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Medically Useful Software, Websites and IPhone / IPad Apps PowerPoint Presentation
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Medically Useful Software, Websites and IPhone / IPad Apps

Medically Useful Software, Websites and IPhone / IPad Apps

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Medically Useful Software, Websites and IPhone / IPad Apps

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  1. Medically Useful Software, Websites and IPhone/IPad Apps Zachary Veitch B.Sc., B.A., M.Sc

  2. Outline • MyNOSM • PC information • Medical Websites • Organizational Software • IPhone/IPadApplicaitons • Medical apps • Networking & Data Transfer apps • Document management apps

  3. MyNOSM • Where all your course information (WGS, CLS, CBL, TOS, LAB) will be located the first day and for the rest of your time at NOSM! • Timed release as the curriculum progresses. • Location for all (fake) community info.

  4. Medical Websites • The most used websites/resources by students for TOS and WGS supplementary information. • All available for free on the NOSM Library website. • Listed in order of usefulness. • Up-to-date/First Consult/MD Consult – DEPICT information (Diagnosis, Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Imaging, Clinical, Treament) • Wikipedia/WebMD – less credible resources, but often a good starting point for a topic. Brief low level descriptions. • Online & PDF Textbooks – Excellent for pictures for TOS notes, extra info for WGS, LAB, etc • e-Journals – excellent, peer-reviewed information, but often too specific for the topic. More useful in later years (3rd, 4th, PGY1) • eCPS/e-therapeutics – Gold Standard drug information, but often same as Up-to-date, Epocrates, etc.

  5. Organizational Software • Onenote – excellent for organizing your studies and med school life in general! TOS, WGS, LAB, CBL, you can store all your information here. • Sylvius – distributed during your Neurology module, excellent brain imaging Software. • Netter’s ISO – Shhhh! Distributed through the Student Society, excellent for searching anatomy. Free!

  6. Medical Apps • Download Apps to your IPad through the App store. In order to purchase apps, you must have credit card information (thank you Line of Credit!). • ECG Guide ($0.99) – excellent to brush up on ECG’s • Gray’s Anatomy ($2.99)– full Anatomy software, excellent for before you head into the OR! • **Epocrates Essentials ($159 for FREE!!!! Till the end of August) – visit - I highly recommend this. It is a fusion of multiple medical applications (ex: med calc, medscape, lexi, etc)

  7. Medical Apps • Medscape (WebMD) – (Free) – good basic medical reference. Quick, easy to find treatment information. Not always the most up to date. • Lexi-Comp (expensive, but purchased for you by NOSM in 3rd year) – Excellent, peer reviewed information. Provide indepth understanding of medical information. Not very user friendly. • Up-to-date (website hosting) – save the website to your desktop via NOSM Library and it becomes a Webbased App! Same as website.

  8. Medical Apps • New England Journal of Medicine – Useful to review clinically relevant articles, radiology, and reviews. • EyeXam – fun app for the clinic! Useful if you don’t have an eye chart around or if you want to test for colour blindness! • Wikipedia! – Always useful to do basic research. • Youtube/VEVO – AMAZING for reviewing clinical video’s and getting audio/visual information of symptoms!

  9. Networking & Data Transfer • Vonage – linked through your facebook account, you can phone other Vonage App users for FREE through Wifi! Useful in the school when you don’t have a signal! • Skype – accomplishes the same thing as Vonage. Used by many external medical students for meetings. • Facebook – self explanatory. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU POST!!!! • Bump – data transfer software. Useful for transferring photo’s, contacts, meeting dates etc. Links to the other person’s IPhone/IPad via Wifi for transfer. • GoodReader – excellent document management software. More useful for Iphone.

  10. Questions?