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Heliocol Panels - Discount Solar Water Heaters PowerPoint Presentation
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Heliocol Panels - Discount Solar Water Heaters

Heliocol Panels - Discount Solar Water Heaters

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Heliocol Panels - Discount Solar Water Heaters

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  2. Introduction HELIOCOL Heliocol is the most advanced solar pool heating product available today. Over 30 years of engineering and research has gone in to the current design of the Heliocol system. Heliocol is at least a generation ahead of all plastic type solar collectors.

  3. The Heliocol Difference Individual tubes Overmolded header Gator Clamps Panel Clamps

  4. Individual Tubes Open design resists lift and stays put even in high winds. Protects roof from rain rot by allowing rapid moisture evaporation. Round tubes capture more heat.

  5. Overmolded Header Heliocol’s patented overmolded header ensures the strongest possible connection between tubing because the header is actually formed around each individual tube. One-piece construction eliminates welds and allows the collector to expand and contract with temperature changes.

  6. Gator Clamps Heliocol’s patented Gator clamp mounting system eliminates the need for straps, securing the panels with fewer roof penetrations. The clamps also allow the headers to expand and contract with temperature variations, never cutting into the collector and never restricting water flow. Gator clamps and Heliocol panels are engineered for maximum compatibility with each other and your roof. The Heliocol mounting system is designed to attach directly to your roof trusses.

  7. Panel Clamps Heliocol’s patented panel clamps replace old-style rubber hoses and metal clamps that require regular rooftop maintenance and replacement. These durable, specially- engineered clamps never require replacement, never need to be tightened and, unlike rubber hoses, will not degrade and stain your roof over time.

  8. Buy Heliocol and save thousands of dollar with Discount Solar Water Heaters. We provide American made, high quality solar water heaters.

  9. Let's talk! WAYS TO REACH US PHONE (512)795-4272 EMAIL ADDRESS The State of Texas, The U.S. Navy, Lake Technical College – Florida, United States