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  1. SENIOR YEAR Senior year = personal responsibility! What should you be doing? senioritis

  2. OPEN DOOR COUNSELING Have a quick question? Have lunch? You can come to Counseling during the following times without an appointment: • Before School (7-7:30 am) • First half of 4th hour lunch (10:30 – 11:00 am) • Last half of 5th hour lunch (12:00 – 12:30 pm) • After School (2:30-3 pm) (DL paperwork, valid schedule change questions, quick school related questions)

  3. ONLINE CLASSES • Youmustcomplete a GPS Global Academy Online Learning Enrollment form before you can register for an online class • Block Registration-9 week block courses with specific registration dates, start dates, and end dates • You may only take one 9-week block at a time • Deadline-May 7 BE AWARE OF COMPLETION DEADLINES!!!

  4. SCHEDULE CHANGES • Aide, teacher-requested level change • Semester 1 Deadline - October 3rd W/F, Aide, AIA eligibility • Semester 2 Changes by December 5th • It is YOUR responsibility to stay on track for graduation You must be enrolled in 4 credit earning classes each semester!

  5. WHERE TO FIND INFORMATION • Counseling Office Senior Board • Senior Year To Do List • Senior Year FAQ’s • Daily Announcements – HHS website • You can go to the For Seniors Onlylink on the HHS website to view presentations, handouts, and much more For Seniors Only

  6. WHAT ARE YOU DOING AFTER HHS? • 43% (291) of HHS graduates attend a 4 year university • 29% (193) of HHS graduates attend a community college • So what do the rest of our graduates do??? • Workforce, apprenticeship programs, military, or attend a trade/vocational school Stats from Class of 2013-669 students

  7. Post HS Education &Training Options • Work • Apprenticeship Programs • Military Training • Career Schools (Trade, Technical, Vocational) • Certificate Programs Non-College Opportunities Video

  8. Entering the Workforce • Maintain an updated resume • Arrange references prior to the application process • Practice interviewing skills • Attend Job Fairs

  9. Apprenticeship Opportunities • Earn while you learn! • An apprenticeship is a semi-formal way of learning a skill or trade. You work with someone at a participating job and attend classes. Apprenticeship-Video • over 800 occupations available: roofers, electricians, sheet metal workers, carpenters, etc. • Explore careers with Mrs. Ward in the Career Center or online

  10. WHAT CAN YOU DO TO PREPARE YOURSELF FOR YOUR FUTURE? • Take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) on September 24 at 7:30 a.m. in the HHS Auditorium (It’s FREE!) • The ASVAB is not a means to qualify for a career in the armed services, but rather is a means to help you explore different career options, identify a college major or find out more about your personality. • Sign up in Counseling (September 2-September 9)

  11. Join the Military • Which branch of military service should you join? • Branches of the Military - Video • Explore career options available through each of the branches. • Meet with a representative from the branch you are interested in for specific details and information. • Visits are listed on the Career Center calendar.

  12. Certificate Programs at the Community College • Community Colleges offer a wide range of occupational/educational opportunities. • Over 500 Certificate programs within the Maricopa Community Colleges •

  13. Community College Career Opportunities Chandler Gilbert CC • Aircraft Construction Technology • Aircraft Maintenance • Golf Course Operations • Media Arts: Dig. Imaging • Early Childhood Programs Mesa CC • Construction Drafting • Paramedic • Police Academy Preparation • Nursing • Mortuary Science More programs and colleges are available Scottsdale CC Culinary Arts Radiography Yoga Teaching Certification Speech-Language Pathology Equine Science Gateway CC Court Reporting Automotive Technology (Partnership w/Nissan & Toyota) Hydrologic Studies Nursing

  14. Career Schools(Trade, Technical, Vocational) • These schools vary in size, entry requirements, cost and quality. Researchthese schools carefully! Maricopa Skill Center High Paying Job-Video • It is a good idea to visit the school you are interested in attending. • Talk to students who have previously attended the school and employers who hire people in your chosen occupation.

  15. Class of 2015 Have a great year The Counseling Office “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” “Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.”