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Kate Tickner

Kate Tickner

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Kate Tickner

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  1. Kate Tickner Communications Portfolio

  2. Profile Name: Kate Tickner DOB: 27/03/1991 Occupation: Trainee Account Manager (as of 2014) Area of specialty: Advertising Some background info: I am currently a fourth and final year student of a Bachelor of Arts (Advertising & Political Communication / Bachelor of Public Relations. I am about to embark on my first big adventure as a professional in the world of advertising (in particular, healthcare advertising.) Although I have predominantly studied PR, I have a particular interest in Advertising and strive to explore the industry from the a professional viewpoint. I take pride in my strong work ethic and try to implement the motto “work hard and be kind” in all that I do. I thrive in team environments and believe that consistency and communication are at the core of every strong, successful team. I have approached the communications industry with an open mind ad a willingness to learn about everything. I didn’t enter the industry with the intention of starting in healthcare, but I am looking forward to the challenges of working within tight constraints while still providing sufficient information and awareness about the world of health care. On the side, I have a fondness for Cameron Crowe films and soft cheese and I appreciate the sounds of glam rock music. Twitter: @kate_tickner_91

  3. Copywriting & Print Mock-up print ad for Domayne & The Salvation Army, Christmas 2010

  4. Mock-up print ad for Organic Care Shampoo & Conditioner, 2013

  5. PR Writing Mock-up media release, AMA & Pertussis, 2011

  6. Article: Skate In the City 2013, prepared for contentgroup

  7. Skate in the City article 2013, prepared for contetgroup:

  8. Mock-up media alert, National Trust, 2011

  9. Relevant Skills • Preparing and distributing media alerts and media • releases • Assisting in the preparation and implementation of media strategies • Preparing media for website maintenance/upkeep • Attending and overseeing media opportunities and events • Monitoring and evaluating media coverage • Media liaison and coordination • Client liaison • Creating media contact databases

  10. Personal Attributes • High level of initiative and ability to think and act quickly and efficiently • Thinks creatively and articulates with flair • Excellent interpersonal skills and a high value of communication and team work • Excellent organisational skills and ability manage requests and correspondence • Well developed research and analytical skills • Well developed written and oral communication skills that can cater to a wide range of individuals and organisations

  11. Kate Tickner