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The large Extension Table PowerPoint Presentation
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The large Extension Table

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The large Extension Table
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The large Extension Table

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  1. The large Extension Table

  2. North SS Armchair

  3. North Stackable Arm Chair

  4. North Stackable Bench

  5. North Table Bench

  6. The North Set

  7. Lounger

  8. North Stackable Arm Chair Woven seat Alu frame

  9. A little more info on the Driftwood Finish/Surface. • The Snow White, Nut Brown, Charcoal & Black Driftwood finish are based on a new stain finish (water based) combined with a de-stressed surface called NAMED - Driftwood • All products are made of a laminated acacia wood dried to max 12% humidity and cut in small pcs in order to take out all tension in the timber then laminated using a special developed outdoor glue stronger than the wood itself. After lamination the surface is sanded very smooth and a distressed surface is reworked making artificial heavy grain in the surface with a special developed machine – hereafter sanded again. The actual finish contains of 4 steps 1. A primer that goes deep into the wood and seals the surface – then a black wash is made by hand  - a fine sanding  - and finally a top coat of the UV protection with the nut brown stain. All done with an environment friendly water based stain. • The wood surface now looks like old wood that has been drifting around in the ocean or lake for years but slightly “washed” with color – the advantage with this finish when ageing it will just look older and older and get grey –  “it does not age like a normal painted surface”but it will as expected just look older/aged as DRIFTWOOD – and blend in with the nature. This is not a paint so it will not peal off or anything like that just brush off as dust in the end.   •  We have been selling painted furniture in substantial volume during the past 3 year and have achieved a strong knowledge  with lots of experience in making quality painted furniture for in and outdoor doing so and recently we have invested in new equipment for producing this unique new surface DRIFTWOOD. • We think that this is the right timing for Driftwood in the market - no surface problems, like the market have experienced in the past with painted wooden furniture and as the whole market now is afraid to invest in “high-end” product and this new line is so good priced that we trust that our driftwood line has a very good chance for being a seller also for you in  the coming season and it is a totally NEW CONCEPT so your sales people have a story to tell/sell. • Tropicdane strives to make all in our production as green as possible and we work with international organizations both on the audit of our factory for Code of Conduct and environment issues. Tropicdane was one of the first companies in VN to obtain the COC certificate for producing FSC products. • On our products we give the normal guarantee of 2 years and we will replace any product which is default has a production or mechanical fault. For the surface it the intension is that it should look older and older and more and more like real driftwood and can therefore give no guarantee on this. • To maintain the product it is only recommended to wash with a thick natural soap water and a brush and leave soap to dry without rinsing. This will give the surface a little waxy feeling and help protect the wood from drying out. • If a colored surface is wanted a natural stain water based can be sued anytime – just rinse off the surface from dust and drift – a light sanding is recommended and then stain with a brush or a sponge or a cloth. • - it is trendy and it is VERY GOOD PRICED – can be delivered in FSC or NONE FSC wood. However we do take the stand point that FSC is not needed for ACACIA wood only as it is grown only in plantations or in areas where a certain drainage has been needed to dewater old rice patties or so. No acacia wood grows in natural forest and therefore the FSC does not really have any positive meaning for the environment or so for this species of wood.