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Psychiatrist. Introduction to Psychiatry. Psychiatrist diagnose, treat and help disorders of the mind.

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  1. Psychiatrist

  2. Introduction to Psychiatry • Psychiatrist diagnose, treat and help disorders of the mind. • a branch of medicine that deals with the science and practice of treating mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders especially as originating in endogenous causes or resulting from faulty interpersonal relationships

  3. Aaron Milligrock • I am nineteen years old. I was born in Nome Alaska . I am in the middle of eight, I have six older siblings and two younger. My parents are Dolly and Jimmie Milligrock.

  4. Reasons for picking psychiatry • First of all I love to play with peoples minds. • I like to help people who need help with solving problems. • After being told I should become a psychiatrist by so many people it kind of just stuck with me. • I feel like I have always been good with coping to all different situations in life.

  5. National and State Wages United States: Hourly: $28.41 $50.20 $70.01+ $70.01+ $70.01+ Yearly: $59,100 $104,400 $145,600+ $145,600+ $145,600+ Alaska Hourly: $61.42 $70.01+ $70.01+ $70.01+ $70.01+ Yearly: $127,800 $145,600+ $145,600+ $145,600+ $145,600+

  6. Important knowledge, skills, and abilities of Psychologists • Knowledge: • Therapy and Counseling - Knowledge of principles, methods, and procedures for diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of physical and mental dysfunctions, and for career counseling and guidance. • Medicine and Dentistry - Knowledge of the information and techniques needed to diagnose and treat human injuries, diseases, and deformities. This includes symptoms, treatment alternatives, drug properties and interactions, and preventive health-care measures. • Psychology - Knowledge of human behavior and performance; individual differences in ability, personality, and interests; learning and motivation; psychological research methods; and the assessment and treatment of behavioral and affective disorders.

  7. Tasks and Activities of a Psychiatrist • explain uses or effects of drugs • Occupation Specific Tasks: • Advise and inform guardians, relatives, and significant others of patients' conditions and treatment. • Analyze and evaluate patient data and test findings to diagnose nature and extent of mental disorder.

  8. The Tools and Technology • Tools: • Desktop computers - Desktop computers • Electronic blood pressure units - Electronic blood pressure units • Mechanical stethoscopes or accessories - Mechanical stethoscopes • Mercury blood pressure units - Manual blood pressure units • Notebook computers - Laptop computers • Technology: • Accounting software - Fifth Walk Billing Tracker Pro • Medical software - ADL Data Systems Optimum Clinical Electronic Health Record, Advantage Software Psych Advantage, Cerner ProFile, Computer Assisted Diagnostic Interview CADI software, Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager • Office suite software - Microsoft Office • Spreadsheet software - Microsoft Excel • Word processing software - Microsoft Word

  9. State and National Trends • United States • Physicians and surgeons 633,300 723,500 + 14 % 20,440 • Alaska • Physicians and surgeons 820 1,000 + 21 % 30

  10. Education and Training *Child Psychiatry • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation/Psychiatry • Psychiatry

  11. Distribution of Educational Attainment

  12. Academic Programs in Alaska • There are three universities in Alaska that offer courses in the psych field. • First is University of Alaska Anchorage. • Second is University of Alaska Fairbanks. • Lastly is Alaska Pacific University.

  13. University of Alaska Anchorage • There are two types of degrees that they offer first is a Bachelor of Arts and then a Bachelor of Science. • A Masters of Science in clinical psychology. • It offers a PhD in clinical/ community psychology with the help of University of Alaska Fairbanks.

  14. University of Alaska Fairbanks • There are two degrees that are offered at this university. • They are a Bachelors in Art and a Bachelors in Science. • A program called Alaska Natives into Psychology helps train Natives into the psych field or other behavioral health fields.

  15. Alaska Pacific University In 1959 Alaska Pacific University was built. There are five program that APU. The five programs are Campus undergraduate, Early Honors, Degree Completion, RANA distance education program, and Graduate Program.

  16. Questions and Answers • What kind of duties does Psychiatrists perform? • What is the average salary does a psychiatrist make? • What kind of training does a Psychiatrist need to obtain his/her job? • What kind of tools are used in this field?

  17. References • University of Alaska Anchorage • www.uaa.edu • 3211 Providence Dr. Anchorage AK. 99508 • (907) 786-1480 General Information • (907) 786-1580 Financial Aid • (907) 786- 1480 Admissions

  18. Ref. cont. • University of Alaska Fairbanks • (http://www.alaskapacific.edu/) • 4101 University DriveAnchorage, AK 99508-4672 • Phone: (907) 561-1266 • Email: admissions@alaskapacific.edu

  19. Ref. cont. • Ilisagvik College • (http://www.ilisagvik.cc/)P.O. Box 749Barrow, Alaska 99723 • Phone: (907) 852-3333 • Toll free in Alaska: (800) 478-7337Fax: (907) 852-2729

  20. Ref. cont. • Career Academy • (http://www.careeracademy.edu/) • 1415 E. Tudor RoadAnchorage, AK 99507-1033 • Contact: AdmissionsPhone: 907-563-7575 or 800-770-7575Fax: 907-563-8330Email: career@careeracademy.edu

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