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Led Bulb Raw Materials Suppliers Provide Best Resources PowerPoint Presentation
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Led Bulb Raw Materials Suppliers Provide Best Resources

Led Bulb Raw Materials Suppliers Provide Best Resources

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Led Bulb Raw Materials Suppliers Provide Best Resources

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  1. Welcome to Deswal Lighting Led Bulb Raw Materials Suppliers

  2. Led Bulb Raw Materials Suppliers Provide Best Resources LED lights are the “need of hour” and enormously used in residences and commercial locations. But, the thing is that have you gone under the specifications of LED bulbs, if not then you must go. Consumers are the end buyers and as such you need to know what kind of materials are being employed in all such lights. This will help you in choosing a right product for you. Apart from this, if you are a manufacturer of such products, you also look at the materials which are efficient and affordable to produce a durable and cost-effective LED product. In this article, there will several discussion on materials employed in LED bulb manufacturing. A product is always made from raw materials and then furnished with the finished products. Let’s see what kind of materials are provided by LED Bulb Raw Materials Suppliers.

  3. LED Bulb Raw Materials Suppliers • 1. Driver- It’s an important ingredient of LED bulbs and has different properties and specifications. Its input voltage- AC100v-300v, High Pf >.9, THD. <20%, Efficiency > 87%, Surge Protection 2.5KV and features are “durability, Optimum performance, and long lasting service”. 2. MCPCB- There are different kinds of MCPCB available and they are- • a) Watts:-3W b) Diameter:- 32mm c) Type: - Smd Led - 2835 d) Material:- Aluminium e) Watts:- 5W f) Diameter:- 50mm g) Type: - Smd Led - 2835 h) Material: - Aluminium i) Watts:- 7W j) Diameter:- 50mm k) Type: - Smd Led - 2835 l) Material: - Aluminium

  4. Kit- Bulb Cap (Aluminium B-22 ) proffered is made available in the better grade aluminum finish with superior glass interior. Features: Available without threads Specifications: Aluminum finish with flanging and cutting Offershigh-temperature resistance Providing high dielectric strength Providing exceptional electrical resistance Offer greater abrasion resistance Providing high electrical insulation Screw shell in zinc-plating iron/copper-plating iron/brass/aluminum finish LED Bulb Body- Product Details: Philips Type LED Bulb Bulb Body Aluminium Plastic Coating Heat Sink 3W/5W/7W/9W/12W/15W Features:  Precise design  Durable Immense strength LED Bulb Housing- Body Material- PBT Base Type- B22, E27 Dimensions (Length, Width, Diameter)- 57mm, 65mm. Aluminum insert and with the aluminum heat sink. Thick plate for better heat dissipation.

  5. About Led Bulb Raw Materials Suppliers The service is managed by a professional team and provide all sorts of LED lighting solutions along with their raw materials. If you are looking for cheap and useful resources, the suppliers have stock full materials for you. Energy Saving is an important notion behind the use of LED lights. This kind of products increase the level energy saving which is an important aspect right now. Producing efficient and durable bulbs for different customer zone puts focus on the changing demands of the world.

  6. Contact-us • Company Name - Deswal Lighting • Address: A 99/1, Okhla Phase 2, Delhi,India • Phone - 011 4188 2292 • Email id - • Website -