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Medical Billing for Dentists - Dental Billing Services

The dental medical billing services of DentalRCM provide a competent and dedicated team of dental billing for dentists to achieve maximum payout on dental claims billing. With so many years of experience in processing dental claims with stringent private dental and the government-sponsored insurance schemes, our dental medical billing services make sure a steady in-flow of payments, which positively affects the dentist skills, enhance service referrals and patients influx. Our Dental Billing for Healthcare Practice Specialists is specialists at operating on claims for a vast variety of dental procedures.<br>

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Medical Billing for Dentists - Dental Billing Services

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  1. Dental Medical Billing Toll Free +1(888) 315-2050 Helping you get paid! We can provide the billing for your office with training on the information we need or we can train you on how to do it in office. www.dentalrcm.us

  2. Our Mission • To provide solutions best-in-class for our clients. We promote the efficient and effective use of our resources in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, to create overall success for our clients.

  3. Our Vision Simplify your day-to-day workflow so that dental providers and your team can focus more on patient care. Our goal is to help you maximize your patients benefits and allow you to worry about the treatment.

  4. Enrollment Process • Out enrollment process takes around 2 months. If you want to be in network that will take longer. The faster you provide us with the needed information the faster we can set your office up for electronic billing and direct deposit. • MD Data Base • Clearing House • Medical Insurance Enrollment • EFT Enrollment • Balance Billing Your Patients • We will provide you with a list of paperwork, a signed Credit Card Authorization and you send us the paperwork.

  5. How to get Started?

  6. Services we can provide

  7. What we need forVerifications & Claims • Patients registration, medical history,(our form) Medical Insurance Card written out so we can read. • We will supply your office with an encounter form with codes. You will choose them, we will confirm and place on claim form in the order of highest specificity and highest payment. • A secure box will be set up with a password for your office. We supply the forms, you fill out and put in box. We do the rest. • All of the information sent to us will be placed in your secure box for HIPAA Compliance.

  8. Amount Paid $1820.00 Patient paid $100 Office Visit paid $100.00 Pt. paid $75.00 Samples of Claims Paid

  9. 97530 - Therapeutic activities, direct (one-on-one) patient contact (use of dynamic activities to improve functional performance), each 15 minutes TMD Paid $111.20 Pt. Paid $188.80

  10. Set Up Or Credentialing • There is a difference. • 1. set up is contacting the top five plans that you would like to start billing. We set up e-claims, e-payments and send them all your information so they know who you are. • 2. Credentialing is when we ask you to add us to your CAQH or have you open a CAQH which holds all your paperwork so we can send in applications to get you in network. We know there is a lot of paperwork to do this so we have put together a form to help you thru the process.

  11. Thank you for your confidence • Emily Kahn Main Biller • Christine Taxin Trainer • Jan Palmer All Medicare • Pam Wyatt all CBCT Set up • Join dentalmedicalbilling.com to ask questions on forum. • Enjoy your safe place on Coaches Console and your newsletters.

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