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Microfilm CAR, PowerPoint Presentation
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Microfilm CAR,

Microfilm CAR,

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Microfilm CAR,

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  1. VersaIMAGE Product Overview: VersaIMAGE GOLD OCR Image Twain Paper Scanners Indexing Automated Microfilm Readers TWAIN & ISIS Microfilm and Microfilm CAR, Paper scanners Film and VersaIMAGE & Fuji M-Drive Paper Scanners & CD-R Systems Image Viewer for network or Remote VersaVIEW remote locations and CD-R Locations

  2. VersaIMAGE-GOLD

  3. VersaIMAGE-GOLD

  4. VersaIMAGE-GOLDFeature / Benefits • Includes all VersaIMAGE for Windows features • Full Image OCR Module (licensed separately) allows full image Text Search of ALL images! • Contains IMAGE Input module for TWAIN compatible PAPER SCANNERS • Extensive, easy to use DATA and IMAGE IMPORT and EXPORT (also PDF output!) • Single Folder or Batch process scanning modes • Handles Single or Multi-Image TIFF Images and Folder Files • Easy IMAGE to DATA APPEND module • Expanded Quality Control, IMAGE Edit and RE-SCAN management • Allows for post-indexing of images within folders and thumbnail display feature • Recognizes VersaIMAGE FILE SEPARATOR cards for automatic file folder generation

  5. VersaIMAGE-GOLD Feature / Benefits • Easy to use IMAGE EDIT features • Crop, Zoom, Rotate, De-skew & Character enhancement • Multiple Data Entry/indexing modes • ( from IMAGE Zoom Zones, from imported images via look-up append, index from bar codes, etc.) • Optional BAR CODE and OCR recognition from multiple Image zones • Fuzzy text search capability for OCR and typing errors! • Single and multiple thumbnail IMAGE DISPLAY • Database fully compatible with VersaCAR and VersaIMAGE-32 • Upgradeable to VersaIMAGE-GOLD/PLUS • Can be used with Versa e-Doc Archiver Module (converts electronic docs and e-mail to archive quality Tiff images automatically)

  6. VersaIMAGEIMAGE APPEND Feature Import IMAGES from: • Paper Scanners & Microfilm Scanners • Other Imaging Systems Matches key field with Data imported from: • Mainframes & Minicomputers • PC’s • Other data carriers, floppies, tapes, etc. Append images to all data automatically!

  7. VersaIMAGE INDEXING METHODS Do you have Total number of Index DATA from other Points OK for Microsoft Applications or Access? Computer systems? YES Use NO How many fields are Look-Up Prior Computer there and which ones DATA is NOT Append do you want to available Feature! import? How many Fields Would new powerful must be available? Search capabilities of What are the number current and future of pages per File? Data be useful? Remember: What should the Field Design Indexing The Index field Search Sequence be? procedure to save Sequence may (Max. 20 Fields!) labor! be rearranged in VersaIMAGE! For manual Key Could the KEY FIELD Can a Bar Code label be Entry: Re-arrange be Bar Coded? Additional attached to the Key Index Fields to Labor Document, or can a match information Savings! Bar coded Sheet be layout on the inserted as a File Lead document image and Sheet? use ZOOM ZONES! Could the KEY FIELD be OCR'd? Could full image OCR be used with full text search?

  8. VersaIMAGE-GOLD Paper Scanner 1 Image 10 Images 50+ Images per File per File per File Single Page Single Page Single Page TIFF Images TIFF Images TIFF Images NO Folders Folder Files* Folder Files* Use F12 to Batch Scan Batch Scan occasionally F2 with File Single attach 2nd Separators Scan 1st Folders or 3rd and Index (Must be without Image(s) inserted F5 File (Creates a during scan all Use Separators As chapter Dividers! Separators Multi image document use TIFF) preparation) "NEW FOLDER" button and "RESUME" * The "Multi Level TIFF Images" (see Preferences / Imaging Options) Selection may also be used if Image Export is required to other major Imaging Systems (i.e. IBM, Filenet, etc) OCR Module ON

  9. INDEX FOLDER and SCAN (NOT BATCH FORMAT F2/F5) OPTIONAL: From FILE / Set Imaging Options Set Imaging Options Select Multi Page TIFF Preferences Menu to: to: Images Single Page TIFF Single Page TIFF for Image and Index Export to other Imaging Images / Folder Files Images NO Folders Systems New File Add images to existing File Each Document is a new File F2 key F2 key Search Starts new File, Starts new File, VersaIMAGE scans first Document scans ONE Document Database for a in Feeder and opens in Feeder and opens specific file. indexing window. indexing window. F5 key scans documents in Feeder Key enter index Key enter index information and adds it to open file. information (System may pre-scan another page depending on scanner used) Click OK or push F8 key. Click OK or F2 Key for new Stores Index Files in push F8 key. File or F5 key Database and completes Stores Index File in to add pages to scanning of all Database opened file. Documents in Feeder

  10. PRODUCTION BATCH SCANNING OPTIONAL: From FILE / Select Multi Page TIFF Set Imaging Options Set Imaging Options Preferences Menu Images to: to: for Image and Index Single Page TIFF Single Page TIFF Export to other Imaging Images / Folder Files Images NO Folders Systems Files with multiple images and Each Document is a new File ADD IMAGES to Files without multipleImages File Separator Sheets existing Files and NO Separator Sheetse Select Select Select SCAN SCAN BATCH SCAN BATCH Search BATCH and place Enter Batch number and Enter Batch number and VersaIMAGE first Folder into click OK click OK Database for a Feeder scans all Document scans all Document specific File! in Feeder in Feeder Select START Select Select INDEX All documents in F5 Key scans one SPLIT IMAGE from IMAGE and Feeder are document at a FOLDERS. select scanned time to the open Select correct BATCH correct BATCH File. Click Ok. Index each image Select NEW Select: Click OK or push F8 key. FOLDER and place INDEX IMAGES and Stores Index File in new Folder select Database and displays next documents in Feeder correct BATCH then image. key Index Image Select START Exceptions? Click OK or All documents in Occasionally add push F8 key. Feeder are displayed image to Stores Index Files in scanned ... previous image: Database and displays Push F12 KEY next image.

  11. VersaView

  12. VersaView-GOLD

  13. Versa Image’s Scanning

  14. Versa Image Indexing

  15. Versa Image Data Import

  16. Versa Image Building CD

  17. VersaIMAGE.NET • Developed by Dr. R. Reeves, noted author and lecturer (WinSys 32, C++/C#, Cobol/.NET, etc.) • Ready for 64 bit architecture • Multi-thread allows multiple scanners to run off 1 PC • .NET offers true web compatibility • Available 4th Q 2004

  18. In Summary, VersaIMAGE… • Provides platform allowing long-term business relations with customers improving chances of getting repeat business • Provides upgrade path to the future with new .NET framework VersaIMAGE written in C#

  19. Thank you for your interest! VersaIMAGE Software Corp. 7600 W. Grand River Ave. Ste. 230 Brighton, MI 48114 Tel: (810) 225-9720 Sales contact: