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Clearing the fog… PowerPoint Presentation
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Clearing the fog…

Clearing the fog…

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Clearing the fog…

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  1. Clearing the fog… Then what is a Network Camera?

  2. All-in-one Camera Web Server

  3. Integrated solution A camera and a computer (webserver) integrated Camera Computer

  4. The Camera The camera: Drives the sensor Adjusts for lighting Delivers images to the computer Camera

  5. The Camera The computer (or really the Web server): Utilizes ASIC to compress & enhance video Responds to requests for images Delivers images Provides a platform for management Can be set to take actions(e-mail, ftp, notifications) Can be dialed-in to (some models) Can be customized (scripting) Can serve a video-surveillance application and more…. Computer

  6. Axis definition of a network solution

  7. Analog CCTV System from late 90’s

  8. Technology shifts “The approach of the digital age is unstoppable and soon all media will be in digital form”

  9. Is a DVR based solution digital?

  10. No - DVR’s are just a step…. IP Surveillance and DVR solutions share some benefits

  11. … the complete digital solution “Pure” IP Surveillance offers significant advantages over DVRs

  12. Example Analog Analog Digital TCP/IP Digital

  13. “Pure Digital” Advantages • Unlimited flexibility • Unlimited scalability • Open standards • Easy replacement or expansion • Remote access to video from any location • Advanced digital image management

  14. Disadvantages of analog CCTV • Analog technology with very limited future development • Limited remote monitoring • Dedicated expensive cabling • ”Single user” only • Closed system, closed architecture

  15. So how do we make it happen? • Transfer legacy installations in steps... • New installations fully digital...

  16. Extend your Analog CCTV Systems

  17. Enhance Your system

  18. Digital Systems directly

  19. Looking forward Controlroom Remote accessibility

  20. Distributed system

  21. Large system - State of Minnesota

  22. Market Trends • Sharing of IT networks for Security Video • Merger of Security and IT functions in companies • Security system integrator video sales up 44 % in 2002 JP Freeman 2003 Report

  23. Markets in transition IT market Security market Security Market IT Market

  24. Connection examples

  25. Case : Simple home monitoring 1 camera , 1 PC Monitoring of for example entrance door Axis 205 PC It’s easy to expand; just add cameras to extend coverage

  26. Case : Monitoring of remote house Monitoring of a house at a remote location (for example vacation home) Motion detector Modem Modem PC Axis 2100 The Axis 2100 can trigger on the motion detector and start sending images

  27. Case : Monitoring of remote house (2) Monitoring of a house at a remote location (for example vacation home) Motion detector PC Modem Modem Internet Service Provider FTP Server In this case a FTP server is used as a intermediate server, mail can also be used

  28. Case : Online monitoring of remote house Monitoring of a remote house utilizing broadband connection xDSL Router With fixed IPor Dynamic DNS Internet PC Axis 205’s All cameras can be accessed at all times from a remote PC

  29. Slightly more detailed examples…

  30. Case :Shop 4 cameras , local recording, remote view PC in the shop Running surveillance SW Remote PC ADSL Router Remote PC Network cameras

  31. Case: House 2 indoor cameras and 2 outdoor cameras. Alarm sensors, only view and alarms AXIS 2120´sMounted in outdoor casing connected through wireless bridge and external antenna Wireless ADSLRouter Remote PC Remote PC Motion detectors

  32. Case: Office 6 indoor cameras, programed recording. Director recording and operator view. In a local area network Director PC running Axis Camera Recorder Axis 205 Operator PC running Axis Camera Explorer

  33. Case: Industrial 4 outdoor cameras with night view, 4 indoor PTZ cameras, 4 fixed indoor cameras. Programmed Recording, View for the Security Guard. Director PC running Axis Camera Recorder Operator PC running Axis Camera Explorer

  34. Case: Retail Shops 1 fixed camera and 1 PTZ Camera, for each shop. Only view. Router Remote PC running Axis Camera Explorer Axis 205 Axis 2130

  35. Case: Day care center 3 indoor cameras and 1 outdoor camera (external play zone). No recording. Access via web. Axis 205 Router PC with Internet Explorer Axis 2110 & 290A Web Server

  36. Case: Construction 2 outdoor fixed cameras. View and Remote Recording (low amount of fps) Router Operator PC running Axis Camera Recorder AXIS 2120 & 290A Bundle

  37. Case: Sports Installation (golf, seaport, skiing,) 3 outdoor fix cameras Router PC with Internet Explorer AXIS 2120 & 290A Bundle

  38. Setting a IP-Address

  39. The AXIS IP Utility • The most user-friendly method. • Windows application • Type in last 6 characters of serial (labeled on product) • Type in IP Adress • Power cycle product • Click on [Set IP] • Access camera and do detailed settings • What is it? • A windows “shell” for ARP & PING (to be discussed) • Provides the same functionality in a more user friendly way

  40. ARP and Ping The manual method

  41. Topics • ARP protocol • Ping utility • Setting an IP address using ARP and ping

  42. ARP • Address Resolution Protocol • Associates MAC (hardware) address with IP

  43. Ping • Will test basic TCP/IP connectivity • Sends a packet & waits for responce

  44. More Info • ARP/Ping must be done on the same network segment • Axis product must be rebooted during the ping • The IP you try to assign must be compatible with yours (i.e. in the same range) Note: This also applies to the Axis IP-Utility as the utility is a graphical interface to Arp & ping

  45. Assigning an IP Syntax for the ARP command: arp –s <ip address> <mac address> (sets a static arp entry) arp –a (view the arp cache) Older products: ping –t <ip address> New products: ping –t -l 408 <ip address> (sets the desired address) While the continuous ping is going, power cycle the camera and let the ping continue until you start to receive replies. Then, press Ctrl-C to break the ping.

  46. In pictures C:\>arp –s 00-40-8C-AA-BB-CC C:\> The computers arp table is updated with the entry and “ties” the hardware (MAC) address to the IP address

  47. In pictures Computer sends “ping” packets to the camera using arp table as address source C:\>arp –s 00-40-8C-AA-BB-CC ping –t C:\> Pinging Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out.

  48. In pictures Camera receives packets sets it’s IP address and sends responses to the computer C:\>arp –s 00-40-8C-AA-BB-CC ping –t C:\> Pinging Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Reply from Reply from Reply from Reply from

  49. Q & A

  50. Image/Video Compression