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Written Practice

Written Practice

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Written Practice

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  1. Written Practice Lesson 24

  2. What is the solution of -30 B. C. D. 30

  3. 2. Simplify 3(2x + 5x) using the two different methods shown below. Combine like terms, and then multiply Distribute, and then combine like terms.

  4. Solve 0.45x – 0.002 = 8.098

  5. 4. If you multiply both sides of an equation by a constant c, what happens to the solution. Explain your answer.

  6. 5. An investor buys some stock at $6.57 a share. She spends $846.25 which includes a transaction fee of $25. How many shares of stock did she buy?

  7. 0.8 is 0.32 of what number? 2.5 B. 0.25 C. 0.4 D. 4

  8. Solve 0.45x +0.9 = 1.008. Will both methods shown below result in the same solution? Verify by using both methods to solve. Method 1: Multiply both sides of the equation by 1000 first. Method 2: Subtract 0.9 from both sides first.

  9. Identify the coefficient, the variable(s) and the number of terms in the expression

  10. Solve. Will both methods shown below result in the same solution? Explain. Method 1: First write the fraction as a decimal. Method 2: First write the decimals as fractions.

  11. Two students use the circle graph to find the total percent of students who have fewer than two siblings. Which student is correct? Explain the error. Student A Student B 0 or 1 sibling Total students: 20 out of 100 8+12+6+4=30 or 20% 0 siblings or 1 sibling 20/30 or≈67%

  12. The graph shows an estimation of the changes in the diameter of a tree, in inches, every 20 years. What was the approximate circumference of the tree when the tree was 100 years old? Use the formula C=2πD

  13. 12. The circle graph shows the amount of money Will spent on different snacks at a store. If Will spent $12, how much money did he spend on each item?

  14. 13. Graph the ordered pair (2,1) on the coordinate plane.

  15. A spinner is divided in equal sections and labeled as shown in the diagram. If x in an even number, what is the probability the spinner will land on an even number? If x is an odd number, what is the probability the spinner will land on an odd number? If x = 20, what is the probability the spinner will land on a number less than 20?

  16. 15. Each camp counselor at Camp Wallaby walked 6 miles for a health and fitness activity. Each camper walked 2 miles. The camp leader paid $0.50 into a Fun Day account for every mile walked. Write an expression to represent the total amount of money earned from walking by counselors and campers.

  17. Are the expressions below equivalent? Explain. (11w4•3z9)(2w7z2) = 66w11z11

  18. 17. Miguel entered a contest offering prizes to the top 3 finishers. The probability of winning 1st is 12%, the probability of winning 2nd is 18%, and the probability of winning 3rd is 20%. What is the probability that Miguel will not win any prize?

  19. Use the circle graph. What is the probability that a randomly chosen person who purchased a shirt paid $40 or more? What is the probability that a randomly chosen person who purchased a shirt paid $30 or less?

  20. To calculate the amount of fencing for a rectangular area, Kelvin uses the formula P = 2(l + w). Bonnie uses the formula P = 2(w + l). Will their calculations of the perimeter be the same? Explain.

  21. 20. Explain how to simplify

  22. 21. Simplify

  23. 22. Explain why k2mb4c3 cannot be simplified using the Product Rule.

  24. 23. Write the expression so there are no parentheses. Justify your change with a Property. 6(ab + ef)

  25. 24. Some real numbers can contain patterns within them, such as 21.12122122212222…….. Find a pattern in the number above. Is the pattern you found a repeating pattern? Is this number rational or irrational. Explain.

  26. 25. Convert 630 cubic centimeters to cubic inches. (Hint: 1 inch = 2.54 cm)

  27. 26. The temperature at 6 a.m. was 30 degrees Celsius. If the temperature increases by 2 degrees every half hour, what will the temperature be by 9 a.m.? What time will it be when the temperature is 50 degrees?

  28. 27. Simplify -|10 – 7|

  29. The circle graph shows approximate total Internet usage in the world. The estimated number of Internet users worldwide is 1,154,358,778. About how many people in North America use the Internet? About how many more people us the Internet in Asia than in North America?

  30. 29. A small square park is 784 square yards. A row of trees was planted on one side of the park. One tree was planted at each corner. Then one tree was planted every seven yards between the corner trees. How many trees were planted in a row?

  31. 30. Elite Style inspects 500 hair dryers manufactured and finds 495 to have no defects. There are 20,000 hair dryers in their warehouse. What is the experimental probability that a hair dryer will have no defects? Predict the number of hair dryers that will have not defects in the warehouse.