many ways. ___________________________________ They do not depend on the book or the teacher’ they discover their own way to learn the language. Instead of waiting for the teacher to explain. they try to find the patterns and rules for themselves. They are good guessers who look for clues and form their own conclusions. ______________________________________. Therefore, successful language learners do not wait for a chance to use the language; they look for a chance. They find people who speak the language and they ask these people to correct them when they make a mistake. 英语写作

  23. Chapter 1 They want to learn the language because they are interested in the language and the people who speak it. It is necessary for them to learn the language in order to communicate with these people and to learn from them. What kind of language learner are you ? If you are a successful language learner _____________________________________________________________________________ Keys: First, successful language learners are independent learners Secondly, successful language learning is active learning Finally, successful language learners are learners with a purpose. What kind of language learner are you ? If you are a successful language learner , you have probably been learning independently , actively, and purposefully. On the other hand, if your language learning has been less than successful, you might do well to try some of the techniques outlined above. XVII.Rearrange the following paragraph , changing the order of sentences to make it coherent We left quite early before there was too much traffic .So we parked our bicycles under the trees. After having a two hours swim we had a wonderful lunch in the cool shade under the trees. We got home late and terrible exhausted. Then we went for a walk. We bought some cakes with us for lunch. We saw some beautiful birds and butterflies in the fields . Keys: Last weekend we went to the countryside to have a picnic . we bought some cakes with us for lunch. We left quite early before there was too much traffic. After about two-hours we came to a nice place. It was near a river, with some big trees beside it. So we parked our bicycles under the trees and went for a swim .After having a two hours swim we had a wonderful lunch in the cool shade under the trees. Then we went for a walk. We saw some beautiful birds and butterflies. After walking for about two hour we return home. 英语写作

  24. Chapter 1 Exercise 5 XVIII, XIX ( Omitted ) XX. Point out and name all the figure of speech in the following sentences: 1.Time like a fashionable host, that slightly shakes his passing guest by the hand . 2. She has more goodness in her little finger than he has in his whole body. 3. I told you a thousand times . 4. Men fear death, as children fear to go in the dark. 5. All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. 6. The waves are mountain high . 7. The young actor was tall, dark , and handsome . 8. This is a government of the people, by the people, for the people . 9. The wind whistled through the trees. 10. A duty dodged is like a debt unpaid . Keys: (1) personification (2).hyperbole (3)hyperbole (4).similar (5) metaphor (6) hyperbole (7) Parallelism (8) Parallel (9) personification (10) similar 英语写作

  25. Chapter 1 XXI. Translation the following sentences into Chinese: 1. Just a Darwin discovered the law of development of organic nature, so Max discovered the law of development of human history. 2. She spends money like water. 3. He cannot forgive others break the bridge over which he must pass himself for every man need to be forgiven. 4. A drop of ink may make a million think. 5. Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass. keys: 1. 正如达尔文发现有机界的发展规律一样,马克思发现了人类历史的发展规律。 2. 她花钱如水。(挥金如土) 3.不能原谅别人的人,等于毁了他自己必须经过的桥,因为每个人都有需要别人原谅的时候。 4. 一滴墨水写成的文字可让千万人思索。 5. 生活没有目标就如航行没有指南针。 英语写作

  26. Teaching Aims Chapter 2 高职高专商务英语系列教材 *Skill-training Objectives. The students are expected to get familiar with the skills of letters of introduction writing and be able to write letters of introduction independently. *Knowledge objectives The skills of letters of introduction . * Important & Difficult Points 1.The format of letters of introduction writing. 2.The skills of Letters of introduction writing. *Approach Interactive teaching, discussion, questions and answers. 英语写作

