high performance buildings in universities and colleges n.
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High Performance Buildings in Universities and Colleges PowerPoint Presentation
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High Performance Buildings in Universities and Colleges

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High Performance Buildings in Universities and Colleges

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High Performance Buildings in Universities and Colleges

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  1. pbp High Performance Buildingsin Universities and Colleges High Performance Buildings in the Commercial and Public Sector By Ken Gray Performance Building Partnership

  2. CIBSE Intelligent Buildings Group • The principal terms of reference are; • Assessment of whole life value of intelligent buildings. • Innovative approaches such as smart materials and nanotechnology, and embedded sensor technology. • Development of strategy for healthy and sustainable buildings using appropriate levels of technology • Integration strategies for products (systems), processes and people

  3. pbp CIBSE Intelligent Buildings Group • An intelligent building is one that provides a productive and cost-effective environment based on three basic elements: • People (services users/facilities management) • Products (fabric, structure, facilities) • Processes (automation, control, systems, maintenance, performance) and the interrelationships between them. • Intelligent Buildings help building owners, property managers and occupants realise their goals in the areas of costs, lifetime energy management, well-being, convenience, safety, long term flexibility and marketability to achieve buildings which have high social, environmental and economic values.

  4. pbp Case Study from 2000 ABB Zurich – Corporate Headquarters The Cityport Experience Ref and further information visit www.performancebuildings.ch Performance Building Partnership

  5. pbp I constantin zurich IT Office Solution Architecture II V III VII VI Layer 5 User Types frequent traveling < 50% frequent traveling > 50% visitor for a short while „placement“ for a defined time „placement“ for a defined time „visitor“ for a short while Layer 4 Use Cases Process Integration Communication Connectivity Layer 3 Building Requirements(functional needs) Motivation Supporting Infrastructure Flexibility Representation Layer 2 Integration and application Framework based on systems integration IT. Systems Integration Layer 1 Room concepts concentrating on formal and informal communication Quiet Area Meeting Area Social Area Public Area Creative Area Public Area Performance Building Partnership

  6. pbp Layer 5 - User Types constantin zurich I 50 % ABBZRH Employee frequent traveling < 50% II 35 % 450 Persons frequent traveling > 50% III 15 % visitor for a short while ABB Worldwide Employee „placement“ for a defined time V Average 120 Persons External Partner „placement“ for a defined time VI Average 45 Persons Visitors „visitor“ for a short while VII 30,000 Visitors p/y Performance Building Partnership

  7. pbp Layer 3 – Building Requirements Formal Communication ·Conferences take place between persons of all different user types. ·Conferences within the user types IV to VII use the buildings meeting areas. oConferences take place in large and small groups, though generally meetings are held with less than twelve participants. oConferences will be technically supported but should not be technologically overloaded, which means technical equipment are used as tools. ·Support of computer assisted aided presentations available in each meeting room. ·A reservation system for the conference rooms must be accessible from multiple locations. Communication Motivation ·The work place station atmosphere motivates the users and employees. ·Aesthetic design ·Forms and colors match harmoniously. ·Emission of noise will be minimized at the work stations. ·Visual discretion/privacy aides can be positioned if necessary. Performance Building Partnership

  8. pbp Layer 3 – Building Requirements ·A dynamic company needs a dynamic working atmosphere. ·Various types of office furniture should be easily attainable and must be user friendly. ·No assigned / fixed work areas, infrastructure can easily be moved/adjusted to adapt to changing working environment. Flexibility ·Accessibility to information services in all areas of the building. ·Access to ABB foreign information services and own internal ABB resources must be available. ·Flexible wireless connections where necessary, else wired connections will be installed. ·Intelligent telephone system differentiates automatically between In- house and Out-house usage. ·Mobile telephone systems will be integrated in to the existing services. ·Telephone connections for external users/visitors will be locally supported. Connectivity ·All services are offered on a uniform level and these services must function as a profit-center in order to ensure for proper calculation & billing procedures. ·The „black boards“ are replaced by the information systems. These systems are accessible at designated info terminals. ·The office supply distribution can be operated as a “Kanban” system. Supporting Infrastructure ·Representation will be in two directions: oa) internal towards ABB employees ob) external towards business partners Bother parties’ needs must be considered in planning the corporate design Representation Performance Building Partnership

