buy your favourite fishing brands on july sale 2015 n.
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Dinga Fishing Tackle Store - July Sale 2015 | Best Buys Fishing Stuffs - Free Shipping PowerPoint Presentation
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Dinga Fishing Tackle Store - July Sale 2015 | Best Buys Fishing Stuffs - Free Shipping

Dinga Fishing Tackle Store - July Sale 2015 | Best Buys Fishing Stuffs - Free Shipping

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Dinga Fishing Tackle Store - July Sale 2015 | Best Buys Fishing Stuffs - Free Shipping

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  1. Buy Your Favourite Fishing Brands on July Sale 2015! Australia's best fishing tackle & stuffs at afforable prices!

  2. Fin-Nor Lethal Lever Drag Overhead Fishing Reels The Modern Fin-Nor Lethal Lever Drag 1 and 2 Speed Overhead Fishing Reel! A specimen of engineering for strength and durability. Available in three sizes, 16, 20 and 30 in both single and two speed. Superbly tuned technical features and functionalities. Carbon fiber MegaDrag™ system. Perfect casting, dragging and landing.

  3. Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Fishing Reels Amazing model of mechanism! Saltwater spinning reel series. Features including seals for water tight design, full metal body, side plate and rotor. A sealed T-100 drag system. Superline spool, Heavy duty aluminium bail wire and 5 shielded stainless steel ball bearings.

  4. Shimano Baitrunner OC Spinning Reel Specifically built for Australian conditions! Baitrunner Oceania series in strengths, durability and efficiency. Slicker lever, dynamic features. Dyna balance, power roller. Propulsion management system. Fluid drive gearing. Super stopper II anti reverse. Varispeed oscillation. Cold forged alloy spool!

  5. PFD Level 150 The latest Watersnake level inflatable life jacket, complying with AS4758.1 Safety Standards. Yoke style design with backstrap, cover material formed with light weight, but strong nylon Oxford 420D material. Can be self serviced at every twelve months, except if commercially used. Available in 5 colours.

  6. PFD Level 150 Platinum Safety Storage Bag A bright yellow safety storage bag for storing flares and emergency equipments on board. Durable materials. Offers fold over flap that secures with Velcro.

  7. Penn Spinfisher Spin Reels With Your Choice of Rod and Braid Saltwater Tough! Truly a traditional fishing delight. Suitable to harsh saltwater environments. Techno-Balanced™rotor, Leveline™spool wrap. Full metal body, stainless steel main shaft, 5 stainless steel ball bearings, infinite anti-reverse, sealed drag knob, HT-100 drag, machined handle and fail-free bail spring. Surf, Spin and Boat Rod Options. Choice of Braids!

  8. Shimano Charter Special TR1000LD Lever Drag Reel Overhead charter special, tough reel. Highly selling for chartered operations. Heavy-duty levelwind mechanism. Aluminium spool, light but strong XT7 body. Carbon graphite rod! Lightweight rod with sensitivity and power. New XRC-48 resin formula with high-grade, high-modulus graphite sheets.

  9. Penn 950 SSM Spinfisher Spinning Fishing Reel Heavy-Duty Saltwater Spinning Reels! A balanced feel offering great value for money. Inshore and offshore fun. Fish fighting strengths. Full metal body, triple supported over-sized stainless shaft and machine cut alloy main with bronze pinion gear. 5 shielded stainless bearings. Anodized alloy spool and HT 100 Drag system. Great fun! Rovex Air Strike Braid Fishing Line 300yd 50lb Dark Green OR Rovex Air Strike Braid Fishing Line 300yd 80lb Dark Green

  10. Quantum Iron Spinning Fishing Reels High performing metal body fishing reel at value price! Designed for inshore saltwater and freshwater fishing environment. Available in 4 sizes IR25PTS, IR30PTS, IR40PTS and IR50PTS. SCR aluminium body with SaltGuard™2.0 multi-layer corrosion protection. Lightweight, high-strength-grade aluminium frame. Strong retrieve and drag!

