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Environmental Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental Development

Environmental Development

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Environmental Development

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  1. Environmental Development By: Noura Al Kaabi 8D

  2. Generally what is “Environmental Development”? Environmental development is the act of sustaining and protecting our environment. It’s about nurturing the abundance of nature granted by God. Suitably, development will be continued with responsibility and respect, balancing the needs of economic growth and social development with the conditions for environmental protection. As global water and hydrocarbon resources diminish and the effects of pollution and environmental degradation increase, it will become more important for Qatar to work with regional neighbours and the international community to protect the environment.

  3. What is Qatar’s aim in the environmental development? • Qatar will aim to balance its development needs with preserving and protecting the environment including air, land water and biological diversity. • Qatar will need to produce appropriate legislation that provides the improved management of our natural resources and of our environment. • Qatar will seek to increase national, regional and international cooperation to address the negative outers of economic development. Qatar’s growth must be not only economically and socially but also to sustain its environment. • An environmentally aware population that values the preservation of the natural heritage of Qatar and its neighboring states. • To build effective and sophisticated environmental institutions that build and strengthen public awareness about environmental protection, and encourage the use of environmentally sound technologies. These institutions will also conduct awareness- raising campaigns, employ environmental planning tools, and carry out environmental research.

  4. "We need to care for our natural environment for it was entrusted to us by God to use with responsibility and respect for the benefit of human kind. If we nurture our environment, it will nurture us.” Mozah bint Nasser Al-Misnid • This quote said by Qatar’s highness is very true. If the Qatari government can’t take action then the natural resources are going to diminish and going to affect a lot of many things especially for the future “citizens”. It’s very important to care about the environment for the benefit of the humans. If Qatar advocates about the natural environment, then it will lead to major positive changes and satisfaction.

  5. The FIFA World Cup in 2022 is a very big event which is going to be held for a long period of about a month. Many people from many countries that are from different cultures are going to come to watch this event. Therefore, numerous changes to Qatar are going to occur and in different aspects especially the environment.

  6. How do you think Qatar would have altered its Qatar 2030 plan to take into consideration the holding of the World Cup in 2022? • Many people are going to come to Qatar and since Qatar is a very small country, more space will be needed. New cities can be established and towns. • Recently, Qatar’s population has rose rapidly as the country is modernizing and distribution of the wealth (oil and gas) a lot of people are here. Traffic became one of the integral problems and therefore in 2022 this problem can’t happen. Transportation systems should be created such as underground train, water taxis, electric cars etc… • In the FIFA world cup, players and people are going to come and visit Qatar so accommodation is very essential and needed. (Hotels, villas to rent, apartments and houses). • In the 2030 plan it mainly focuses on Qatar but if we are considering the world cup then we have to think about the other countries and their cultures. Qatar should be open and flexible making it comfortable for the guests. Also, shopping, department stores and supermarkets should be abundant to let them have fun and tour around.

  7. Where do you believe Qatar will have got in relation to fulfilling their goals for the 2030 plan in your chosen pillar? • Qatar will have a cooling system in the stadiums to keep the audience and the players from overheating in a climate where the temperature can go above 100 degrees. • Every venue is supposed to contribute in a countrywide zero-carbon-emission plan. • An off-site solar farm will transfer energy to a city grid. Solar collectors will use the sun's power to heat up water, which will then be transported to an on-site water storage tank, which will keep the water's high temperature. • Qatar will initiate the development of a renewable energy sector in the country by demanding for it to stimulate the manufacture of renewable technologies. This will be with measures to develop the necessary research and development activities required for long-term development of these industries. • They will also have established plans for reducing the carbon and using a variety of clean energy sources. • A quick and inclusive legal system that protects all elements of the environment, responding quickly to challenges as they arise.

  8. What will they not reach? • In my opinion, I think that Qatar will not reach a certain goal. That goal is going to be