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Book XVI

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Book XVI

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  1. Book XVI Journal and Classwork

  2. Book XVI: Journal • You have 10 minutes to write about the following prompt: Imagine that you are Penelope or Telemakhus. What would you say to your husband/father who has been gone for 20 years? If you were Odysseus how would you explain your absence?

  3. Book XVI: Reader’s Guide Lines 1-179 There were two men on the mountain hunt, ________________ and the _________________. At first light they cooked their _________________ and sent their lads out to watch the flock. When ______________ came, Odysseus heard the footsteps of his son. The swineherd stood in surprise and dropped his ___________ and ____________. The swineherd hugged Telemachus because he had not seen him in __________ years. Telemachus asks the swineherd if his _____________ had stayed at home or if she is _____________ to someone. The swineherd told him that his mother was still unmarried, but she was sad. Telemachus entered the swineherd’s house and Odysseus offered him his seat. The swineherd gave Telemachus and Odysseus meat, ____________ and _______________. Telemachus inquired about who the man in the swineherd’s house. The swineherd said that he was from ________________ and that he wishes Telemachus’ __________________. Telemachus doesn’t believe that he can provide any kind of _________________ because he is not well ________________. He doesn’t believe that he could _____________ himself if someone picked a ______________ with him. Telemachus said that he would ______________ the man for the winter, and feed him with ____________ and _______________. He cannot stay in the hall with the ________ because they are ______________all the time.

  4. Book XVI: Reader’s Guide Line 1-179 (cont.) Odysseus addressed Telemachus and asked him if he was okay with being _____________. His ___________ failed him and would not protect him if a _______________ was coming. Odysseus said that if he were the son of Odysseus, he would rather have his _____________ cut off before giving up. Telemachus replied that he is not like his father because he was left too young. All of the ___________ of the islands have been dating his mother. She cannot marry those that she ____________, and still they devour all of the ______________. He is afraid that they will kill him too. Telemachus then tells the swineherd to tell his mother that he has returned. He will stay at the swineherd’s ________________for a while until he feels he will not come to any harm. The swineherd also asks if he should tell his grandfather, ____________ the news of Telemachus’ return. He had not been eating since Telemachus left. Telemachus tells him that he should tell of his arrival, and that if he could have his way, his ______________ would be home. Telemachus then tells the swineherd to only tell his mother and the old _________________ of his arrival.

  5. Book XVI: Reader’s Guide Lines 180-333 The swineherd left Telemachus and Odysseus and went to deliver the news. ____________ appeared to Odysseus. She told him that he should reveal himself to his _______ and tell him how they together can bring doom to the _________. Athena then tipped her golden _________ upon the man making him ______________. The Lord ______________ appeared and his son was ______________. There was ______________ in his eyes and he looked away as though he had just seen a ________________. Telemachus believed that his father was a ________________ and asked for mercy. Odysseus replied and said that he was not a god, he was in fact his ______________________. He then cried and hugged Telemachus. Telemachus did not believe him. He was angry and accused Odysseus of playing a ___________ on him. Odysseus replied to his son that it was not _____________ to be swept away by _____________ at his father’s presence. He had been gone for ________ years, and now he is back. Athena had changed him into a ______________. Telemachus threw his arms around Odysseus and began to ____________.

  6. Book XVI: Reader’s Guide Line 180 – 330 (cont.) When they regained their composure, Telemachus asked how Odysseus had gotten home. Odysseus said that the ________________ had given him passage while he ______________. He was delivered with gifts of ______________ and ________________ and stores of _____________ things. He had hidden in a cave until Athena had told him the plan to kill the ________________. Odysseus asks Telemachus to __________ the ________________ so that he can make a plan for their deaths. Telemachus replied that the plan was staggering. There were only _________ of them, and a houseful of _________________. They must think ___________ to conjure up the strength to take that number on. Odysseus replied that he had both ____________ and ___________’s blessings to help with the fight. Odysseus told Telemachus his part in the plan. At the break of day tomorrow, Telemachus must go home and mingle with the ________________. The swineherd will take him down later disguised as a ____________. Telemachus is not to stand up for his father if the suitors ____________ of him. He should hold his ___________ in.

  7. Book XVI: Reader’s Guide Lines 334-499 At that time, Athena will __________________________________ and Odysseus will signal him to round up the ______________, ______________, and other _________________ and stow it away in the ___________________________. If he is questioned, Telemachus is to reply that he is moving them to be away from the ______________________ because they no longer seem purposeful since Odysseus is gone. Also, Telemachus must not tell anyone that __________________ is back. They must alone discover how far the women have become _________________________ and how many good ______________ still remain who are _______________ and __________________________. Telemachus replied that Odysseus would find ________________ in him. He is not _________________. Telemachus saw no value in checking with the ________________ because there is no gain because there are too many _____________ in the hall at ease eating up the ____________ and ________, and leaving them _______________. But as for the ___________, it would be a good idea to see who is _____ and who is shameful.

