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  1. Baby By:Jaqueline Navas

  2. Arrival The moment that we wait for the most. The day we get to hold our baby in our hands. The arrival time and out we got of the hospital.

  3. Bath Bath time for a baby is the best time. There are babies that enjoy to bath time. It is the best part for a mother to do with there new born.

  4. Cuddling When the baby cuddle with there mom and get a warm feeling. This is the first moment that connects the baby to the mother. It is also like a bed time.

  5. Diapers Diapers is what you use the most when you have a new baby. Diapers are also the most expensive to. They are also very stinky……

  6. Eating When babies first learn to eat it is and exciting moment. You as there mother will see how cute they look eating. They also get very messy but you don’t mind because you are to excited.

  7. Feeding When it comes to feeding your baby you get a chose. The to choses you get are formula or breast feeding. When you chose to breast feed you have a better connection with your baby then formula feeding.

  8. Giggling Giggling babies are so cute.. When you hear your baby giggle you wont even know what to say or do. This are moment you want a picture or a video of.

  9. Hugging Hugging are the special moments to share with everyone. To hug your baby is like to never let go because it’s a warm feeling like the first time you got to hold him/her. Hug is the feeling we all love to feel not just with babies but with each other to.

  10. Illness A sick baby is not always fun but it’s a part of life. When a baby get sick as mothers we don’t know what to do but we worry. Then when we get medicine for them and we hear them cry we don’t want to give it to them but we know it for there go so we got to.

  11. Jolly Jumper A jolly jumper is a great thing to keep your baby calm. This well help you around the house when u have to be cleaning. This will also keep the baby entertain while you do the cleaning, washing, or cooking. There are also some that babies lay on so they can also take a nap if they fall asleep while waiting.

  12. Keys The toy keys are a toys babies can take anywhere with them. This is a great toy to put on there car seat. This toy will call there attention while you are driving so they don’t cry there whole way home or anywhere else.

  13. Laughing A laughing baby just makes your day. They are so cute when they first laugh because its different from there first giggle. A baby laughing is just everything that we need them to do so when know there day is going great and there fine.

  14. Mittens Baby mittens are vey important to use on newborns. This will prevent them from hurting them self with there figure nails. They will also says to be a very good lesson for babies to not scratch there self.

  15. Night Light Most parent don’t use night lights because they don’t think there babies are afraid of the dark. The reason for a night like is provide the right amount of light to allow you to peep in the room to check on a sleeping baby . It also provides the ideal setting to give night-time feeds and change nappies, without the glare of the main light,0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.9,1.0,8,0

  16. ointment The use of the baby is ointment is to keep them form getting skin irritation. This also help them not get rashes from diapers. You also use ointments if your baby has allergies.

  17. Playing Babies when first learning to play they don’t like to share. They are also clawing and barely learn to stand on there own. There is always one toy your baby will love to play with and never leave it behind cause they will cry the whole time.

  18. Quiet Babies like to be in the quiet when they are first born. But one thing is that you should never get them use to it all the time. The main reason for this is because when you go out and baby wants to sleep and there a lot of noise it will want a quiet area.

  19. Reading Reading to your baby is good because it helps them build up there vocabulary. It will also help them have better communication skills. The more you talk and read to your baby on the get- go they better growth and development they have.

  20. Sleeping When a baby gets lack sleep it is a very difficult job for the parents. A newborn need to learn how to comfort themselves to go to sleep. Also you as a parent can not always hold a baby when it wakes up cry you can pat there back to go back to sleep.

  21. Thermometer There are two ways to take a baby's temperature: axillary, or under the arm, and rectal, or in the anus. The first one you use should be a good digital thermometer. This are easier to read and tell you in about 10 seconds to 2 minutes. It also it is easier with a newborn baby.

  22. Umbilical Cord The umbilical cord is what connects the baby and mama. Then umbilical is how the baby gets its food.. This is also what comes out with the baby and is removed at labor time.

  23. Video Monitor It can give you too much information, and make you stress out: what on earth is she doing? And you may go in more than necessary. Once you have a good video monitor, you will also put it to good use in later years, whether to monitor bigger kids when sleeping or playing, at your front .

  24. Walkers A walker is a good learning skill for the baby. This also the best way for them to give there first foot step. But some parent do not like walkers because they say there are dangers for babies.

  25. Xylophone This a great toy for newborns. The internet say it is because babies enjoy music and sounds. This also a way to keep them for messing with things around the house while you are busy.

  26. Yoga Yoga techniques can assist with breathing and relaxation, which, in turn, can help a woman adjust to the physical demands of pregnancy, labor, and birth. it can also mean joining the expectant mom’s body, heart and mind together with baby’s body, heart, and mind.

  27. Zipper Thin metal zippers can be sewn into the center of a fleece blanket and have the outer edges sewn with elastic to permit the cover to fit securely over the car seat. Metal zippers can be sewn onto baby blankets to place over car seats or to snuggle babies inside on a cold day. Baby zipper can be use for good but you also have to be careful with them.