  27. Chapter 2 Step 3 Introduction Step 1 Step 2 Presentation Discussion Step 4 Exercises

  28. Chapter 2 Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Step 1Introduction Letters of introduction A Letter of introduction is a kind of applied letter used to contact somebody, containing the functions of introduction and certification. The aim is to make the person introduced known by the recipient, thus to solve some practical problems of the person introduced. A letter of introduction is used to write to a connection to refer a candidate for employment or to request career assistance. In many cases, the letter can be sent via email, because that’s the quickest and easiest way to connect. . 英语写作

  29. Chapter 2 Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Step 2 Presentation Format ofLetters of introduction 高职高专商务英语系列教材 Date. Mr./ Ms /Dr Recipient Street Address , including Unit or Suite Number Town ,State Zip Code Dear /Ms /Dr Recipient Re: Name of person being introduced I ’m willing to introduce you …………….. In this part of letter ,you give more information about the person’s duties. Sincerely, Your Name Your Title Heading Salutation Body of letter Complimentary close . Signature 英语写作

  30. Chapter 2 Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, 高职高专商务英语系列教材 Steps onPersonal ofLetters of introduction ● Use a familiar contact. If you have an 'in' within that workplace, don't hesitate to use him. Make sure to add the name and department where the person works. ● Let the reader know that you have some experience. Include any highlights that you want to mention or what you have learned. ● Include your education. You worked for that education. Make sure your potential employer knows about it. ● Mention why you want to work for that particular place. ●State your intent. Let the reader know what you have to offer and what you plan on doing in that environment. ●Conclude with a creative and respectful goodbye. This is just another way to stand out and show your personality. ●Keep the letter conversational. Let the reader know that you are more than just a letter. Always have a certain level of professionalism, but show you are a unique individual ● Give your address, telephone number. . 英语写作

  31. Chapter 2 高职高专商务英语系列教材 Tips on Business ofLetters of introduction ● Your letter should be well thought out as this will be your vehicle for making a powerful, and hopefully positive, first impression. ● A good letter of introduction needs to be brief, friendly and personalized to the specific person you wish to contact. ● In most cases the sender wishes to create some sort of partnership with the recipient. Therefore, you are well advised to be highly respectful of the recipient's possible time restraints. ● Make it easy for the recipient to say yes to your offer. Make it easy for the recipient to see the mutual advantage of meeting with you to discuss your proposal in greater detail. 英语写作

  32. Chapter 2 高职高专商务英语系列教材 Step 3 Discussion Topics • What is the purpose of writing a letter ofintroduction? • How many types of a letter of introduction? • What should be cared about when you write a letter of introduction? 英语写作

  33. Chapter 2 Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Step 4 Exercise II. Translate the following letters into Chinese. (1) Dear Mr/Ms, March 30, 2009 This is to introduce Mr. Frank Jones, our new marketing specialist who will be in London from April 5 to mid April on business. We shall appreciate any help you can give Mr. Jones and will always be happy to reciprocate Yours faithfully, . 英语写作

  34. Chapter 2 Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Keys: (1) 尊敬的先生/女士, 我们将非常感谢您向琼斯先生提供的任何帮助,并非常愿意回报您的帮助,现向您推荐我们 的市场专家弗兰克•琼斯先生。他将因公务在四月五日到四月中旬期间在伦敦停留。您诚挚的 陈勇。 . 英语写作

  35. (2) Chapter 2 Yours faithfully,22 Yours faithfully, Chen Yong (2) Dear Mr. Black, We are pleased to introduce Mr. John Smith, our import manager of Textiles Department. Mr. Smith is spending three weeks in your city to develop our business with chief manufactures and to make purchases of decorative fabrics for the coming season. We shall be most grateful if you will introduce him to reliable manufacturers and give him any help or advice he may need. Yours faithfully, Zhou Jie . Keys:(2) 尊敬的布莱克先生, 我们非常高兴向您介绍我们纺织部的进口经理约翰 史密斯先生。史密斯先生将在你市度过三周,他要与主要的生产厂家拓展商务并为下一季度采购装饰织品。如能介绍他给可靠的生产厂家,向他提供所需的任何帮助或建议,我们将不胜感谢。您诚挚的 周杰。 III. Put (∨)before the sentences that can be used in the letter of introduction. ( ) 1. One of my former colleagues, Liu Fan, is going to your city shortly to open a liaison office there for his company. ( ) 2. I was delighted to hear that you won the Schubert Piano Concert Competition this year. ( ) 3. Thank you for whatever you may be able to do for Ms. Caswell. 英语写作