  9. pbp Conference Tower(meeting/social area) Offices (quiet area) Offices (quiet area) 3rd Party Entrance (customer area) Meeting Area 3rd Party Cityport 11‘000 m2 Merge 7 dispersed office facilities 450 Employees 44 Conference Rooms Performance Building Partnership

  10. pbp Cityport: Room Concept Performance Building Partnership

  11. pbp Cityport: Basement Performance Building Partnership

  12. pbp Cityport: 1st Floor Infrastructure Areas Performance Building Partnership

  13. pbp Cityport: 2nd – 5th Floor Infrastructure Areas Performance Building Partnership

  14. pbp Room Level I Room Level II Int. Conference Room Creative Room Briefing Room Conference Tower Performance Building Partnership

  15. pbp Mechanical & Electrical IT Infrastructure Software Process Performance Buildings User Performance Building Partnership

  16. pbp Facility Manager On Site Remote (Mobile) Enterprise Energy Management WorkOrders NetworkManagement Inventory ClimateControl AccessControl Security SpacePlanning Servers Energy+Comfort Assets People IT Performance Building Partnership

  17. pbp Office Worker Performance Workplace Meeting Room Remote (Home) Room EnvironmentSettings eLearning MS Office UnifiedMessaging VirtualMeeting RoomBooking Buying IP TV Office Tools Collaboration Convenience Services Performance Building Partnership

  18. pbp What is Performance Building All About? Real-Time integration of automation, information, and collaborative business systems across the enterprise Performance Building Partnership

  19. pbp Performance BuildingsTM Solution Architecture Layer 3 New End to End functional applications - for both office users and their service providers. Remote Operation Integral Meeting Room Energy Management Facility Management Visitor Management Building Portal Layer 2 Integration and application framework Systems Integration Layer 1 Open architecture, IP based, modular and scaleable sub systems (from third parties). Utilities HVAC Security Elevator Audio Visual Voice & Data Move Mgmt ERP People Circul. Building sub-systems Some of the strategic partners for Performance Buildings. Performance Building Partnership

  20. pbp Performance Building Communication Architecture Performance Building Partnership

  21. pbp Basic Infrastructure JACE-NP Web Supervisor Performance Building Partnership

  22. pbp Performance BuildingBuilding Energy & Comfort Performance Building Partnership

  23. pbp Web Browser Hub Hub JACE-NP Router Router Niagara Architecture EIB, LON Pager or PDA Web Supervisor Multiple Site JACE-NP Performance Building Partnership

  24. pbp Performance BuildingPeople Circulation Performance Building Partnership

  25. pbp People Circulation and Security System AlarmMonitoringWorkstation Automated Car Park Management • Single Database • Single UI • Single NetworkConfiguration • Single Application • Single Code DatabaseServer • Duress • Door Held • Granted Access ControllerLNL-1000 Employee information Badge information Access information Events Alarms Multimedia (photo, signature) Biometrics (fingerprint, face, voice) BadgingWorkstation Asset Controller • Assets • Locations • Asset multimediainformation Video Controller Telephone System Burglar Controller Video Information Event linkages Presence based routing Intelligent call forwarding • Burglar alarmsBurglar information Performance Building Partnership

  26. pbp Performance BuildingBuilding Asset Management Performance Building Partnership

  27. pbp RE-ENGINEERING through information and knowledge Facility Management • SITES • BUILDINGS • LOCATIONS • ASSETS • installations • telephones • furniture • etc, etc CONTRACT MANAGEMENT (SLA’s, costs, conditions etc) • HELP DESK • phone • fax • internet • e-mail PPM TECHNICAL & INFRASTRUCTURAL ROOM BOOKING • RESOURCES • site staff • mobile staff • client staff • sub suppliers BMS’s FM Facilities Management System PROJECT MANAGEMENT SPACE PLANNING FINANCIAL SYSTEMS Performance Building Partnership

  28. pbp Performance Building Conferencing Performance Building Partnership

  29. Significant Investment Real Estate Equipment Man hours Closed, Proprietary systems Island solutions Voice, Visual, Video, Data Manual Processes Booking Catering Ordering replacements pbp Traditional Meeting Room Performance Building Partnership

  30. Sales Presentation Project Meeting Brainstorming Board Meeting War Room Training e-Learning Negotiation Interview etc pbp Integrated Meeting Room VideoConf. Telephone RoomEnviron. Beamer Catering OrderServices Performance Building Partnership

