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First International Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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First International Meeting

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First International Meeting

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First International Meeting

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  1. Progetto LOWE: Evaluation of learning outcomes in EQAVET Framework2017-1-IT01-KA202-006258- PIC 931589844 First International Meeting

  2. «WBL - Work Based Learning : a shared model» Regional Commission of the Students’ Board “Consulta degli Studenti”

  3. It’s a great pleasure to be here today to represent the Provincial Boards of Students in the Abruzzo region First, let me tell you what a Provincial Board of Students is. In a few words, it is an Institutional Delegation of Students that is formed by 2 students elected in each Upper Secondary School in the 4 Provinces in Abruzzo. The members of the Board of Students are directly elected by all the students in each school and, for this reason, the most important guarantee that the Board of Students offers is the active and proactive participation of the whole community of students in the region .

  4. I would like to underline the importance that this meeting has for students since it provides the cultural exchange of values, ideas and projects between the different countries involved. It is essential for us, as students and as European citizens, to know the different educational reality where our peers live and study as well as to identify the opportunities offered by schools operating in other Countries of the European Community.

  5. Work Based Learning in Technical and Vocational schools in Italy • In Italian technical and vocational schools , projects related to work-base learning, already present and fully activated , have been consolidated thanks to the Act issued in 2015 that is known as the “Good School Law”. • It represents a great opportunity for students to meet the world of work while still studying at school . • Its aim is to enable students to acquire the practical and technical skills necessary to interact within civil society

  6. Work Based Learning in High Schools • Recently, in High Schools, WBL projects have been developed and are fully widespread. • It has been assessed as a further possibility to broaden the cultural baggage of each student by approaching the world of professional work

  7. Work- based learning projects in Abruzzo In Most Technical and Vocational Schools In Most High Schools • Training courses or meetings concerning first aid and safety at work; • Workshops with industry experts • Seminars with university professors • IFS (Simulated Educational Enterprise); • Internships in the company • Training courses related to the field of study: mechanic, catering, tourism, accounting and so on

  8. We, as students, confronted ourselves about our personal experiences in work-based learning projects and we have drawn up some suggestions in order to give our contribution to improve this educational action.

  9. Work-based learning • Work experiences are not always coherent with the subjects studied • Few companies are available to host students ifcompared to school needs and requests • Incomplete annual planning of the activities • Identify paths related to the field of study • Expand the number of companies able to welcome students; • Plan effectively the WBL activities so that they are strictly linked to the curricular educational aims • Monitor the available activities / proposals on an annual basis Weak Points Suggestions

  10. ….. Work-Based Learning • No refunds for transport meals and materials • 400 compulsory hours in technical and vocational schools • 200 compulsory hours in high schools; • Reduction or removal of costs for students • Planning the WBL activities in school terms that are not crucial for the success of student’s academic performance • Consider student’s opinion about the period to be spent in WBL activities according to school needs and projects Weak Points Suggestions

  11. Regional Commission of the Provincial Boards of Students In the annual planning of each Provincial Board of Students a constructive analysis will be promoted in order to underline the connection between the school world and work environment The study will aim at: • Issue of protocol agreements and letters of engagement • Promotion of networks of partnership The objective is to set a list of planned, verified and evaluated paths having STUDENTS as the main protagonists of any WBL activity planning

  12. The Regional Commission of the Presidents of Provincial Boards will put effort into the establishment of a Regional Institutional Charter for Female and Male Students involved in Work-Based Learning projects

  13. Thanks for your kind attention !!! Regional Commission of the Provincial Boards of Students Luca, Giorgio, Luca e Valentino