  11. Quantum Smoke Speed Freak XPTIA Spinning Reels Great performance, protection, durability and smoothness! PT series featuring a 6.2:1 gear ratio for quick retrieves. Freshwater or saltwater fun. Lightweight. Extra speed advantages. Aluminium body, C4LF™carbon-fiber rotor. Power, stability under load. Machined handle, infinite anti reverse and 10 PT polymer/stainless hybrid bearings with double-anodized MacCast II™ spool.

  12. Baltica Tackle Bag 370 (w/ 5x370 Boxes) A specialized storage system to contain boxes. A model 360 holding up to 5 x 27cm boxes while 370 holds up to 5 x 35cm boxes. Storing tools, clothing and valuables!

  13. Penn Battle II Spinning Reels PLUS a BONUS 300Yard Spool of Braid Durable make, an angler’s choice! Smooth HT-100 drag, full metal body construction maintaining precision gear alignment under severe punishment. Superline Spool. No backing, no slipping. HT-100 carbon fibre drag washers. 5 sealed stainless steel ball bearings. Instant anti-reverse bearing and much.

  14. Huge Daiwa Saltiga 10 Clearance Revolutionary design. High performance. No friction, dust intrusion leading to reel life expectancy. Waterproof make with CRBB bearings, Zaion Air Rotor, light material in strength and sensitivity. Little stress and flexing. No moist building avoiding corrosion issues!

  15. Penn 10X Super Tough Bulk Leader Fishing Line Pack Premium leader material with super bond polymer technology. 10 times more abrasive resistant. Available in 1X 30LB, 1X 50LB, 1X 150LB and 1X 200LB. All rated at 100 metres.

  16. Tsunami 100 Pack Bulk Fishing Hooks. Kirby and Ganging Styles Aussie favourite, suitable to several fishing styles in saltwater & freshwater. Straight eye, general purpose design. Especially bait fishing species. Available in bulk 100 packs!

  17. Van Staal VM275 Spinning Fishing Reel A modern spinning fishing reel! Interchangeable left or right hand handle configuration. Strength & power with versatility and affordability. A fully machined aluminium, stainless steel construction and precision gears. Aluminum exterior, side cover, spool, rotor, arm lever, handle knob, drag knob and dust cap. Holding 400 yards of 80 lb braided line. 5 ball bearing system, anti-reverse clutch.

  18. Jarvis Walker Selected Rods. Any 2 and Free Rod Tube A slow-tapered design! Parabolic action that loads up slowly and absorbs all the lunges from catch of the day. A handy two-piece format ensuring easier transport and storage!

  19. Coleman Mudgee Sleeping Bag Minus 3% Temp Rated with FREE Big Foot Air Bed Adult regular size Brushed Polyester Cover and Liner Stuff Sack Included Patented No Snag and No Tie Zipper

  20. Watersnake Shadow 54Lb Bow Mount Electric Motor with Bonus Quick Release Bracket Stealth manoeuvrability with power, speed and control on board. Comfortable moves around shallow waters. Electric foot control. Epoxy-sealed circuit board and a weedless three-blade propeller. High-power thrust, weedless three-blade propeller. Corrosion-free propeller shaft and composite main shaft. Saves battery power.

  21. Watersnake All Weather Manual Inflatable PFD Jacket Series Watersnake All Weather Manual Inflatable PFD Jacket- Blue Medium / Large / Extra Large Watersnake All Weather Manual Inflatable PFD Jacket- Red Medium / Large / Extra Large

  22. Jarvis Walker Mono Cast Net with Bucket Makes catching live bait a breeze. Mono cast nets are portable, easy to clean and repair.

  23. Stainless Steel 3 Way Rod Holders Right and Left models available.

  24. Rovex Bulk Viros Braid Fishing Line 3500yd 100Lb Green Rovex Bulk Viros Braid Fishing Line 3500yd 100Lb Green

  25. Jarvis Walker Intruder Squid Jig Packs Jarvis Walker 10 Squid Jigs Containing 3 Pinks, 3 Green, 3 Orange, 1 Blue

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