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Best Designer Handbags Online

“Behind every stylish woman is a sassy handbag!” Bags! A woman’s first love, a never ending obsession! We are all crazy about them, you go shopping at digishoppers, invest in a designer Handbag. Shop stylish and stay fabulous!<br>

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Best Designer Handbags Online

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  1. Behind every stylish woman is a sassy handbag “Behind every stylish woman is a sassy handbag!” Bags! A woman’s first love, a never ending obsession! We are all crazy about them. For me, there can be nothing more appealing, more functional accessory in my wardrobe than a handbag. It’s an extension of my style, my own private space to order my things. It’s the most hard- working piece of accessory we own, shielding our valuables from damage and theft. Every woman has a secret desire to splurge on them. They are like your selfish moments, when you are not thinking about anyone but yourself. And believe me, you need that! Even if you look awful on a given day, carrying a good handbag is about showing off your style. Gone are the days when women used to have just one or two handbags that they used to carry everywhere. Today we all are spoilt for choice. There are just so many choices, styles, and price points that we are left confused what to choose. Here are a few of the most favorite styles that women all over the world fancy- 1)The leather Satchel: It is that perfect handbag that you carry to work. These are top handle bags with clearly defined lines which lend you that so desirable “formal” look. Just stick to the ones in the darker shades like black or brown. Light colors like beige or white do look elegant but they easily show off the stains.

  2. 2)The Day Clutch: You really need this one if you like to keep things organized. Load it with your necessities and pop it in your larger bag and you are good to go. You can easily carry it to office lunch or other events if you want to give that larger bag a skip. 3)The cross Body: This bag is always in vogue and is a great option to carry while you are in a marketplace or even travelling. They give you a lot of freedom to move while keeping your necessary stuff close. Stick to a medium sized option as something too small will not be good enough to carry anything and a larger one can easily overburden you.

  3. 4)The evening Clutch: Whenever we think about this one, chances are that we don’t find it necessary to own. But seriously, this one element can add oodles of charm to your appearance at any marriage party or event. So save yourself from rushing into buying one when you are desperate (going to a friend’s marriage). Invest in buying a timeless, classy piece in simple black satin or metallic clutch in gold or silver. If you want it to have some sparkle, pick one with a jewel on the clasp only. 5)The tasteful Tote:When you need a big bag, make sure it’s a tote. Besides being functional to carry stuff, it certainly looks more polished and professional. Buy one depending upon what you wish to carry. We all have the natural desire to utilize every inch of that bag space. So if you wish to carry a few items like a wallet, a cell phone and a small make up bag, go for small, leather Tote. A sturdy canvas Tote is ideal for weekends as it can hold heavier items. 6)The Casual Day Bag: This bag is your best bet on the day you are not your fashionable best. Play this wildcard and step up your style quotient. Choose from a rock n’ roll studded hobo, a sporty messenger or a sleek white patent clutch. It’s a great way to show off your personal style. So the next time you go shopping, invest in a designer Handbag. Shop stylish and stay fabulous!

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