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Best Sunscreen for Men– Sunscreen for Oily skin PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Sunscreen for Men– Sunscreen for Oily skin

Best Sunscreen for Men– Sunscreen for Oily skin

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Best Sunscreen for Men– Sunscreen for Oily skin

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  1. Is there any way to avoid the sun rays that cause tanning? No, not under the tree and even not under cloudy weather. UV rays emitted from the sun can hit your skin easily under any situation. Doesn’t worry it doesn't mean you will lose your beautiful, manly skin. • We cannot run away from UV rays but we can enhance the protection through a thing non sticky layer of Sunscreen Gel or should I say one of the Best Sunscreen Gel for Oily Skin. • This year forecast to be most dangerous for skin, dermatologist suggests to not staying up pretty long. The sun always seems to have you in its sights…radiating heat, providing light, and showering you with its spectacular rays. • Well, there’s definitely some truth to that statement and we want to educate about both the risks and rewards of this bright, hot star. After all, it has also been written that knowledge is power.  • So let's begin and educate ourselves with some of the most asked questions about the Sun for Men's Skin Care. Sunscreen Gel

  2. Que 1.Do you apply Sunscreen when you go out in the sun rays? • Many guys think that your skin is safe under the shade of the tree or umbrella, but it's not exactly how it looks like. It might reduce your sun exposure; it absolutely does not put you in the clear. • First, the sun’s rays are still able to penetrate openings between tree branches and batches of leaves, just as they are able to seep through the umbrella’s canopy fabric. Even clothing does not offer 100% protection from the sun. • Rays bounce or reflect off items and other immediate surroundings and are redirected toward you. This opens your skin up to sun exposure and makes it vulnerable to the damage caused by ultraviolet rays. • So, yes, being in the shade on a sunny day is not the option of enhancing protect your skin the sun. The only protection works for Men Skin is a protective thin layer of Sunscreen Gel for Men 50

  3. Que 2. People, who tan easily without burning still sensitive to sun damage and skin cancer? • Fair skin guy is at greater risk of developing skin cancer and suffering from other effects of sun exposure, and there is some data to support that. However, those with golden tans are very much at risk as well. • Our skin changes color whether it is red, dark, or any shade in between as a result of sun exposure because the sun’s UVB ultraviolet rays alter our body’s DNA. The ensuing cell abnormalities are what ultimately lead to the formation of skin cancer and other damage. • So, yes, while those “Bollywood” Chocolaty tans look fabulous like HrithikRoshan, they are not a sign of good health and they use tons of body makeup to get that perfect look including Sunscreen SPF 50 for Men. Because they are famous from there looks they can never get that at risk.

  4. Que3. Does the SPF number Sunscreen blocks ultraviolet rays, better? • This one sounds good and seems like it could be true but, unfortunately, it’s not exactly true. • There are sunscreens on the market with SPF of 100, but they do not block 100% of the sun’s rays, nothing can block 100%. Dermatologists recommend wearing Sunscreen SPF 50 for Men Skin with their skin type, like oily skin can go for Sunscreen Gel for Oily Skin Oil Free with Sunscreen SPF 50 • A Men’s Sunscreen SPF 50 actually blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. That’s certainly a great form of protection but it’s not 100%. • And Sunscreen SPF 100 blocks 99% of the sun's harmful rays. Pay double for 1% of extra protection, not good.

  5. Que5. Is it true that sunburns only occur during the middle of the hottest part of the day? • No. • In fact, the sun can see you even when you can’t see it. Don’t be fooled into thinking your safe on cloudy days. The truth is, about 80% of ultraviolet rays pass through clouds, which means they are reaching you. • So must get 100% sure with 98% of protection from Men’s Sunscreen SPF 50.

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