  36. Chapter 2 Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, Chen Yong Yours faithfully, ( ) 4. I would like to introduce Frank Clark to you. ( ) 5. Please join us for a farewell party in honor of Kurt Roderick, who is leaving the company to pursue other business interests. ( ) 6. I am very pleased to be writing this letter to bring you two together. ( ) 7. We are unable to deliver the samples by the date promised. ( ) 8. I have given him your business address and told him he could call on you for assistance in case of need. ( ) 9. Our friends, Ellen and Thomas Gibbon, are moving to Jefferson later this month, and I immediately thought of you. ( ) 10. Any assistance you may give concerning her life will be esteemed as a great favor for me. Keys: ( ∨ ) 1( × ) 2( ∨ ) 3( ∨ ) 4( × ) 5. ( ∨ ) 6. ( × ) 7. ( ∨ ) 8( ∨ ) 9. ( ∨ ) 10. . 英语写作

  37. Chapter 2 Yours faithfully, Chen Yong VI. Write letters of introduction according to the following situations: (1) Mr. Thomson给Mr. Richard 写信介绍他的学生Steven. Steven想毕业后进入Mr. Richard的学院继续深造. Thomson希望Mr. Richard就有关部门入学考试事宜给予Steven指点. (2) 我公司新任出口部经理杨培林打算拜访本公司旧金山的客户。他将向客户介绍公司的新产品,并乐于提供客户所需的任何技术资料。请就此写一封正式介绍信。 (3) Your good friend Wang Hai will stop in Hong Kong on his way to East Asia. Wang Hai is a district manager of Textile Exported Company. John is your previous colleague, he is in Hong Kong and does the same type of work that Wang Hai is doing. Please write a letter for Wang Hai to introduce him to John • Keys: • Dear Mr. Richard, • Allow me to introduce to you Mr. Steven who is my student and is going to enter your university after graduation here. Will you please give him some necessary guidance in regard to the entrance examination? Any favor you may show him will be sincerely valued by. • Sincerely Yours, • Thomson • (2)Dear Sirs, • This will introduce to you Mr. Yang Peilin, our new Export Manager, who is visiting our customers in San Francisco. He will tell you about our latest product and will be glad to help you with any technical information you may require. • Yours faithfully, 英语写作

  38. Chapter 2 (3)Dear John, My good friend, Wang Hai, will present this note to you when he stops in Hong Kong on his way to the East Asia. Wang Hai is district manager of Textile Exported Company, and in fact, does the same type of work that you are doing for your company. I feel sure each of you will enjoy knowing the other. Needless to say, I shall appreciate any courtesy you may extend to him during his brief stop in Hong Kong. Sincerely Yours, V. The numbered parts are the places where the writer made errors. Write the correct words. Dear Homeowner, Let me take this opportunity introduce① you to Irmiter Contractors and Builders. Founded in 1921 by my great-grandfather, our sixty-eight year② of experience have firm③ established us in the home renovation, restoration, and remodeling industry. We base our professionalism in④ the principles of old world craftsmanship and customer service. We are members of the National Association of the Remodeling 英语写作

  39. Chapter 2 Industry (NARI) and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). Our six decades and four generations of experience in the building trades assure you, the homeowner, of the best return for your home improvement dollar. We are dedicated to create⑤ the perfect living space for you and your family. Irmiter contractors⑥ does this by combining state-of-the-art products and up-to-date management techniques with time-honor⑦ traditions of quality workmanship and attention to your needs. We offer complete design and drafting services for any type of project. We invite you to compare, talk ⑧ to our customers, and to visit our jobs in progress! You’ll see what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and how ⑨ we can do for you! Please send the enclosed card or give us a call today, let’s⑩ get started on our most important project this year—YOUR HOME! Sincerely yours, Tom Irmiter President Keys: 1. to introduce2. years; 3.firmly; 4. on; 5. creating 6. contractors 7. time-honored; 8. to talk; 9. what; 10. and let’s 英语写作

