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Second Hand Car Dealer Singapore- Direct Cars PowerPoint Presentation
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Second Hand Car Dealer Singapore- Direct Cars

Second Hand Car Dealer Singapore- Direct Cars

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Second Hand Car Dealer Singapore- Direct Cars

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  2. Second Hand Car Dealer Singapore Are you finding the amazing Second Hand Car Dealer Singapore? If so, then you have come to the right place. DirectCars is the great platform to consider where you can provide information about you and your company. Our experts will read your information and find the suitable dealer to whom either you sell your car or purchase your first second hand car at affordable price.

  3. ​3 METHODS TO FETCH THE BEST PRICE FOR YOUR 8-10 YEAR OLD CAR • Just like a living person, cars also grow old and weary. As time passes by, the value of cars depreciates and their performance becomes awfully poor—especially those that have reached the 8-10 year-old mark. And through the years, one of the most common challenges among people has been how to practically dispose of their used cars without having to compromise too much on the price. • Listed below are some clever and practical hacks that would guarantee a good deal when selling your used vehicles.

  4. Deregister Car Singapore

  5. Deregister Car Singapore Do you want to Deregister Car Singapore? Deregistration is referred to withdraw the registration for your vehicle and discontinue utilizing it in Singapore. The expert at DirectCars may help you in this regard. At the time, you deregister your vehicle, you must get rid of it by scrapping it, exporting it or storing it for the time being in an Export Processing Zone (EPZ) pending export.

  6. About us I like the speedy responds received trading thru Directcar. Their dealer offered a good and fair price to deal. I was glad that I had chosen Directcar for the sale of my 10years old car (2weeks to coe expiry). Offer was made and deal was closed on the same day. That is their efficiency. Two thumbs up to Directcar and their dealers.

  7. Contact us Address Direct Cars 10 Ubi Crescent #07-18 UbiTechpark Lobby B Singapore 408564 Email: ENQUIRY@DIRECTCARS.COM.SG Website: