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Diamond Brokers Queensland: Creators of Stunning Custom Diamond Rings PowerPoint Presentation
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Diamond Brokers Queensland: Creators of Stunning Custom Diamond Rings

Diamond Brokers Queensland: Creators of Stunning Custom Diamond Rings

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Diamond Brokers Queensland: Creators of Stunning Custom Diamond Rings

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  1. DIAMOND BROKERS QUEENSLAND DIAMOND BROKERS QUEENSLAND Brisbane’s Best Wholesale Diamond Merchants Brisbane’s Best Wholesale Diamond Merchants About Diamond Brokers Queensland Established in 2002, Diamond Brokers Queensland is a wholesale diamond merchant based in Brisbane. We specialise in GIA certified loose diamonds and custom made engagement rings. With more than 10 years of experience in the wholesale diamonds industry, we at Diamond Brokers Queensland continue to share our knowledge and expertise to our valued clients. Diamond Brokers Queensland understands clients’ needs in knowing the importance of getting quality diamonds. Our experts can provide you with honest advice to make sure you make an informed decision as you purchase. We can assure you that you will get the perfect diamond that will serve as a symbol of your love and commitment to your special one.

  2. Products and Services Offered Diamond Brokers Queensland has made its name in dealing diamonds for sale at a wholesale price. We also provide expert consultation and other services related to buying and selling diamonds. White Diamonds White Diamonds – We have white diamonds available in different cuts. It is the sought after part of every lady’s engagement ring. Every diamond is different from the other so our experts will ensure that you understand the quality of the diamonds you are planning to get. Argyle Pink Diamonds Argyle Pink Diamonds – We have a collection of Argyle diamonds ranging from 0.01 carat to 0.75 carat. Argyle Pink Diamonds are one of the rarest types of natural diamonds. We have partnered with certified producers in the world to provide you with the highest quality of pink diamonds.

  3. Fancy Coloured Diamonds Fancy Coloured Diamonds – Aside from pink diamonds, Diamond Brokers Queensland also has the most unique collection of fancy coloured diamonds. If you want to view our collection, contact us for a personal consultation. Hand Hand Crafted Diamond Jewellery Crafted Diamond Jewellery – Take advantage of our customisation services to get unique diamond engagement rings Brisbane by Diamond Queensland that are made just for you. Choose from our loose diamonds and we will help you to customise a design and craft a ring that is fit to your preferences. Sell Diamond and/or Diamond Jewellery Sell Diamond and/or Diamond Jewellery – Diamond Brokers Queensland also purchases pre-owned diamond engagement rings. We will evaluate its value. We will purchase the diamond from you or offer to sell them to our website by consignment. If you need fast cash, we can provide you with cash in just a fraction below the purchase value.

  4. Diamond Brokers Queensland Website To In our website, you will be able to see detailed information on the different categories of diamonds we offer. You will also see a buyer’s guide for every category you choose. Use those tips as your guide when purchasing diamonds. You will also find a link to our Blog. Our blog serves as an archive for the loose diamonds that we sell. It contains the grade and certificate number of the loose diamonds we have in our inventory. To check if the diamond you want is available in our inventory, you can proceed to our Diamond Search System. learn about more our products, visit our website:

  5. Using Our Diamond Search System Look for the perfect diamond by using the Diamond Search System available on our site. To find the diamonds that you prefer, just click on a diamond shape you’re looking for.

  6. To choose a specific carat for the diamond, just type the range in the corresponding box (as shown in the illustration below) or use the lever to choose the carat range. The same goes with the price. Just enter the minimum and maximum amount that you’re willing to pay for the diamond. Move the lever to choose the colour and clarity of the diamond. The same goes with the Cut, Polish, and Symmetry of the diamonds.

  7. For the Certificate, click your preferred certification agency. If you are willing to accept an uncertified diamond, uncheck all the boxes. Click the ‘Search’ button to get the list of diamonds that match with your preference. If you hover and click over an item in the list, you will get short details of the item, just like in the illustration below.

  8. Click the ‘Learn More’ button to get complete details of the item you’ve chosen. To get a copy of the Grading Report, click ‘View Grade Report’. If you have more questions about the item, click on ‘Questions?’ and a window will appear where you can enter your contact information and your message. Complete the form and click ‘Send’. We will contact you as soon as we receive your message. Kindly make sure that the details you’ve entered in the form are all correct. We will respond to you within 24 hours. If you can’t find the diamonds you’re looking for, contact us and we will look for it for you. We have a wider selection of diamonds and not all of it may be included in our Diamond Search System.

  9. Contact Details For questions and consultations, contact us through the following details. Diamond Brokers Queensland Diamond Brokers Queensland Shop 8, 152 Shore Street West Raby Bay Harbour, Cleveland Brisbane, Australia 4163 Call: Call: 1800 993 697 Email: Email: Facebook: Facebook: Diamond Brokers Queensland Google GooglePlus: Plus: Diamond Brokers Queensland Twitter: Twitter: @DQueensland LinkedIn: LinkedIn: Diamond Brokers Queensland Pinterest: Pinterest: Diamond Brokers Queensland REGULAR TRADING HOURS REGULAR TRADING HOURS: : Tuesday Tuesday- -Saturday Saturday: : 10:00AM to 4:00PM NOTE: NOTE: Booking an appointment is recommended.