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  1. “America’s Community Banks – Too Small to Fail” Jim Lynch, CEO, Leaders Bank Joe Framptom, CEO, Paducah Bank and Trust Moderated by Diane Stoneman, Director of Consulting and Training, Winning Workplaces Start Time: 10 am CT AudioDial toll free: 866-740-1260Access Code: 3289796For problems call ReadyTalk Customer Care, 800-843-9166 Sponsor

  2. Founded in 2001 by co-owners of Fel-Pro • Committedto small/midsize organizations building healthy, productive work cultures • Triple bottom line: Business, People, Community.

  3. Winning Workplaces Online Clearinghouse Consulting & Training

  4. Top Small Workplace Recognition The Wall Street Journal Winners profiled @ WSJ.Com/Entrepreneur Report @ 2009 competition underway

  5. Why Community Banks Matter • 8000 Community Banks • 50,000 locations throughout U.S. • Assets range: <$10 million-few billion • 94% of all banks in the nation

  6. The Tale of Two Community Banks • Approach and philosophies to managing a winning workplace and the impact upon its customers and business. • Leaders Bank • Paducah Bank

  7. Featured Presenters Joe Framptom CEO Paducah Bank & Trust Paducah, KY Jim Lynch CEO Leaders Bank Oak Brook, IL

  8. Leaders Bank- The Facts • Leaders Bank opened in May 2000. • Premier banking services to meet financial needs of privately held business, owners & entrepreneurs. • Treat customers and employees as leaders. • Attract, engage, develop and retain experienced team of professionals (Loan officers average 22 years of experience). • Turnover avg. 9%-- last four years.

  9. Growing Stronger

  10. Continuing education Training Coaching Mentoring Encouragement Role modeling Empowering autonomy Strategies for empowering employees

  11. Employees most energized and productive if role is aligned with their “hard-wired” talents. Every employee given StrengthsFinder 2.0, takes survey and participates in a “Strengths Session.” Tailor Employee Roles to Natural Strengths

  12. Workplace Culture as Anchor for Decisions

  13. Measure distress in key areas (leadership, collaboration, communication, excellence, change, morale, acknowledgement, learning, and vision). Confidential survey-- Leadership takes action. Address workplace concerns before they become rooted and normalized in the culture. Seek Feedback During Growth and Change

  14. Gap analysis of internal talent Tailored recruitment and training resources Annual review of promotion readiness Refinement of recruitment, training and development. Succession Planning: Developing leaders from within

  15. Every employee has option to participate in performance-focused coaching sessions each year With supervisor, each employee establishes three measurable goals The Leaders Bank Coaching Program

  16. Employee feedback revealed interest in wellness 3:1 ROI on wellness Employees use only 21% of sick days in 2008 2007 to 2008- est. cost of employee health risk decreased by 16%. (Lifetime Fitness data). Embrace Employee Wellness

  17. Turnover consistently under 10%, customers can rely on same professional answering phones Put customer first with a competent workforce empowered to take risks and make decisions. Commitment to sustainability so culture remains stable during cycles of growth and periods of challenge. Benefits for Customer

  18. Benefits to Employees • 2006 - #1 Best Place to Work in Illinois (Illinois Chamber, The Business Ledger and SHRM). • 2007, 2008, 2009 - Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For (Nat’l Assoc. of Business Resources). • 2008 - #51 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Hot 100 - one of the country’s fastest growing companies. • 2008 - One of 35 finalists in the Wall Street Journal/Winning Workplaces Top Small Workplaces.

  19. Paducah Bank- The Facts • Founded in 1948; only locally-owned community bank in market • Subchapter S corporation with 46 shareholders • Largest market share at 33% • Competitors: Regions, US Bank, BB&T • Five-year ROE is 15.5% after tax estimated • Total assets on June 30, 2009, of $485 million

  20. What Makes Us Different • Directors, officers and employees own 91% of our outstanding shares • Our KSOP owns 23% of our outstanding shares • Shareholders live in or are connected to McCracken County • Holding Company Directors served together 25 years • Consistently value creation of long-term shareholder value more than any other statistical measure of success • Never contemplated selling company

  21. What We Believe Core Values should guide our every action: • People • Moral soundness • Culture • Independent ownership • Community involvement

  22. What We Believe • Employees most important asset • Meaningful relationships highest mission • Serve others with respect and dignity • Fun is an important part of what we do every day

  23. What We Have Done • Developed culture that supports Core Values • Created 15 Basics that guide actions and behaviors • Looked outside our industry to find best practices • Commitments of excellence to each other and our customers

  24. How We Sustain Success • Attract, develop and retain the right people • Unwavering commitment to development of employee/owners • Daily reinforcement of Core Values through Owners’ Meetings • Nurture environment of accountability, openness and communication • Unmatched dedication to creating customer loyalty

  25. What Makes Us Proud • #1 mortgage lender in McCracken County • Superior IDC CAMEL score (278 out of 300) • Top small business lender in Paducah/McCracken County • 5-star safety and soundness ranking

  26. What Makes Us Proud • Best Place to Work in Kentucky among mid-sized companies in 2006 • 2008 Top Small Workplace selected by The Wall Street Journal and Winning Workplaces • Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year in 2008

  27. Core Measurements

  28. Final Thoughts (But Likely Not Yet Wisdom). . • If you don’t like where the bus is headed, then please get off. • If you can’t have fun here, go elsewhere. • “Stop doing” list more important than “to do” list. • True wealth is what’s left over after money is gone.

  29. Final Thoughts • 1) Choose the right people, 2) Empower, 3) Trust • “If you aim at nothing, you’ll be sure to hit it.” (Yogi Berra) • Aim far out into the future, stay the course, be true to your values, and have fun along the way. • A little luck is also very helpful – like when both of your competitors sell!

  30. Questions?

  31. Upcoming Winning Workplaces Webinars King Arthur Flour: Mixing Tradition with New InventionsSteve Voigt, CEO, King Arthur Flour Company, Norwich, VT September 23, 2009 @ 10:00 a.m. CST Engaging Fresh Young Talent in the Workplace Dave Schmitz, General Mgr, The Steppenwolf Theatre, Chicago Tom Walter, CEO, Tasty Catering, Elk Grove Village, IL October 20, 2009 @ 10:00 a.m. CST

  32. Thank You for Joining Us Sponsor