  40. Teaching Aims Chapter 3 高职高专商务英语系列教材 *Skill-training Objectives The students are expected to get familiar with the skills of Thank you letters writing and be able to write Thank you Letters independently. *Knowledge objectives The skills of Thank you Letters. * Important & Difficult Points 1.The format of Letters of Thank youwriting. 2.The skills of Letters of Thank you writing. *Approach Interactive teaching, discussion, questions and answers. 英语写作

  41. Chapter 3 Step 3 Introduction Step 1 Step 2 Presentation Discussion Step 4 Exercises

  42. Chapter 3 高职高专商务英语系列教材 Step 1Introduction Thank you letters A thank you letter or letter of thanks is a letter that is used when one party wishes to express appreciation to another party. There are two main types of thank you letters: business thank-you letters and personal thank-you letters. 英语写作

  43. Chapter 3 Step 2 Presentation Tips of Thank you letters Writing ● Write the thank-you letter as soon as possible. ● Handwrite personal letters. ● Address your letter to a specific person. ● Write clearly and concisely. ● Stick to the point. Be sincere. ● Be specific and include details from the event. ● Proofread the letter before sending it. ● Should begin with the statement of thanks. ● Express the specific things that are appreciated so as to convey a sincere feeling of gratitude. ● To be ended with a positive and genuine statement. 英语写作

  44. Chapter 3 高职高专商务英语系列教材 Step 3 Discussion Topics • How many types are there in the letter of thank-you letters? • How to write a suitable letter of thank-you Letter? • What are the basic tips in writing letter of thank-you letters? 英语写作

  45. Chapter 3 Step 4 Exercise II. A Thank-you Letter for Suggestion suggestion helpful feeling responsibility appreciation keep thanks personnel Dear Mr. Harrison, Many 1) ____________ for submitting your splendid 2) __________that we should hold a meeting every week so that all the staff are able to freely take part in the discussion about the management of our firm. We have carefully looked into the suggestion. This will be 3) ___________ in smoothing the procedures of communication and giving employees a 4) ____________ of belonging and 5) _____________. In this way, we can solve many problems quickly. Please 6) _________ on giving such good suggestions. Having such help, we have made great strides in the past ten years. We’ll place a copy of this letter in your 7) _____________ file as a formal record of our 8) ____________. And your year-end bonus will grow by $1,000 for the suggestion. Best regards,   Bill General Manager Keys: 1. thanks 2. helpful 3. suggestion 4. feeling 5. responsibility 6. keep 7. personnel 8. appreciation 英语写作

  46. Chapter 3 III. Translate the Following Letters into Chinese or English. Dear Ms. Robert, (1) I appreciate you taking the time to speak to me about the internship position available at Jones Corporation. I am excited about the opportunity to intern with such a well-regarded organization. The internship, as you presented it, seems to be an excellent match for my skills and interests. I am confident that my coursework in accounting will enable me to be a productive member of team. In addition to my enthusiasm, I will bring to the position a willingness to learn, both about the company and the accounting field. I appreciate the time you took to interview me. I am very interested in working for you and look forward to hearing from you. If I can provide you with additional information, please let me know. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Julia White Keys: (1) 亲爱的罗伯特夫人, 非常感谢您不惜宝贵的时间和我谈论琼斯公司的实习岗位事情。我很兴奋能有机会在这样一个有口皆碑的公司实习。我觉得您所描述的这个实习岗位,适合我的特长和兴趣。因此,我相信我的所学的会计课程能使我成为团队中有用的一员。除了满腔热诚之外,我还满怀学习的愿望,希望在工作中进一步了解公司并学到更多会计领域的知识。很感谢您给了我面试的机会。我很希望为贵公司工作,也盼望收到回复。如果还需要我提供更多的个人信息,请及时通知我。 英语写作

