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Facts About WordPress That You Should Know PowerPoint Presentation
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Facts About WordPress That You Should Know

Facts About WordPress That You Should Know

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Facts About WordPress That You Should Know

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  1. Facts About WordPress That You Should Know No doubt, WordPress is awesome. To take the advantage of its features, you don’t need to be an expert developer. It can do so much, and it does so much on the web that you might not even be aware of. Without wasting time, let’s get started with the facts of WordPress and things you need to know about WordPress.

  2. 1.WordPress is THE Most Popular Content Management System in the World More websites are powered by WordPress than any other content management system (CMS) in the world (a CMS is a piece of software that lets you easily write, edit, and publish content on the web). Today, WordPress powers 4.5% of the ENTIRE internet. There are 17 new posts are published on WordPress platform each second of day. 2.WordPress is Older Than Twitter and Facebook The first version of WordPress was released on May 27, 2003. This makes WordPress older than both Facebook and Twitter. 3.WordPress is Open Source and Free WordPress is released under GNU GPL license, which allows anyone to download and use it. Its source code is totally freely available and it will always be. You never have to pay to WordPress, and you can use it to study, modify, and build upon anything. Make any change according to your need in the open source codes of your website. For e-commerce, blogging or even membership site, you can use WordPress. It great for all, and free! 4.WordPress is Not Owned by Any Company In order to protect the free use of Wordpress source code, the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg created the WordPress Foundation. That

  3. non-profit organization owns the ‘WordPress’ trademark and protects freedoms offered by the software’s open source license. 5.More than 50,000 Free Plugins There are over 45,000 plugins available in the official WordPress directory. There are both free and paid plugins out there that assist you to do anything virtually you might want to, without the need to write code from scratch. 6.WordPress Sites are Easy to Manage WordPress sites are easy to manage as a comparison to other platforms, in terms of maintenance and from a client’s perspective of managing the content on the site. Also, it has totally free one of the biggest community (released in 2003) as a support where your questions about WordPress can be answered by anyone. is Not The Same as is the open source software that allows you to build your website. After that, you will need WordPress hosting to install WordPress. and, both are different service providers. gives all the access to you on your websites such as plugins, themes and more. While provides you free website on their own base and it lacks plugins installation and an unlimited number of themes.

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