siad the community based health maintenance program n.
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  1. SIAD & THE COMMUNITY-BASED HEALTH MAINTENANCE PROGRAM A Sharing from the Municipality of New Corella, Davao del Norte Brgy.Capitan Rodolfo Comidoy Barangay Poblacion


  3. Region : XI Province : Davao del Norte Congressional District : District 1 Municipality : New Corella Date Created : December 16, 1967 Legal Basis of Creation: Republic Act 4747 Land Area : 1,524.24 Barangay Category : Urban

  4. Total # of Population : 9,158 Male – 4,725 and Female – 4,433 Total # of Households : 1,928 Total # of Families : 2,034 Total # of Labor Force : 4,042 Total # of Reg. Voters : 4,536 Total # of Precincts : 38 Total # of Puroks : 17

  5. Income and Sources of Funds Internal Revenue Allotment : 3,174,432.00 Real Property Tax Share : 230,000.00 Fees and Charges : 150,000.00 Provincial Aid : 10,000.00 Total Income 3,564,432.00

  6. EXPENDITURES 55% for Personal Services 20% for Village Developments 10% for Sangguniang Kabataan (Youth Organization) 5% for Calamity Fund

  7. Barangay Officials & Functionaries Barangay Officials: 1 Barangay Captain 7 Barangay Kagawads (councillors) 1 SK Chairman (ex officio) 1 Barangay Secretary 1 Barangay Treasurer

  8. Functionaries: • 23 Barangay Health Workers • 20 Lupong Tagapamayapa Members (Conflict-Resolution Committee) • 15 Barangay Tanods (Village Security) • 17 Purok Presidents • 4 Day Care Workers • 2 Barangay Nutrition Scholars • 2 Barangay Community Organizers • 1 Barangay Human Rights Officer • 1 Barangay Midwife • 1 Barangay Sanitary Inspector • 1 Barangay Record Keeper • 2 Barangay Hall Caretakers • 1 Barangay Messenger

  9. Organized People’s Organizations Council of Women Indigenous Peoples Persons with Disability Farmers Association Senior Citizens Association Cooperatives: 1 Farmers Cooperative 1 Business Cooperative

  10. Barangay PoblacionBest Practices

  11. Purok Consultation - The Barangay Council attends every meeting of the 17 puroks in the village. The council gives a report about the status of the projects and programs being implemented in the village, and also gives updates on the programs coming from the National, Provincial, Municipal Government. - Participation by the council in the purok meetings enable them to listen to the priority needs of the families concerning infrastructure, health and social services, security, etc.

  12. Result: The resources of the government are utilized to address the actual and felt needs of the constituents.

  13. 2) Functional Expanded Barangay Development Council (EBDC): Barangay Development Council was expanded to accommodate more sectoral participation in the field of planning and budgeting for Barangay Development Program & Projects. All sectors in the village are given the chance to voice-out their opinion in decision making to insure that the needs of their sectors are properly addressed.

  14. 3) Barangay Assembly All constituents of Barangay Poblacion aging 18 years old and above are gathered regularly in a village assembly. The Barangay Officials will render a report on the status of implementation of the programs and projects in the village, & the corresponding project expenditures.

  15. Result: The barangay assembly serves as a venue for transparency & accountability which leads to people’s increased trust in the government.

  16. 4) Health Related ProgramThe Poblacion Health Maintenance Program, Inc. (PHeMP) Objectives: • Provide emergency assistance to residents of New Corella in times of sickness or accidents • Support efforts towards provision of adequate health care to the poor

  17. HOW TO BE A MEMBER OF THE HEALTH MAINTENANCE PROGRAM: • Any resident of BarangayPoblacion may be a member of the program as long as he or she is a permanent resident and registered voter in the village; • Pay a membership member of P50.00 (Y ) • Pay the premium • PAYMENT SCHEME: • Monthly • Every 6 months • Every year

  18. WHO CAN BENEFIT: • Spouse of member • Not married children 20 years old and below who are living with the member • Parents of member who are 60 years old and above and who are permanent residents & registered voters of the village • Legally adopted children • Legitimate dependents (such as brother or sister of the member who are living with him in the village)

  19. Result: • The poor families in the village are able to avail of medical treatment and hospitalization, with less anxiety about where to get the money to pay for medicines and doctor’s fee. • During health emergency cases, the families can depend on immediate support from the village council, such as the use of an ambulance to transport the patient to the Regional hospital in another town even at midnight.

  20. Result: • The local government unit has started to allocate P15,000 to the health maintenance program since 2008. Now, the program has a standing fund of P83,000, ready for use by its members in times of health emergencies.

  21. CHALLENGES: • Not all residents in the village are convinced about the merits of the program. • What is being done: • Members are given incentives to recruit new members (for example: for every 10 members that they succeed to recruit, the member gets a 3-5% commission). The amount of the commission is deducted from the member’s next premium payment.

  22. Barangay Officials meet with the Purok members during Purok Consultations to discuss matters related to rural development

  23. The frontal view of the Barangay Hall of Barangay Poblacion, New Corella, Davao del Norte, Philippines


  25. Herbal Medicine Processing The Barangay Health Workers process the raw materials into herbal medicine which they sell to local residents & neighboring areas. This serves as their livelihood program.

  26. Blood Letting Program • The Barangay Captain, BHW members and the actual blood donors during the blood letting activity. • The Barangay Captain assisting the health volunteers arrange the blood letting paraphernalia. • One of the health volunteers checking a donor.

  27. Frontal view of Barangay Health StationBarangay Health Station acquired through KALAHI-CIDDS program. This health station was constructed within the vicinity o f the Barangay Hall. It caters to the health needs of the village residents of BarangayPoblacion and other neighboring barangays.

  28. NUTRITION PROGRAMBarangay Poblacion’s vegetable and herbal garden.This area was allocated for herbal plantation and vegetable garden. The vegetables grown from the garden are used for the nutrition program while the herbs are used for the herbal pro0cessing & livelihood program of the BHWs.

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