the introduction of sydney n.
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The introduction of Sydney PowerPoint Presentation
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The introduction of Sydney

The introduction of Sydney

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The introduction of Sydney

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  1. The introduction of Sydney Group member: Lynn, Dena, Erica, Melody

  2. Different areas of Sydney • The brief introduction of Sydney • Sydney Opera House • University of Sydney • video

  3. Australia's premier city is the oldest settlement in Australia, the economic powerhouse of the nation and the country's capital, Canberra is everything but name. Built on the shores of the stunning Port Jackson, you would have to die and go to heaven before you see a more spectacular setting for a city. It's a vital, self-regarding metropolis, making itself a melting pot with people from all over the world.The best times to visit are of spring and autumn, especially around March to April or October to November. Sydney is blessed with a temperate climate. Sometimes torrential downpours often break the heat between October and March. Winters are cool rather than cold. Beach lovers unperturbed by the hazards of lizard-skin should come between December and February.

  4. About the University University of Sydney students and researchers come from all over the world and all backgrounds to prepare for a life of challenge and change. We are unique among Australia's leading universities in the breadth of disciplines we offer, providing wide opportunities for personal development and cross-disciplinary study that delivers unique insights and breakthroughs. Close to the heart of Australia's largest and most international city, our central campus has been transformed by the recent completion of state-of-the-art teaching, research and student support facilities.

  5. Sydney Opera House

  6. The Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous buildings in the world.It is considered to be one of the most recognizable images of the modern world although the building has been open for only about 40 years.The Sydney Opera House is as representative of Australia as the pyramids are of Egypt.

  7. 6 225 square meters of glass and 645 kilometers of electric cable were used to build the Opera House.It includes 1 000 rooms.It is 185 meters long and 120 meters wide.The building’s roof sections weight about 15 tons.There are 1 million tiles on the roof.It provides guided tours to 200 000 people each year.

  8. But do you know the Opera House with a roof was designed by a famous Danish architect,John Utzon?In the late 1950s the Australian Government established an appeal fund to finance for the construction of the Sydney Opera House,and conducted a competition for its design was chosen. Utzon spent a few years reworking the design and it was 1961 before he had solved the problem of how to build the distinguishing feature—the sails of the roof.The venture experienced cost blowouts. In 1966 the situation reached crisis point and Utzon resigned from the project.The building was finally competed by others in 1973.Sydney Opera House was opened by Queen Elizabeth on 20th October 1973.

  9. The Opera House reaches out into the harbour.Seen from the air or a ferry,the skyline of the Sydney Opera Hose,the blue water of the harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge,so beautiful.

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