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Have we ever got the location you PowerPoint Presentation
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Have we ever got the location you

Have we ever got the location you

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Have we ever got the location you

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  1. We can scratch the itch you’ve got if you’re looking for homes in this area.  They are few and far between; this area has it all within your grasp.  If whether you're in it for the shopping nearby or the quiet of the countryside, well that’s all here too.  Nestled in a world all within itself, Framlingham has a little bit of everything within short reach.  We know the areas we service well.  After all, we’ve had real estate experience here and in other nearby areas for over 160 years.  Our outstanding staff doesn’t just know the area; it knows the homes that we offer on the market inside and out.  At Abbotts Countrywide Estates Agents in Framlingham we offer the best of the best and can answer any questions or concerns that you might have to run by us that you’re curious about. 

  2. Here at Abbotts, we don’t look at our staff just as plain staff; we also make up a team.  When you come to us, you become a part of that team.  We want to walk along the path you’re on right now looking for the perfect home.  We can even show you things along the way that you might have missed unintentionally and bring to light those things that might have otherwise been overlooked.  We want to be sure to fulfill not just your needs, but the wants you might have as well.  The little extra touches that makes up the perfect home in your mind.

  3. You may notice that we use the word home a lot, but it’s because we don’t want to offer you a house.  Anyone can do that.  We want to be the ones to offer you a home; the perfect place to kick off your shoes after a tough day where you relax and breathe in and exhale in the comfort of your own home.  Not just any house.    A home.  Your home.

  4. Real estate in this area is hard to find, but we can work with you to find you what’s available for you and take the first step together with you to find that home.  That perfect place to hang your hat.  Are you looking for wide open spaces or the coziness of a smaller bungalow?  Do you want a lot of rooms to experience the fun and thrill of decorating to your tastes, or want to keep it chic, simple and to your liking in that effect.  We’re here each and every step of the path of finding the house to it becoming your home.

  5. 160 years of experience is a long time to spend fine tuning the real estate market to a point where we are comfortable enough to tell we can help you find not just your needs, but your wants too.  We never want you to feel like you have to settle.  We want you to reach the point that you find the house that’s been in your mind since you started your journey and we’ll be pleased to be a part of that journey with you.

  6. Thank you for reading! My resources: