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CLASSE IV A. SCUOLA VAMBA Firenze ANNO SCOLASTICO 2003/04 Ins. Pina Di Giovanni e Carla Fiumalbi. SHORT STORIES. BY ALUNNI IV A. By DANIEL. A little fish, called Nemo , lived in a nice river.Nemo was very sad because he had lost his

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  1. CLASSE IV A SCUOLA VAMBA Firenze ANNO SCOLASTICO 2003/04 Ins. Pina Di Giovanni e Carla Fiumalbi


  3. By DANIEL A little fish, called Nemo , lived in a nice river.Nemo was very sad because he had lost his father.Suddenly his father returned: he had gone to buy a present for Nemo’s birthday .

  4. By EMANUELA Two monkeys Wanted to eat six bananas. They went into a garden. In the garden there was a zombie in a tomb . The two monkeys defeated rhe zombie With their jests.

  5. By DANIELE C. A family finds a dog in the street And brings him home. The owner of the dog wants To have his dog back, But the dog wants To remain with his new friends.

  6. By MARCO My grandparents live in the country, in a big house with a lovely garden. In the garden there are a lot of flowers and trees. I like to stay with my grandparents.

  7. By RUIXUE I was born in China . China is a very big country.

  8. By VALENTINA A nice cat eats a mouse and runs up a tree .

  9. By SABRINA In a beautiful garden there was Violet,a nice dog. She was sleeping in her little house. But the dog’s bed was very noisy, so the dog changed her bed.

  10. By DILETTA One day, an old computer went out of order: there was a funny virus. This virus didn’t want to destroy the computer, but only to help it. In the end of the story the computer and the virus became good friends.

  11. By ALESSIO One day a dog ran into a beautiful garden. The dog was strong and destroyed the flowers of Mrs. Anna. She looked out of the window of her kitchen and shouted. The dog went away.

  12. By NERI Last week I visited the centre of Florence with my teachers. We saw two houses of Dante because we don’t know which is the real one. In 1910 a new house of Dante was built and Dante’s museum is placed there.

  13. By JENNI A nice , white dog is eating some meat and drinking a lot of water.

  14. By GIANLUCA One day, A hamster ran in the garden. His name was Sincer. Sincer met a dog and they became good friends. The hamster was attacked by a cat. The dog defended the little animal.

  15. By LORENZO Q. One day , in the sky, a parrot flies and then finds a chick on the green grass of a nice garden. They run in the garden, but a terrible snake eats the chick and the parrot.

  16. By MIRKO A big dog goes into a garden and plays with another big dog.

  17. By DANIELE R. A bird and a butterfly are good friends. One day Jack Haggerty finds the bird and the butterfly sleeping in the garden. Jack asks his mother to have the bird and the butterfly. His mother answers : << Yes!!!>>.

  18. By GIADA One day, A hamster ran in the garden. She found a red and blue bird. They were very hungry! Mr. Angelo found the two animals and gave them something to eat. Now , the animals and Mr. Angelo are good friends and happy.

  19. By CAMILLA Easter Bunny jumps in Cindy’s garden and he hides his chocolate eggs. Cindy finds the chocolate eggs and says: - Very,very good eggs!!!

  20. By LORENZO T. One day a wolf , by name Jack, stole a little pig. The pig didn’t realize that the wolf was very hungry and bad. So the wolf ate the stupid little pig.

  21. By NOEMI A black rabbit goes into a garden and eats a good carrot .

  22. By ALESSANDRO In a farmhouse a horse runs in the fields. The owner looks for the horse, but he doesn’t find the animal. A gentleman finds the animal and brings the horse to the owner.

  23. By MICHAEL Easter is very important for the Christians because Jesus rises again.

  24. Al computer

  25. Il nome della nostra scuola VAMBA : pseudonimo di BERTELLI LUIGI , Giornalista nato a Firenze nel 1858 e morto nel 1920 nella nostra bella città. Collaboratore di molti periodici liberali di Firenze e di Roma. Fu un battagliero e appassionato patriota e portò le sue idee nel giornale per ragazzi ,da lui fondato, e intitolato ” IL GIORNALINO DELLA DOMENICA”che ebbe una grandissima diffusione nei primi decenni del 1900. Molta fama fra i ragazzi ebbero anche i suoi libri , in prosa e in versi . -Nel 1895 scrisse “Il ciondolino”: è la storia di un bambino che diviene formica. -Nel 1920 scrisse “Il giornalino di Gianburrasca” : è una satira al mondo dei grandi fatta per bocca di un ragazzino troppo vivace e catastrofico alla cui schiettezza va tutta la simpatia dei lettori anche adulti.

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