  8. Book XVI: Reader’s Guide Lines 334-499 (cont.) Meanwhile, down in Ithaca, a messenger burst into the king’s hall and announced to Penelope that _______________ had arrived that morning. Suddenly, there was confusion among the ____________. _______________, opened the discussion about Telemachus returning. The suitors stood and walked to the beach road where Antinoos made his speech. Their lookouts had not spotted Telemachus returning, and therefore they were unable to cut him off and __________ him, and kill him. The suitors then began to plan for Telemachus’ ____________________. Telemachus must know what they had planned to do by now, so they must prepare for the anger that he will display at our attempted murder of him. They must act first or risk being driven off their ____________. The suitors then plan to make the __________ move far away from the city, then decide quickly who will marry _______________. Each of the suitors should shower her with _________, and the one that offers her the most should be the one who gets to have her as his wife. Amphinomos, one of the suitors rose and addressed the group, saying that he did not like the plan. He would not participate in the murder of _________________. He suggested that they should consult the ___________. If ___________ agreed that this was the way to go, then he would agree, but if Zeus disagreed, he would not allow the plot to continue. This proposal won the group over, and they soon went to sit in ______________’s house. Penelope decided to make her ____________ before the group of men.

  9. Book XVI: Reader’s Guide Lines 500-592 Penelope knew that the suitors had plotted to kill ___________________. She approached the suitors and spoke to Antinoos, screaming that he was steeped in ____________. She then continued to the other suitors asking them why they were _______________ death for Telemachus. It was in ______________’s house that they now live in, and his __________ that they court, his __________ they try to kill. Eurymakhos replied to Penelope’s speech, asking her to __________ off the ugly thoughts. Not a man exists that will lay a hand on ___________________ while he lives and walks the earth. Odysseus had also taken pity on him and fed him ____________. Penelope knew that this man told her ________________ because he was the one that had planned Telemachus’ __________________. Silently Penelope made her way to her ________ where she __________ for Odysseus until _____________ cast sleep upon her eyes. At dusk, Odysseus and ________________ heard the approach of the forester. Athena at once made ________________ an old ____________ again. Eumaios told Telemachus and Odysseus that Penelope had already been told of Telemachus’ return. He also said that a mysterious ship with many oarsmen arrived in the bay. Telemachus was gladdened by this news and they ate and drank and returned to bed for the evening.

  10. Book XVI: Found Poetry • You will be choosing a line of poetry, then creating an original poem while assuming the voice of the character. • You can choose either an acrostic poem or put the words in the center of the poem. • The words must be in the same order as they are in the quote • HINT—Odysseus, Telemachus and Athena are preparing for battle; Penelope is mourning Odysseus Due at the end of class.

  11. Example of an acrostic Found Poem Odysseus “Enough: in misery can words avail? And what so tedious as a twice-told tale?” Book 12, lines 537-8 Enough of this! I have been suffering long In misery. I cannot take any more bad news. Can words of my dead friends and mother truly Avail, and allow my pain to go away? And what so shall I tell my wife about my Tedious endearments? Can I be as gentle As a lamb when I have had to spend my time with Twice-told traitors? I can only hope that my family will believe the Tale that I will tell them, and forgive me for my long absence.

  12. Example of a Found Poem Penelope: “It is equally wrong to speed a guest who does not want to go, and to keep one back who is eager. You ought to make welcome the present guest, and send forth the one who wishes to go.” The way that my life has been going, I can no longer endure it. Is it equally wrong to miss my husband And want to wish for the speed of his return? A guest has arrived in my house who does not want togo. How can I approach this mystery person and offer to keep this one back? My maids tell me he is one who is eager to speak with me and I have told them “You ought to make him welcome.” Perhaps the present guest has heard about Odysseus and could send forth the good news of his hopeful return. My fear, though, is that I will be the one who gets her heart broken again and wishes to go.

  13. Example Quotes • Telemachus: “I am with you, Uncle. See now, I have come because I wanted to see you first, to hear from you if Mother stayed at home—or if she married off to someone and Odysseus’ bed left empty for some gloomy spider’s web.” (40-44) • Telemachus: “How can I receive your friend at home? I am not old enough or trained in arms. Could I defend myself if someone picked a fight with me?” (81-84) • Athena: “The time has come: tell him how you together will bring doom on the suitors in the town.” (198-199) • Odysseus: “This is not princely, to be swept away by wonder at your father’s presence.” (238-239) • Telemachus: “All my life your fame as a fighting man has echoed in my ears” (285-286) • Odysseus: “But you and I alone must learn how far the women are corrupted; we should know how to locate good men among our hands.” (363-365) • Penelope: “It is Odysseus’ house you now consume, his wife you court, his son you kill, or try to kill.” (431-433)

  14. Homework • Read Book XVII • Complete Book XVII Reader’s Guide