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Life Hacks To Improve Your Health PowerPoint Presentation
Life Hacks To Improve Your Health

Life Hacks To Improve Your Health

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  1. Life Hacks To Improve Your Health Life can be an endless list of chores with little time to breathe in between. But give it a little sprinkle of genius life hacks, and your health (and everything else that follows) will fall right back into place. Here are the top 6 life hacks to improve your health: 1.Take the stairs: Are you late for a meeting or terribly sick? Unless either of the 2 are the case, you have no excuse not to take the stairs. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the 10th floor, climb it. This way, you wouldn’t have to spend precious moolah enrolling into a gym which then you won’t end up going to anyway. 2.Boost your morning: Believe it or not, people who wake up earlier in the day tend to be happier. If you’re an evening person, then obviously this must sound ridiculous to you, but because of our body’s natural circadian rhythm, hormones, cells, and all organs work optimally when they are in sync with the sun. Trick yourself to waking up earlier by saving your favourite activity for mornings, for example, a nice cup of coffee, or a game of Candy Crush. You could wake up earlier and walk your dog or cook up your favourite breakfast. Make sure you have a little something to look forward to. 3.Visualise success and it will come to you: Research suggests that even visualising completing a marathon or climbing Mt. Everest is powerful enough to set the stage for success. It’s true! Sometimes, people lose sight of their personal goal in life and that can lead to chronic demotivation and feelings of despondency. So, remember to find time every weekend to take stock of your life and visualise yourself where you want to be. 4.Walk off all negativity: If you’re feeling angry or sad or uninspired, then taking a walk will help tremendously with clearing your mind. Whenever work gets overwhelming, step away from your desk and take a walk. 5.Consider meal prep: You want to make healthier choices in life, but somehow all healthy choices seem to require a lot of time and effort – which is unfeasible for you. Well, meal prep is here to your rescue. Find 2 hours on weekends to prep your meals ahead of the week. Grilled

  2. chicken, boiled eggs, tossed veggies, noodles etc. and pack them together as a meal into tiffin boxes labelled Monday to Friday. This way, you have no excuse to eat from outside. 6.Stretch! : Doesn’t stretching feel sooooo good?! Then why don’t you do it more often? Sitting or standing all day without much movement leads to your muscles getting stiff and tired. Stretching helps relieve that and also improves flexibility and range of motion. It can also help you sleep better. There are lots of ways to better health. For example, you could try to find complex solutions and spend money on expensive ideas…or you could resort to following these few simple life hacks to improve your daily health. Thank me later! For more health, wellness and fitness articles visit-