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7 Ways To Improve Your Vocabulary PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Ways To Improve Your Vocabulary

7 Ways To Improve Your Vocabulary

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7 Ways To Improve Your Vocabulary

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  1. 7 Ways To Improve Your Vocabulary

  2. Introduction Whether you are going for a job interview or to meet someone very important to you, obviously you want to impress them with your eloquence, vocabulary and sophistication. Improved vocabulary reduces the chance or embarrassment when someone fails to understand what the other person is talking about.

  3. 1. Read Read, Read and Read. One of the best way to improve your vocabulary and learn new words is to read as much as you can. The more you read the more it will build your knowledge. Try to become a keen reader. Read everything especially literary works, novels, newspapers, autobiographies and also magazines. The more you read the more you will uncover new words.

  4. 2. Use Internet Nowadays, internet has become everyone’s best buddy. There are various of online resources that can help to improve your vocabulary. You can also solve vocabulary puzzles, play with antonyms and synonyms, try to utilise every resource you can that can help you improve your vocabulary.

  5. 3. Make Dictionary your Best Friend Keep a handy dictionary every time with you- you can use any version print, online or software. When you find a new word, search for both it’s pronunciation and meaning in the dictionary. Word web, is one of the best dictionary that you can install in your smartphone.

  6. 4. Learn a New Word Daily While you make a habit of reading regularly, you can use a word a day website or calendar or create a list of new uncover words. It is the best way you can use to learn new words. Maintain a diary and pen down a new word daily in it. You can increase the number of words as you progress ahead.

  7. 5. Make it Personal Try to make a sentence using the new words you uncover each day. Get attached with the words and construct a personal sentence using them. This way the words will become more meaningful to you and remain in your memory.

  8. 6. Engage in Conversations By engaging in simple conversation with other people you can discover new words. Being communicative and socially active are some of the best ways to improve your vocabulary with drastic speed.

  9. 7. Play Words Games This is another interesting way that can help you improve your vocabulary. Words games can challenge you but also help you discover new words and meanings and so that in a great and fun way. Examples of some word games are word jumble, boggle, crossword puzzles etc.

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