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  1. GGerald Golden Eagles By: Gerald Mackay

  2. Animal Facts Movement Itwalks by moving it’s feetandfly’sbyflapping it’s wings. They have a nick name because it goes so fast, it is called the cheetah of the air. Description Golden eagles are many different colors, Like dark brown with light gold. There size is 7feet there length is 3 feet. There weight is 15 pounds, They are made up of skin and scales. Diet They are a carnivores. Carnivore means it is a meet eater . They catch everything from inset to fish. A pic showing your animal.

  3. Habitat Picture showing your animal in its habitat. Map showing where your animal lives Habitat The golden eagle live in north America . There habitat is usually on a cliff and or mountains . They have adapted by blending in to trees, that is how it gets its food.

  4. Life Cycle They are born in a egg , there are 3 eggs at a time. It takes 41 to 45 days to just get out of the egg. The mom takes care of the babies tile the dad comes back with food. A picture of the animal as a baby or young. Babies look very small and 3 feet long, babies are called chicks. Adults are 7 feet long they unshyly live up to 15 to 20 years long. A picture of the animal as a grown/ mature animal.

  5. Animal Interactions Golden eagles protect its self by attacking its target by sinking its sharp talons in its targets body. It communicates by chirping. Pic of animal adaptation that allows it to protect itself A golden eagle attacking and eating its pray. A golden eagle fling over a mountain. Even though the golden eagle is high on the food change it is not the top. Its predators are bears, other eagles, people, and hawks. Pic of enemy, predator, prey, etc.

  6. Interesting Facts Fact Title Golden eagle Can kill a deer. Fact Title Golden eaglesas fast as fast as a car. A pic to accompany fact #2 Fact Tittle Golden eagles mate with the same eagle every time. A pic to accompany fact #3 A pic to accompany fact #1