  31. pbp WebPad Personal Secure Access Performance Building Partnership

  32. pbp Virtual Reception • Productivity gain for both user and service provider • Process-centric • System Integration with added functionality • leveraging of core technology such as skyva • Differentiator in Security (people circulation) offering • HMI product and Front-End to building (calling card and talking point) • SW Application Performance Building Partnership

  33. pbp Video Communication Avistar DirectoryWith Presence Avistar ConferenceInstant conferences Direct Connects – Active Speed Dials Avistar Media ServerStore, retrieve and broadcast Avistar Global DirectoryAccess Your Clients Avistar ShareboardShare data Usage Reports Monitor Call Volume and Trends Performance Building Partnership

  34. pbp CityportFirst Performance Building Performance Building Partnership

  35. Access control, Digital video on IP platform Building Automation (web based supervisor system) Multiservice network Business TV Video Services Mobile IP infrastructure (wireless network) Virtual Reception Facility ManagementSoftware Infrastructure Building Portal pbp Cityport Technical Infrastructure • Efficientspace utilisation • Operating cost reduction • Productivity increase Performance Building Partnership

  36. Energy Management Enterprise Solutions pbp Integration Unleashes the Value in Buildings User Productivity End to End Process based Integration Operator Operating Costs Investor Return on Investment Lower First Costs Higher Flexibility Performance Building Partnership

  37. pbp 100% Investment HVAC Integral Meeting Room Facility Management Remote Operation Energy Management Visitor Management Building Portal Utilities 10 – 20% Security Process Integration Tradition Solution (or Total Technical Solution) Elevator Industrial IT for Performance Buildings People Circul. HVAC Utilities Audio Visual Security Lifecycle Costs Lifecycle Costs Lifecycle Costs Voice & Data IP Based Integration Elevator People Circul. Move Mgmt Audio Visual ERP Voice & Data Move Mgmt ERP Advantage for Investors, Developer, Architects & Consultants Performance Building Partnership

  38. pbp Move management highly flexible and efficient Administration costs reduced 10 – 20% Controlling/Reportingfinetuned Integral Meeting Room room management improved Facility Management Remote Operation asset management improved Lifecycle Costs Energy Management Visitor Management energy costs optimised Building Portal Building Portal Overall process time reduced Energy Management Advantages for FM Managers & Operators Performance Building Partnership

  39. pbp Administration Costs reduced Controlling/Reportingfinetuned Process Integration Room Management improved Integral Meeting Room Facility Management People Circulation integrated HVAC Remote Operation Utilities Operation transparent IP Based Integration Energy Management Security Visitor Management Elevator Energy Costs optimised Building Portal People Circul. Building Portal Audio Visual Overall Process Time reduced Voice & Data Energy Management Move Mgmt ERP Advantages for Tenants Investment Rental Performance Building Partnership

  40. pbp New Build – The ‘Intelligence’ Factory Environmentally sustainable 1,100,000ft² facility Performance Building Partnership

  41. pbp New Build – The ‘Intelligence’ Factory • 40% less energy compared with a conventional office design • Passive systems and and a double-skin exterior wall • Extensive solar shading • Over 5,000 miles of cable and 1,850 miles of fibre optics • Over 5 miles of new drains • Over 6,000 miles of electrical wiring • The building has 13,000m² of glass • Computer hall the same size as the Royal Albert Hall • Building materials from sustainable or renewable sources, or can be recycled down the line. • Goods transported internally via electric vehicles Performance Building Partnership

  42. pbp New Build – The ‘Intelligence’ Factory • Thermal modelling throughout • Daylighting and sun penetration analyses throughout • ARM assessment of critical systems • Indoor air quality assessments • Systems integration • Unique design and delivery processes, resulting in: • Savings of 4% of the M&E costs - £3.7m • Completed 10 weeks early Performance Building Partnership

  43. pbp Refurbishment - Before • Listed building • Poor thermal performance • Poor infrastructure • Limited Landlord interface • Old plant & equipment • Noisy • Excellent views Performance Building Partnership

  44. pbp Refurbishment - After • No BMS • Integrated systems • Local personal control of environment • Remote control & monitoring • Façade enhancement • Monitored for 1 year • Energy usage lower than targeted • Facility management improved • User satisfaction higher than other sites • Flexibility validated • Further strategies in place for improvement • Cost benefits validated Performance Building Partnership

  45. The Web Enabled Tenant