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Southwest Asia PowerPoint Presentation
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Southwest Asia

Southwest Asia

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Southwest Asia

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  1. Southwest Asia Patterson

  2. Southwest Asia • In your notebook you need to write down everything that is underlined.

  3. Southwest Asia • People may say Southwest Asia or the Middle East when they are talking about this region. These phrases are synonyms (they mean the same thing). • Southwest Asia = Middle East

  4. Southwest Asia • Why do we care about this region?

  5. Southwest Asia • The United States has invaded these countries.

  6. Southwest Asia • This country is having a civil war.

  7. Southwest Asia • These countries might go to war.

  8. Southwest Asia • This region is a major producer of the most valuable natural resource a country can have.

  9. Southwest Asia • Middle East Video – 7 min. •

  10. Physical Features • Tigris River and Euphrates River • Both start in Turkey, joins in Iraq, and flows into the Persian Gulf. • Both rivers are heavily dammed in Iraq and Turkey to provide water for irrigating.

  11. Physical Features • Persian Gulf • Nearly 50% of the world's total oil reserves are found in the Persian Gulf. • The Persian Gulf is an important transportation route.

  12. Physical Features • Suez Canal • Located in Egypt • Shortens the trading routes between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. • Europeans have tried to maintain some control over the canal. Even after Egypt gained its independence from colonialism.

  13. Physical Features • Rub’ al-Khali Desert • great desert of the Arabian peninsula, is one of the largest sand deserts in the world. • It is extremely dry and virtually uninhabited. • Oil of excellent quality has been found there.

  14. Maps When presented with a “to do” list start at the top and work your way down. To do list: 1. Name on paper 2. Read directions 3. Using the purple Asia book fill out the map. -pg. 171, 197 -Instead of labeling Palestine on the map label Iraq. 4. Make sure that the final product is presentable (this is not a race).

  15. Potential Video Resources • --This is a student created video that outlines the Middle East geography and key attractions. I was thinking we could give each student a map and have students point on the map where things are as we are playing the video and stop at each one. This could help them remember where things are located. Also, since the video is student created it has some silly things like glimpses of Aladdin but I think it is good. I have the full version of this video. It's pretty lengthy--58 minutes but we can pull clips from it and watch parts of it. If you bring your laptop to me tomorrow I can transfer the video onto your computer if you would like.For later use we can use these videos: --BBC video. Outlines the process of what has happened in Israel. It's pretty lengthy and I haven't watched it all but maybe we can pick and choose from parts of it for later use. This shows the oil reserves of the world. It might spark a good conversation about our resources throughout North America and the Middle East.