  47. Chapter 3 (2) 亲爱的王先生,王太太 这只是一张感谢便条,感谢那个非常愉快的星期一晚上.你们真是太好了邀请并欢迎我去府上做客.回国后,我一定要告诉我的家人在中国我所享受到的美味佳肴和热情款待. 感谢中国的这些朋友.我希望你们拜访我国,使我答谢你们的盛情。致以美好祝愿.你们真诚的杰克·伯尼 Keys: (2) Dear Mr., Mrs. Wang, This is just a note to thank you very much for a most enjoyable evening on Monday. It was very kind of you to invite me to your home and to make me so welcome. When returning me I shall tell my family of the wonderful cooking and hospitality I enjoyed in China. Thanks to my Chinese friends. I hope that if ever you come to my country you will visit us so that I might repay your kindness. Yours sincerely, Best wishes, Jack Bone 英语写作

  48. Chapter 3 3---2---5—1---4 VI. Put the following sentences into the right order and make it a complete letter. ( I ) In addition to my enthusiasm, I will bring to the position strong writing skills, assertiveness and the ability to encourage others to work cooperatively with the department. My artistic background will help me to work with artists on staff and provide me with an understanding of the visual aspects of our work. (2) The job, as you presented it, seems to be a very good match for my skills and interests. The creative approach to account management that you described confirmed my desire to work with you. (3)It was very enjoyable to speak with you about the assistant account executive position at the Smith Agency. (4) I appreciate the time you took to interview me. I am very interested in working for you and look forward to hearing from you about this position. (5) I understand your need for administrative support. My detail orientation and organizational skills will help to free you to deal with larger issues. I neglected to mention during my interview that I had worked for two summers as a temporary office worker. This experience helped me to develop my secretarial and clerical skills. Keys: 3---2---5—1---4 V. Situational Writing (1) Your company has received a firm order (确定订货) from B&G Company for the first time. You are the sales manager, so you write a letter to the general manager of B&G Company to acknowledge your appreciation and your expectation for further business cooperation. (2) You visited Chinese Bank of Agriculture last Thursday. And you have been welcomed and received hospitality from them. As soon as you came back, you write a thank you letter to the manager Mr. Blackwood and confirm what you have discussed some major points with the manager and express your interest in their business activities. 英语写作

  49. Chapter 3 (3)You have got an interview of an internship in a small business in your hometown. You write a letter of appreciation to the personnel manager for the opportunity he gave you and also express your interest in that position as an interpreter though it is not a big company it may offer you more opportunity and experience and you can work not only for the company but also for your hometown. Keys: 1) Dear Mr. Smith, We have confirmed by fax accepting your firm order of 18th June. And as this is your first order with us, we must write to tell you how glad we were to receive it and thank you for the opportunity you have given us to supply the goods you need. We hope our handling of this order will lead to further business between us and to a happy and lasting association. We shall certainly do our best to make it so. Yours sincerely, Rose White Sales Manager 英语写作

  50. Chapter 3 2) Dear Mr. Blackwood, Our visit to Chinese Bank of Agriculture is drawing to a close and we are leaving for Paris shortly. On the eve of our departure, I am pleased to get the opportunity to send you and your associates a message of deep thanks for the cordial reception and hospitality extended to us during our stay here. We all believe that this visit is very fruitful and we are confident that this visit will be helpful to the further strengthening of our business cooperation. We do hope that you will give us, on an early occasion, an opportunity to reciprocate your hospitality by visiting us in Paris as our guest. My associates and I would be delighted to entertain you in the near future. Both sides could examine further how we will work together more closely in order to expand business between us. Meanwhile, we wish you good health and every success in your work. Sincerely yours, John Robinson 英语写作