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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping PowerPoint Presentation
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

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  1. Online Shopping - Advantages and Disadvantages

  2. All of us in today competitive world are running to save our precious time. Nowadays, a large number of people do prefer online as the source of purchase as it is too convenient. • With a vast commercialization of the internet in recent decades, there has subsequently risen in E-Commerce websites. • The days are gone when people plan their shopping, as it has become mere trivialized that can be completed at any time and any place. • Every people can purchase almost everything based upon their choice and needs.

  3. A person just needs to log onto the Internet, visit the preferred shopping website to shop and select the items based on their desires and easily get the delivery at the mentioned time at their doorsteps. • Shopping online permitted you to buy things without distracting your daily schedule. • With the development of internet, E-commerce is designed with the modern technology that provides a way out of smarter shopping. • The market of online shopping is creating its impact day by day on the eye of the customer. Online shopping invented in the year of 1979 by the English entrepreneur Michael Aldrich.

  4. Lots of people now prefer online shopping as it is a perfect way of shopping whatever they want to at discount rate. Advantages of online shopping: • Online shopping is accessible round the clock 24*7. You can buy whatever you want. You can shop whatever you want from online store that may not be available in the local stores or in shopping malls. • You can avail discount coupons and get a thing at a lower rate when shopping online rather than buying it from local store. • You can compare prices of things that you want to buy from different e commerce shopping websites and choose the best one that’s fits into your budget.

  5. Most of us are sometimes concerned with private shopping. And online shopping websites offers you a great platform to do so. Disadvantages of online shopping • You cannot feel or touch items during online shopping whereas in local stores or malls you can see many things at a glance and buy after you feel or touch the product. • In most of the cases online shopping website fails to offer warranties and some sort of guarantees.