navigating the big waves christchurch earthquake n.
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Navigating the big waves Christchurch Earthquake PowerPoint Presentation
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Navigating the big waves Christchurch Earthquake

Navigating the big waves Christchurch Earthquake

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Navigating the big waves Christchurch Earthquake

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  1. Navigating the big wavesChristchurch Earthquake February 22nd 2011 experience Library Recovery Checklist Future Michele Ayres

  2. NaumaihaeremaiDedication to those lostOptions for recovery - Rangi Faith Options for Recovery for these eels - below the blackened & curling edges of the bridge’s shadow they’ve finally lost track of that sweet scent in this simmering depression of mud - the streamlined skins splitting, the fins cracking in the heat from the river stones & the gills closing Thank you for your support

  3. Christchurch Girls’ High School, September 2010

  4. Earthquake disaster • Complacency - too still • February 22nd, a jolt, a shake, a 6.3 quake • Buildings roll, crumble, contents spill • Liquefaction: undulating sludge greys Christchurch parks, tears roads and seeps through buildings • Damage overload, accident overload, text overload • Rescue service overload • Traffic gridlocks: 30 minute journey becomes 4 hours

  5. Experiences • Amy, 17, Ilam Honestly... I thought the world was ending. I was home alone and our house looked like it had been thrown across a continent. I walked down my house and it just kept getting worse. • Jean, 84, Sumner Through my window the cliffs disintegrate. Clouds of yellow dust pour towards me. Rocks, big like houses, crash down. My house rocks and pulls around me. Unbearable noise. My children where are you, please be safe. Drawers open, bookcases empty. A clock falls- eerily chimes. Pantry empties. My children are safe amidst death, injury, destruction.

  6. Impact - local library, was open........

  7. School librariesunsecured resources

  8. Timeframe: no school tomorrow • Waiting • Personal belongings ‘missing’ at work • Lost routines, unable to work offsite • 3 weeks or longer before schools open or move • Staff meetings offsite • Delays, engineers, buildings stickered, MOE sign off?

  9. School’s out. A holiday ? • Adjustment • Learning alternatives • Students migrate to schools around New Zealand • Establish online learning via school web-pages • Temporary enrolment at Correspondence school • Many students affected by NCEA requirements • And/or trauma of quake experiences (staff too)

  10. School still closedDislocation, frustration, uncertainty • Communication problems: lost phone numbers, school email • Resources unavailable – ChCh, National, school libraries • Focus on online sources, eBooks • Building damage, Liquefaction damage • no library server • Re-establish librarian contact: post a quake damage survey to listserv

  11. School library survey

  12. CGHS school library recovery • Assessment • Decisions around closing, merging or reopening • How safe is your library? • Cleanup, re-shelve- who helps? When? How? • Dewey- helpful shelving or not? • Willing helpers shelve according to size- smallest at top ( for safety reasons) and colour coded!

  13. Dewey

  14. DamageLibrary exterior wall

  15. Library false wall covers windows wall makeover to raise morale

  16. Closed schools Merged schools • Displaced staff , students • No access to library resources, study space • Damaged stock- irreplaceable or packed up in storage • Insurance • Budget • Uncertainty: Library future, employment • New timetables, routines • Shared spaces study stress • Shared library resources- limited • Bullying, rivalry • Loss of identity • Problems at school • Problems at home, n0 internet access

  17. Re-opened damaged school libraries - pressure • Library multi-use: a classroom, counseling corner, interview area, meeting room • Decrease in size yet increase in function • Increased demand on services and resources to ‘catch up’ on learning • Extend library hours for students • Resource boxes/pathfinders • National Library requests diverted to Palmerston North • Catching up on lost work time

  18. Where’s my book? • Suppliers closed, damaged • Orders/mail- lost • Time/travel delays with road damage • No we don’t want any more books on appro thanks • Business carries on around NZ , but Christchurch? • Christchurch and National Libraries offer support

  19. Collaboration Christchurch City & National Libraries • Staff from closed libraries support open libraries- offer help to schools • Longer opening hours, mini libraries created • Learning centre open in the weekend for free internet and library staff available on hand • Mobile Library availability increased • Study support with MOE supplying laptops and relieving teachers • NCEA support in libraries during holidays working with NATLIB and learning centres.

  20. Mini libraries Linwood

  21. Your navigation plan? Identify problems & plan recovery strategies Health & Safety: hazards, survival kit, emergency contacts, procedures Communications: email, business contacts - BACKUP offsite! Secure Stock: physical resources, computers Records backup for offsite access Support: personal welfare, insurance , school management plan

  22. Plan Off site learning support options Tweets, blogs, Facebook, school webpage, home schooling Off site resource boxes, mobile library, pre-fab buildings, containers

  23. Navigation recap • Snapshot of experience • Issues: uncertainty, communication, safety, recovery, • Closing, merging, lost time, changing spaces, routines and services • Christchurch & National Libraries collaboration • Your plan? • Employment • Library future • Disastrous or an opportunity?

  24. How re-locatable is your library? Your library strategic plan Visualize your school library after disaster Conventional, minimalist, futuristic, virtual Will you replicate or create? Alternatives- long term vision, patron driven Forms: environment, technology = smart phones and eBooks Joyce Valenza Change makes dreams possible

  25. No reira, tenakoutoukatoathank you New project Re-Collecting the Canterbury Landscape Compiling/collating earthquake resources Potential for learning and sharing resources